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I won this book through a Goodreads giveaway I really liked it Although I have what other people may think is a great life, I ve been really unhappy lately Hopefully, using some of these tips and siggestions will allow me to be happier I also plan on passing this book on so that others at my employer can also benefit from it I actually enjoyed this book I ve heard many of her ideas in other places, but it s good to be reminded how to be happy in all aspects of your life. Definitely helped me with staying joyful at work with the several customers that I come across everyday Sometimes, days can be testing, but after reading this book, my days are muchjovial Definitely recommended to all fellow members of the work world who need a boost in happiness. i won this book on Goodreads the author asks some tough questions but once you answer the first one, the rest of her directions fall into place very quick,pleasant and motivating read. ( READ KINDLE ) ♍ Powered by Happy ☨ The Only Pocket Sized Book Packed With Ways To Boost Not Only Workplace Happiness, But Also Your And Your Company S PerformanceResearch Has Shown That Employee Happiness Improves The Bottom Line, But How Can A Time Crunched, Stressed Out Employee Wedge In A Little Joy Instrumental For Anyone Working, Whether In A Cubicle Or A Corner Office, Powered By Happy Offers A Quick Hit Of Optimism For The Workday, Which Will Help Your Career And Job SatisfactionEmployee Engagement Expert Beth Thomas Has Crafted A Powerful Little Book Filled With Upbeat Coaching, Practical Advice, And Proven Techniques Powered By Happy Provides A Step By Step, Tip By Tip Strategy For Figuring Out What Gives Us Joy And How To Create An Environment In Which We Can Find It All Day, Every Day, In Any Situation, No Matter What Challenges We Face Larry Israelite, Talent Management Executive Here Is A Practical Collection Of Strategies And Approaches That Will Support And Enliven The Lives Of Employees And Managers Elliott Masie, Chair, The Learning Consortium Look Hard Into The Mirror, Be Honest With Yourself, Follow Beth S Advice, And Become Productive And Honestly Happy Steven M Lyman, Vice President, American Eagle Outfitters It s a pocket size happiness prescription for spending an happy life both in office and in home. If you re unhappy, unsatisfied, or unfulfilled at your place of employment you have to read this book Now that I m happy in my workplace, I have passed it along to my unhappy co workers This book helps you look at situations differently in order to cope with difficult co workers It also includes activities for you to do By the end of reading it, I had a whole new outlook on my job A good read for anyone who has to deal with difficult co workers on a daily basis Beth is a person who remains positive and happy through many circumstances Some of her hints and suggestions are easily followed Others assume you have 1st world middle class to upper middle class priviledges The general principles and ideas are both from research and instinct I ve taken a couple of tools from this toolbox. i expected