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I love these cards, every illustration is beautiful beyond belief. The Artists that collaborated on this deck have done an amazing job at keeping a mystical feel with more a brighter contemporary illustration style.

I found the only major down side to this set is the box. The outside design is nice and rigid and the magnetic closure is great...but the inside...the inside is a mess. There's no permanent packaging for inside the box, just some scrappy cardboard divider tubes to attempt to keep the cards in place. Which is a pain in the butt when trying to take out and put back your cards. But this would all be fine if you're someone that keeps their cards in a separate deck bag.

I will say that when you first take the deck out, make time to go through and separate each individual card because the sprayed edges have caused the cards to stick together during manufacturing. @Free Epub Ø Ostara Tarot Õ Ostara Tarot Coffret Cartes Avis Et Review De Ce Tarot Prsentation Et ImagesOstara Tarot Ce Petit Lenormand Ax Sur Le Paganisme Et La Nature Contientcartes La Place Descartes Traditionnelles E Tarot Tonnant Et Son Guide D Accompagnement, Profitez Du Monde Fantastique Du Symbolisme Traditionnel Et Des Thmes Contemporains Qui Vous Ramneront Dans La Nature Sauvage Et Exploreront Le Fminin Avec UneOstara Tarot Applejohn, Morgan Livres The Ostara Tarot Was My First Tarot Deck, And I Couldn T Have Asked For Anythingfrom The Visual Interpretations Of The Cards These Four Women Have Come Together To Create A Deck That Is Rich, Vibrant And Packed With Detail Without Having That New Age Fantasy Fiction Vibe Many Such Modern Tarot And Oracle Decks Lean Towards Each Artist Has Her Own Distinct Style, And While This Occasionally Becomes Ostara Wikipdia Ostara Est Une Fte Paenne Clbre Au Moment De L Quinoxe De Printemps Par Les Membres De La Wicca Mais Aussi Plus Gnralement Du Paganisme, Et C Est Le Second Sabbat Mineur De La Roue De L Anne Elle Symbolise Le Renouveau De La Vie Et De La Terre, Aprs Un Hiver Froid Et Dur, Et Le Retour De La Desse Sous Son Visage De Jeune Fille Et D Amante Son Quivalent Anglo Saxon Est Eostre Elle Trouve Son Origine Ostara Tarot Apps On Google Play In Ostara Tarot, The Familiar Scenes Take Fanciful Forms, And The Usual Suspects Are Played By A Wondrous Array Of Divinities, People, Animals, And Mythical Beings Some Cards Show Us Unearthly Ostara Tarot Reviews Images Aeclectic Tarot The Ostara Tarot Is One Of Those Rare Tarot Decks That Is Absolutely Flawless In Its Execution And Breathtaking In Its Beauty Ostara, Also Known As The Vernal Equinox, Is A Time When The World Begins To Wake Up And Shake Off The Chill Mantle Of Winter Leaves Begin To Appear On Trees, The Grass Starts To Grow Again, Plants Begin To Push Their Way Up Through The Earth, And Buds Appear On Branches TheCommentaires En Ligne Ostara Tarot Elles Sont Magnifiques Vraiment Les Illustrations Desartistes Sont Juste Sublimes, Ce Tarot A Son Univers Bien Lui Sur Le Thme De La Fte D Ostara Fte De L Quinoxe De Printemps Les Cartes Sont De Belle Qualit, Brillantes, La Tranche Argent J Adore, Vraiment Que Du Bonheur Ostara Tarot Deck Review The Queen S Sword The Ostara Tarot Has The Best Of Both Worlds It S Gotten The Sturdy Book Opening Box In A Light Blue With The High Priestess And Silver Lettering On Top, A Full Color Guide And The Deck All In A Much Smaller Square Size Stacking The Deck In This Box Was Also Much Easier, So I Ostara Tarot Morgan ApplejohnThe Vernal Equinox, Ostara, Wakes The City After Winter Throughstunning Tarot Cards And An Accompanying Guidebook, Delve Into The Fantastical World Of Traditional Symbolism And Contemporary Themes That Will Return You To The Wilderness And Explore The Feminine Ostara Tarot Cooke, Eden, Gibbard, Krista, Iredale, Ostara Tarot Throughstunning Tarot Cards And An Accompanying Guidebook, Delve Into The Fantastical World Of Traditional Symbolism And Contemporary Themes That Will Return You To The Wilderness And Explore The Feminine With A Unique Synergy Of Artistic Styles And Perspectives, Discover Deities And Mystical Archetypes In The Major Arcana That Conveycore Lessons, While The Minors Sch H Ng D N S D Ng B Bi Ostara Tarot Tarot Vi T Nam Sch H Ng D N Ostara Tarot B Bi Ostara Tarot Mang Tn C A M T Loi Hoa Xun Pagan, N Nh D U Giai O N Gi A C A Ma Xun V Bo Hi U M T Kho Ng Th I Gian Y Nh Sng S Ti Sinh S Pht Tri N Hon Ton M I Hy Dng Ostara Tarot Ho Quy N Cng Mi H Ng C A T M Sau M A Len L I The Ostara Tarot , owing its name to the pagan vernal equinox, marks the midpoint of spring and ushers in a time of light, rebirth, and new growth. In this deck, you will discover a journey that loosely follows traditional Tarot symbolism, while also exploring themes of wilderness, surrealism, and feminine intuition.

The Tarot is a tool for selfexploration, and this deck questions the user’s relationship with the earth beyond our concrete city life. The illustration pays homage to the natural world and those romantic moments in history where we return to nature. Mysticism and fantasy grow green in our hearts and beckon us home to the forest.

This is a 78card Tarot deck and guidebook connecting to Vernal equinox to the reader’s life. It has the traditional symbolism with contemporary themes, teaching core lessons and diverse messages.

My favorite card is The Fool, beginnings, innocence, trust, and freedom. A girl rides her broomstick through a sky filled with birds, getting dangerously close to the sun. The Fool is shown at the beginnings of her journey, symbolizing unlimited potential. This card tells us that each day is an adventure. The Fool tells us that now is the time to be “foolhardy” and to set out on a new adventure without worrying too much about the consequences. It is easy to hum and haw about the dangers of living, without ever actually going for what we want. This card tells you to trust and enjoy life, and that we will only grow through experience.

I was given this deck from Schiffer Books for an honest review. The images are amazing and remind me of childhood tales of animal kingdoms and fairy fantasies. I love everything about this deck, from its silver edges to the soft, pastelcoloured box, and the welldesigned guidance book. And more importantly, how it works with my other deck. I'm so glad I have this <3 I've had the digital version of this deck for quite a while, and I love it! The art just resonated with me, and the story of each card is so fun to read. And after using it for so long, these cards feel like home for me. So I decided to get the physical deck, but then my mom hated them and sold them away.
This deck will always have a special place in my heart. And if you love earthy, meaningful, comicstyle decks, this deck is a great pick. Gorgeous deck. My current choice for daily journal spreads.

The descriptions are spot on and the art is lovely. Gorgeous cards, but I have trouble connecting with cards. High quality and packaging So far this deck has been a disappointment. I am not sure what in the reviews made me want it and put it on Preorder, but I did and waited and waited for it. Now I am finding the art to be not to my liking. The silver edging was so stuck together that I thought I was going to do bad damage just to be able to get the cards apart. And indeed, a lot of it did chip off, leaving the edges a bit raggedy. I don't like the packaging. The way you have to divide the deck for it to fit into the box and there is this little loose divider ~~ Yuck!. The only Major Arcana card I like is the Star card. And I like the Queen & King of Wands. That is about it. I think this is a personal taste on my part in Art. And I must admit that I did not realize it was a collaborative deck when I ordered it. That might have been a game changer.

I do not know if I will ever work with this deck or even if I will keep it. I hope other buyers have a better reaction to the deck than I did. I actually feel bad about my reaction. The art in this is wonderful, however I can not in all good conscience responsibly give this a good review when I had to ruin over 20 of the cards edges in order to unstick them. If your metallic edging has not been quality tested enough to preserve the integrity of the cards when unsticking, then you haven't done enough quality testing.

I've purchased a lot of high end decks with high end metallic edges. I had to unstick nearly every card in the Majestic Tarot for example, but no edges or cards ever got ruined in the process, nor was the process so impossible I ended up getting my fingernail between the art and the back instead of the edges themselves. As a result, I can now tell certain cards when I fan them or see them in the deck, which means it's now impossible to do true randomised tarot reading in the style that I'd like.

This is a big issue! Please don't use things like 'fancy borders' ifduring the process of packaging, they're going to get so stuck together that you can literally hear a tearing sound like pulling masking tape away from a box, with every card being unstuck. They resisted being pulled apart right to the very end.

It might seem like a little quibble, but it's basically ruined the whole purpose of the deck for me, which was not to just look at pretty art, but to use it as a functional tarot deck and not be able to tell one card from another due to damaged edges.

Additionally, the deck doesn't fit as a whole in the box, it must be split into two.

These are major practical oversights that test decks sent out to clients could have overcome easily and quickly. No idea why the edging was so bad. But would NOT recommend this deck to anyone who wants truly randomised tarot cards when reading, because there's no guarantee you'll be able to unstick the cards without damaging them, no matter how finely you work. I have never seen this issue be so bad with any of the metallicedged decks I've used in the past. It feels disrespectful to what tarot is about, honestly, and therefore disrespectful to the artist's whose work is represented here, because I feel like they threw their lot in with someone who just didn't desire to tick the boxes when it came to making sure this could function well as a *tarot.*