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I did not like the execution of the story and the treatment of certain topics It wasn t as difficult to read as I expected from the shitty title which has horrible connotations as is but I did have to stop and breath in and out a couple of times to stop feeling dirty As an approach to teenagers and ED I do think the book could be triggering, and the end didn t reply redeem its faults in my eyes.The story could ve been better executed. This book has come in for some negative comments claiming the author is upholding an anti obesity message Forgive me if I m missing something that these readers have picked up on, but this is a story where the central character has died of anorexia She is still in the grips of the illness, so of course her views towards fat are negative.Annabel acts as a commentary on Julia s life We can see there are issues, but we learn about them slowly Through Annabel s voice we learn about the issues a number of girls in the novel face.For me, this is a brave book that teenagers and those working with them should be encouraged to read. #READ BOOK ó Nothing Tastes as Good ⛓ Don T Call Her A Guardian Angel Annabel Is Dead But She Hasn T Completely Gone Away Annabel Immediately Understands Why Her First Assignment As A Ghostly Helper Is To Her Old Classmate Julia Is Fat And Being Fat Makes You Unhappy Simple, Right As Annabel Shadows Julia S Life In The Pressured Final Year Of School, Julia Gradually Lets Annabel S Voice In, Guiding Her Thoughts Towards Her Body, Food And ControlBut Nothing Is As Simple As It First Seems Spending Time In Julia S Head Seems To Be Having Its Own Effect On Annabel And She Knows That Once The Voices Take Hold, It S Hard To Ignore Them This is sogood A new realistic topic that could ve neglected by some of us Love the meaningful quotes, the humorous writing and I love the ending Nothing Tastes As Good is the next phenomenon after All The Bright Places.Disclaimer I received the ARC from the distributor in exchange of my honest review.Two things hit me in the gut, or would if I still had one One I know this girl Two She s fat If I m supposed to save her from obesity, this is really not funny.These words are printed on the ARC cover of the book The words caught me in the eye because I m one of the fat girls who suffers from obesity so I find it relatable.So, Annabel is a ghost spirit soul you name it that is still lingering in our world after death She s on a mission to save a girl whom she know from a high school she was attending And her reward To be able to send a message to her family members.The girl Annabel is supposed to help is Julia Jacobs, a deputy editor of the school newspaper Apparently she s having some eating disorder that caused her to be fat In the book, Annabel describes Julia s body in this way Her belly kicks off from just under her bra Where there should be ribs protruding, gorgeous bone, there is fat It bulges out all the way down, a different kind of bump to the kind you d get if you were pregnant but just as gross If I could throw up I would This is wobble when you walk fat Blubber.There s actuallybut that s enough Okay, so we know that Julia is fat and she needs help in controlling her excessive intake of junk food As Annabel learnson Julia, there s something behind the reason why Julia s body grows from sexy to gross How does Annabel get into Julia s mind or do anything else to get her back into shape The writing of the author is what attracted me first and I never stop loving it towards the end of the book I love how Claire presents the book in a humorous way From time to time, a meaningful or realistic quote is slotted in perfectly in between those paragraphs In fact, the first few quotes of the book on Goodreads are actually added by me.Apart from the teen romance in the book that made me clenched my teeth a few times, I love the main contrast of the book, i.e getting a girl who died in anorexia to help one suffers in eating disorder which caused obesity Often, we would see campaigns that raised awareness on health issues associated with obesity How about anorexia They re actually mental issues that needs to be addressed correctly.Anyway, no matter how, they re both considered as what mentioned in the book have you considered that you might have a bit of a problem with food Nothing Tastes As Good is what I think a refreshing read among the YA books that I ve read The ending did touch my heart that I feel proud of Julia and also Annabel The central topic of the book is also quite new Also, there s actually another real life issue that is related to Julia but I m not going to share it here as it ll be a huge spoiler Wonder what is it Be sure to pre order your copy before the book is published in July 2016.This review is originally posted on my blog To be honest I really didn t enjoy this book It wasn t written very well and even though I loved the idea of a young adult novel dealing with eating disorders and I think there should helike that But this novel was poorly executed and I struggled to finish it. 5 Words School, pressure, eating disorder, relationships, secrets.This book is fantastically written, but it is so draining, so difficult, so demanding This book should absolutely come with trigger warnings. Why I really liked reading this story is that Claire Hennessy has came up with a refreshing idea to write a novel about a guardian angel. This was an okay read about a girl who has been recruited, after her death, to help the living.Annabel was a bit of a messed up narrator and really loved to fat shame, which got a bit tedious at times She did grow by the end of the book, though, which was a relief Julia was okay, but she needed to stand up for herself a bit , especially with her horrible, toxic friend.The story centered around Annabel berating Julia for eating too much and being overweight, and Julia s life at school which mostly involved the school newspaper The narration was fine and it was easy to keep reading but the school newspaper didn t really interest me very much This book has come under a lot of fire for fat shaming and glamorising eating disorders, but I didn t really get that It was narrated by someone who was suffering from an eating disorder even after death, so yes, she did have very unhealthy attitudes towards food and body images But it s not like we, the readers, are supposed to empathise with her views We know her attitudes are messed up And the second main character was overweight because she binge ate to try and get over a traumatic experience, so again, not very healthy behaviour.The only way I can think the author might be seen to glamorise eating disorders is by not going into enough detail about the effects of Annabel s anorexia In Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson, the prose is so horrific and the narration so messed up that there s no effing way you d think she was glamorising eating disorders In this book, the effects seemed a bit glossed over or only mentioned in passing.All in all, I thought this book was okay It was an easy enough read but it didn t have enough bite to make it a real page turner. Couldn t get through first 50 pages That s a NOPE from me Fatphobic and glorifies eating disorders.