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This is the James book that I came closest to disliking It really is okay The reason why is because the ending does not make sense it isn t fully believable in the terms of one character, a character that James, for once, did not do a good job on If you have never read P D James before, don t start with this one Start with The Murder Room or A Certain Justice. A murder has taken place in the offices of the Peverell Press, a venerable London publishing house located in a dramatic mock Venetian palace on the Thames The victim is Gerard Etienne, the brilliant but ruthless new managing director, who had vowed to restore the firm s fortunes Etienne was clearly a man with enemies a discarded mistress, a rejected and humiliated author, and rebellious colleagues, one of who apparently killed herself a short time earlier Yet Etienne s death, which occurred under bizarre circumstances, is for Dalgliesh only the beginning of the mystery, as he desperately pursues the search for a killer prepared to strike and strike again.4 An Unsuitable Job for a Woman Cordelia Gray, 1 4 The Skull Beneath The Skin Cordelia Gray, 2 4 Innocent Blood3 The Children of MenTR Death in PemberleyAdam Dalgliesh series 4 Cover Her Face Adam Dalgliesh, 1 4 A Mind to Murder Adam Dalgliesh, 2 4 Unnatural Causes Adam Dalgliesh, 3 5 Shroud for a Nightingale Adam Dalgliesh, 4 5 The Black Tower Adam Dalgliesh, 5 5 Death of an Expert Witness Adam Dalgliesh, 6 5 A Taste for Death Adam Dalgliesh, 7 3 Devices and Desires Adam Dalgliesh, 8 3 Original Sin Adam Dalgliesh, 9 5 A Certain Justice Adam Dalgliesh, 10 4 Death in Holy Orders Adam Dalgliesh, 11 4 The Murder Room Adam Dalgliesh, 12 3 The Lighthouse Adam Dalgliesh, 13 3 The Private Patient Adam Dalgliesh, 14 [Free Ebook] ♳ Original Sin ☯ The Literary World Is Shaken When A Murder Takes Place At The Peverell Press, An Old Established Publishing House Located In A Dramatic Mock Venetian Palace On The ThamesThe Victim Is Gerard Etienne, The Brilliant New Managing Director Whose Ruthless Ambition Has Made Him Many Enemies A Discarded Mistress, A Rejected And Humiliated Author And Rebellious Colleagues Adam Dalgliesh And His Team Are Confronted With A Puzzle Of Extraordinary Complexity And A Killer Who Is Prepared To Strike AgainListening Length Hours And Minutes This was another well written Dalgliesh story I wanted to finish it in one sitting, but alas work happened.Yes, I did see the film about this one, but it didn t play through my head while I was reading the book Maybe the film wasn t very memorable One of the big plot devices James used in this story, and which I throughly enjoy, is how the character s religions often tie into the story The characters often have to make moral choices based upon the religious upbringing So it is often between the choice of what is right and good or what the justice code demands.This series just keeps getting better and better. It s very boring and slow The author describes everything in minute detail quite unnecessarily, and every time a character is introduced no matter how unimportant to the plot , the story stops and we re treated to what basically amounts to their whole biography I did discover who the murderer was at first I thought, it can t be that easy , and kept looking for clues, but by the 75% mark there was absolutely no doubt about it That s not fun.And honestly, I had no sense of who the Inspector Adam Dalgliesh was He was a blank to me Ok, this is book 9 in the series, but this is a detective novel You re supposed to be able to read it out of order and still know who the main detective is as a character You could pick up any Agatha Christie book in the Poirot series and find out everything you needed to know about Poirot, from his appearance to his personality But here I got nothing Finally, I was very uncomfortable with the ending view spoiler The detective Daniel Aaron finally figures out who s been killing people, but decides that rather than doing his job and arresting a double murderer, he d rather warn the murderer that the police have figured out whodunnit because Aaron is Jewish, and the murderer s motive was getting revenge for the betrayal of his Jewish family to the Nazis during WWII by killing people who had absolutely nothing to do with it WHAT THAT S NONSENSE I don t see any possibility of a real life detective even considering such a course of action, it s a stunning and criminal dereliction of duty I thought it was very suspicious that PD James wrote about a Jewish detective deciding to put his Jewish identity above his very clear duty as a policeman, especially when the case was far from being a straight revenge you betray my family, I kill you It does remind one of antisemitic notions that Jews are perpetual outsiders and will always put themselves as a group above national institutions, etc It was not at all well done.Side note, but it also didn t make sense that the killer would wait so freaking long to get his revenge From the moment he discovers who actually betrayed his family to when he begins to carry out the murders, MANY MANY YEARS elapse He says he had to kill Gerard Etienne because Gerard got engaged and there might be children , which he didn t want to happen Which is nonsense because Etienne was not exactly a virgin before getting engaged He was a total womanizer for years Does the murderer know how babies are made Or does he think children are only born from married couples hide spoiler An entertaining and absorbing cosy murder mystery As usual, another excellently written multifaceted murder mystery by P.D James.It s interesting to imagine James pitching this to her publisher Dear Publisher, I d like to write a murder mystery set in a publishing house where the editor did it Who does the editor kill Why, the publisher And then one of the authors That s not a problematic scenario for you at all, is it Also, can I come in and lurk around your office for a few weeks to get a sense of how a publishing house really works Publishers Dear PD James, we can t see why we d have a problem with one of our best selling authors coming into the office and seeing how author treatment, office politics, contracts, payments, etc typically work We re a publisher, therefore completely transparent Really Now excuse us while we hide all the confidential papers, alcohol, and instruct our staff to be on their very best behavior. In this voluminous thriller i found the first many pages unattractive Interest picked up only after Gerard s death A lot is devoted to the characters wear and even to the architecture of the structures they inhabited The old fashioned English and sentence structures may not attract those who read for the thrill of a detective novel though I enjoyed it thoroughly.Though only one death turned out to be a genuine instance of suicide, the other four deaths were discovered to be cold blooded murders The motif of the murders, at the end, raises the eternal issue of justice vs revenge. Having been brought up on a standard diet of Agatha Christie, I usually find all other crime novelists wanting as there is no Aha at the end in most of them The mystery may be well imagined and plotted, but Dame Agatha s trick of producing the rabbit out of the hat cannot be emulated by anyone else That is why I was not a big fan of P D James initially.Over the years, however, I have come to value the literary quality of her novels While the others are content to write competent English and leave the characterisation to a few deft sketches, James takes enormous care over both Her English is a joy to read, and her characters, down to the most insignificant of them, are meticulously sketched And in this particular novel, the way she has described the Thames and the life along it is so evocative as to take one s breath away This is one mystery I read slowly, savouring the language all the way.Gerard Etienne, first among equals of the partners owning the Peverell Press is the murder victim he s enough of a blackguard to qualify for the honour In fact, had this been a Christie novel, he wouldn t have gotten past page 20 alive Self centered, ruthless and entirely lacking in any kind of sentiments, he has pissed off virtually everybody including the other partners, staff and clients So it is no wonder that he winds up as a dead body in the small archives room, a victim of carbon monoxide poisoning in a carefully contrived accident.As Adam Dalgliesh and his able deputies, Kate Miskin and Daniel Aaron arrive on the scene, the plot thickens with red herrings, broken alibis, and murdersAs mysteries go, this was a pretty decent one The solution is entirely satisfying and believable, with a final twist which is impossible to see coming I would say had I really racked my brains I could have solved it partway at least, but that does not take away from the cleverness of the plotting.However, two things dragged down this mystery from 4 to 3 stars for me 1 a superfluity of characters whose lives are described at length, but who do not contribute much to the story and 2 the anticlimax of the denouement no, that s not a spoiler I believe the author should have kept it tighter and worked on her climax. Since I liked the collection of short stories by PD James the other day, I thought I pick up a big starring Adam Dalgliesh Big mistake Huge.I don t know if I should have read this in order this is the 9th book in the series but I just could not get past the 25 percent mark.I was so bored reading about the murder and what was going on Life is too short to keep reading a book that is boring you to tears I don t see this character becoming a favorite with me like Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple.