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READ PDF Ú Painted Memories Õ I Ve Come To Realize How Much Life Can Change With Circumstance One Moment I Was A Happy Sixteen Year Old Girl With A Great Brother, Jesse, Who I Adored Then Jesse DiedNo Matter How Much I Wished It Had Been Me In The Accident, Wishing Will Never Change What Happened Five Years Later, My Father S Eyes Are Still Filled With Hate And Regret Whenever He Looks At Me I Haven T Forgotten My Mistake, But I Ve Accepted It My Father Has NotHe May Always See Me As A Failure, But I M Determined To Make A Fresh Start In A New Town Where Love Promises To Be Generous Than The Scorn I Ve Left In My Father S Eyes With Any Luck, Maybe Some Distance Will Make Him See Me As His Daughter Again Until Then I Ll Find My Own Way Painted Memories Is An Original, Contemporary Romance About Love, Loss, And Recovering From Tragedy Its Characters Are Real Between Humor And Heartbreak, It S Funny, Touching, And Full Of Redemption Sexual Situations Recommended For A story of grief and forgiveness and love along the way. It is my understanding that this is the second novel for this young writer and I am pleased that I took the time to read it This touching story tugged my heartstrings on one page and had me laughing the next Contemporary Romance is not my usual genre of choice because I typically find it too predictable but this writer threw in a few twists that I never saw coming and left me with mouth agape and the phrase OMG on the brain There are few thingsthat will ruin a story for me like neglecting the small stuff but Ms Flowers did not disappoint I really loved how she spent time showing her fascination and knowledge of painting all the way down to using the correct term for the fall of the piano The care she took to learn about the nuisances of the subjects in her story shows what a conscientious novelist she is But what impresses me most about this young writer is the way she is able to write conversations with such ease Dialogue between characters is one of the most difficult things to write on page and screen and her command of it in this early stage of her career leads me to believe that we will be reading muchfrom her in the future. A very emotional, sweet, romantic, fun, satisfying and gripping read that I definitely will be reading again A must read for any contemporary romance fans out there, or those readers just looking for an all around great story.Lilly has just started her life anew after years of suffering and torment due to the loss of her only brother So much sorrow, pain, and not enough forgiveness, both from herself and her father But Lilly picks herself up and leaves that life behind, well most of it She starts a new job that she loves, gets her own place and stars dating and living again.A bit of a love triangle for some part among Lilly, a great looking personal trainer named Tyler and a handsome, caring and amazing artist named Drew and many life altering choices, but Lilly is a smart and beautiful woman One that went with her heart and what s on the inside instead of what the eyes can see I adored her character evenfor it Loni created an amazing story for us all A very emotional trip with realistic characters, settings and packed it full of emotion that will guarantee the need for a tissue or two both from laughter and of sadness This is my second time reading her work and I was a happy reader each time If you re looking for a contemporary romance filled with all the trappings that make your heart flutter, Painted Memories by Loni Flowers deserves to be at the top of your MUST Read list Lily Morgan s life has been a nightmare after the death of her brother, between her own guilt and grief and the brutal blame placed on her by her overachieving, over controlling father To start fresh and with the hopes of healing, she moves far from home to start life over with a clean slate While not looking for love, she finds herself falling for two amazingly hot guys who are as different as night and day Tyler is a personal trainer who initially lights a flame of excitement in Lily with his self confidence and flash Drew, well Lily literally fell for Drew, right into a muddy pond He isthe strong and silent type, who also has a painful past he has turned from Drew is able to create beauty on canvas as an artist with an amazing talent to bring his art to life and a desire to make a name for himself and gain his own father s approval When Lily s choice becomes apparent and romance slowly blooms, her guilt returns, because her brother will never know the joy of love, so she erects obstacles around her heart that are almost insurmountable Can Lily learn to forgive herself and accept that she deserves the kind of love with a happy ending Can she even recognize when someone is offering her real love with no strings attached Will her family dynamics chase her back into her own private Hell or will she find the strength to finally face down the demons and reunite a family divided for too long It s just too much turmoil for one person to handle alone.I know, it all sounds so serious, and this character driven plot IS full of drama, but Loni Flowers has brought her characters to life with moments of humor and lightness that make you smile, moments of tenderness that make you sigh and moments of personal strength that make you cheer I even shook my head a couple of times in disbelief and had to keep reminding myself, this is just a story, you are not really a fly on the wall The dialogue is amazing, real enough to hear each word and how it was spoken, as well as how it was taken Ms Flowers has created her own work of art through her words that will touch your heart in the best way