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4.5 Another winner from Anne Stuart Alistair or the Cat is an impoverished Earl who has resorted to stealing jewels in order to rebuild his fortune But even after he s filled his coffers, he can t seem to stop his night walks that keep him from being bored And everything becomes way interesting when he meets Jessamine, a respectable woman clearly fallen on hard times, who tries to support her family by reading the cards She claims to be able to read the past and future in them and in truth she seems to look into the soul of people and read their secrets Is she trully gifted or is she a clever impostor In both cases, she is a threat to his identity, what with her working together with the Bow Street runner that s after the Cat So the Cat decides to start playing an interesting game with the Mouse But he still hasn t decided what to do when he ll get what he wants kill her or eat her The book features the usual dangerous, bad boy AS hero, who can be cruel and passionate at the space of a single breath The heroine is spunky, strong and clever and able to stand on her own and fight for her family There is also a lovely secondary romance between the heroine s sister and a Bow Street runner It had action, suspense, humor even and a quick plot but i would have liked the hero to realize his feelings for the heroine a tad earlier at last Recommended for all Anne Stuart fans. (((DOWNLOAD))) ☙ Prince of Swords ☝ She Is An Impoverished Noblewoman Who Lives By Her Wits As A Tarot Reader For The English Nobility He Is London S Most Notorious Cat BurglarThey Met One Dark, Glittering Night Yet Even Jessamine Maitland Cannot Foresee The Destiny That Will Sweep Her Into The Adventure Of Her Life With The Proud, Arrogant Thief Who Has No Intention Of Ever Being Caught By Man Or WomanBut Alastair MacAlpin Has Not Reckoned On Jessamine And A Passion That Will Turn A Game Of Cat And Mouse Into A Matter Of Life And Death As The Elusive Aristocrat Attempts The Most Daring Coup Of His Checkered Career, He Is Undone By This Elegant Beauty Who Sees The Tenderness Behind His Mocking Fa Ade And Who Will Pursue Him Over Rooftops And To The Ends Of The Earth, If She Must, For The Love Only He Can Give Her Anne Stuart can write Historical Romances as well YAYI don t think I ve ever cheered on a secondary romance this much I loved the romance almost as much as the primary one.I loved how the two love interests completely contradicted each other in so many ways yet you couldn t help fall in love with both of them.Gahh so much sweetness in this book MUST HAVE MORE. Wow, the hero and heroine REALLY GOT ON MY NERVES I know Anne Stuart always write about masterful, amoral and ruthless men, with strong but actually incredibly foolish and vulnerable females who just can t help but fall for em I have read a number of her books, and enjoyed them, because she usually inter cut the hero s apparent cruelty with realistic above par for the genre and poignant inner dialogue of him slow coming to care love the heroine While I most certainly do not read Stuart to imagine myself into her heroines shoes yeech , I can definitely appreciate well written anti heroic, handsome as angel demon whatever men.Not so in this one He is bored, and intends to use her, and uses her, and uses her, and uses her, with only rare consideration for her feelings, unto literally the last 5 pages And of course, the whole time she s all angry but really pathetically turned on and grateful for his attentions Even after the climax, where he literally throw her to the enemy , she longs for his return.Can we at least have some SEMBLANCE of equality in a romantic relationship This book made my blood boil, and I threw pillows at the wall in an attempt to divert violence away from my ebook reader.HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED Perhaps this might actually be one of the first books I ve read that was both supernatural and historical, with romance thrown in as well I had no idea this was actually any of those genres when I first read it Frankly, most of Ms Stuart s books haven t been up to par as A Rose at Midnight my favourite book of hers but this was ok Apparently it wasn t memorable to me enough to remember that I ve read this already hah I might come back to this review eventually, but then again I might forget again Anyway, the book starts off very interestingly, it definitely caught my attention as I was reading the demo version on , basically, it must ve been one of Stuart s early works because it has hints of her previous books The hero is another anti hero and is actually of a caring villain if you can think of it that way Stuart is the queen of villainous heroes , and immediately upon seeing the heroine, he already wants to rut with her OK but this is something that is repeatedly through the first few chapters of the book, so it s with both dread and anticipation that makes me want to read through Alistar s the hero point of view note, this book goes through various character s points of view , anticipation because it s what s supposedly pulling the story through, and dread because we get these unimpressive and banal thoughts through the book An example can be viewed here context the heroine is trying to escape his seductive clutches, because if she happens to have intercourse, she will lose her extraordinary card reading abilities, which is what s keeping her family afloat, and as she does this, she breaks the glass door behind her with her back, thus getting her back all scratched up and Alistair the hero carries her away to get it bandaged up, here are his thoughts She was rounded than he realized, a fact that pleased him He had every intention of discovering just how rounded she was, and he was going to taste those curves, luxuriate in them once he managed to wake her up and bandage the scrape along her back WHAT THE.OK then.Honestly, this book was rather vulgar, not something I was expecting at all, but I went on regardless because I knew that my brain would eventually filter out the bad stuff and make the best of this book After all, I ve been craving a book where the hero was charming , sly, aloof and a Cat burglar Ok I ve been obsessing over Miraculous Ladybug, I ll admit And yes, this is exactly what I got It s definitely a story out of the norm, and very original, in comparison to newer historical romance Having also that added sense of paranormal stuff, it made it even better once you get past the bad fillers because, let s be honest, this was a ploy to make the story longer I m re reading it again and hopefully I can remember having read it this time around D I would recommend it if you want something new, are tired of this new adult stuff that s passing off as romance really, though, this vulgarity isn t something that strange to read, knowing how it s what everybody who s reading new adult books are used to it , if you want some anti hero and of course to pass the time and be entertained, because it held my attention long enough that it made me want to check and see if I read it before and have a bit of time to write this weird review Read it EDIT I finished the book for the second time I believe and realised why I didn t remember the storyline it was because it was rushed WhatThere was no character development, no context to actions performed by the characters Most of the things that happened in the book were definitley unbelievable in a very cringy way, and that ending was not worth all the reading I did on the first half of the book The characters were all flatly expressed and not memorable at all, we were told what they did, what they thought and briefly, what they looked like, but other than that they were just there I ll just leave this edit review here in case my future self decides to re read this again without knowing OKthanxbye OK insta lust is most definitely not my thing I closed the book as soon as I read the hero telling the heroine I want your body the first time they ever had a conversation. Jessamine is a tarot card fortuneteller gentlewoman down on her luck, living with her beautiful younger sister and mother in poverty Alister is a foppish gentleman jewelry thief, bored with life I liked Jessamine and Alister together, they hated but lusted after each other and their conversations made me smile However, when they were apart all the other plot points bored me There is a lot going on here the evil Bowstreet runner using Jessamine s talent, secondary roamance of her sister and another Bowstreet runner, Alister s continued thievery I just wanted to read Jessamine and Alister together He kept her guessing until the last page, when would he confess his love and what was his future plan, I wanted to see them happy for a few pages. I thought this was awesome Anne Stuart s heroes are often really evil people, like murderers and stuff, so it was a nice break that this one was only a thief I was really into both romances, it s one of the only times where I am equally into the primary secondary romance Full of adventure, and romance, and sex, it was a pretty great book view spoiler I love that Fleur took matters into her own hands by saying she had been ruined even though it was a lie, and I loved that Jess killed Clegg With an axe A few pages before she did I wondered which man would dispose of him, Alistair or Brennan, and it ended up being Jess and I was so happy hide spoiler Jessamyn and Alasdair are as opposite as night and day she is a genteel woman who is on hard times and makes her living by reading Tarot cards for the wealthy Alasdair is an Earl, also on hard times, who fills the empty family coffers by stealing the rich people s jewels Both are delightful characters, and of course when the meet, sparks fly This was a good read and recommended. A poorly written mess.