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I can now express how much I hated every second I wasted on this book.It s too fast, clich , boring, predictable and really has no point at all I just can t find a legit benefit out of it. READ BOOK ⚖ No Ordinary Love Song ☸ Cal Would Rather Avoid Reality He Hates School, His Teachers Are Badgering Him To Decide On A Career And His Sister Jess Has Moved Away From The Scottish Island Where They Live Then He Meets Kerry, An Australian Girl New To The Island, And Over The Course Of A Long Summer They Begin To Fall In Love Yet another book that I didn t like I don t like that I m so critical but if I don t like it, I don t like it The reason I didn t like this book was because of the pace of the story The romance develops too fast, which takes away from the development of the story and the characters.The whole story was a bit flat really, I didn t have a connection with any of the characters and if I m honest, if this hadn t been the only book I had to read on a three hour plane journey, I would have put it down.I disliked both of the main characters, they were ridiculous I m anti abortion too but to plan to stay together forever and raise a baby at what, 16, is a bit silly, especially since they only met about four weeks prior to her getting pregnant Seriously Sorry Alison Prince but your writing just isn t my cup of tea. Hmm, not sure what I was expecting from this book, it was an ok story, sweet and sad it was kind of odd actally I don t like this book at all Everything started so quickly And it is as if I don t even know who I am Cal is your typical me and you against this world teenage boy He is 16 years old and is about to graduate from High school next year He is on a boat from Glasgow after seeing his shrink On the boat, he meets an Australian girl about his age with her parents and two younger boys There, Cal and the girl have a quick interaction Right from that moment I know that instant love happens I don t really like instant love in books, but it is okay It turns out that Kerry, the name of the girl, is studying in the same school as him They starts to see each other often..This book is divided into Cal s and Elaine s his mother POV Cal and Elaine faces so many problems and they are solved one by one The plot is nice and the author s description is great and funny The ending is kind of a cliffhanger.All in all, this book is great, but something is missing and I can t quite put it This book has potential and could be awesome Thank you for writing this book, Ms Prince. My next book to read system still being whatever their position is on my shelf, I have inadvertently ended up reading two young adult books in a row, which has made me feel either young again, or very old I m not sure which.Mind you, the actual content of this one didn t matter that much sometimes it s what a book represents that s important I bought this on my favourite day of 2011, when my daughter and I took a day trip to the Isle of Arran, one of my favourite places to spend time The local cheese, chocolate and beer is exceptionally delicious and I always take home plenty when I visit So when the wee bookshop in Brodick had this featured as Local Author , I knew I had to sample Arran s local fiction too.It s a sweet, if occasionally slightly clunky, story, with the advantage of much of the scenery being familiar to me Character wise, Cal and Jess had a nice sibling relationship you could imagine being cutely played by Michael Cera and Zooey Deschanel types Unfortunately, little was added by the change of POV to Elaine, who was horribly underdeveloped.Despite its faults, though, it has a permanent place on my shelf due to its links to my memories of my gorgeous wee girl splashing in the sea at six o clock in the evening In Scotland on that perfect day last year Plus, I feel a bit guilty about being rather deprecatory about her in my last review.