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Excuse me Hellooooo Can I have your attention please, for just a moment I loved this story This is the first thing I ve read from this author I think she has a beautiful style of writing Pura Vida had this bittersweet undercurrent flowing throughout Simon goes to Costa Rica with his family for a few weeks of summer vacation Annnnd I don t want to say too much because it was really nice watching the story unfold Simon is adorable, and a little clueless It was great learning about him as the story progressed I can say the characters were well developed and easy to fall in love with I was definitely all invested This is a sweet summer tale about love, heartbreak, and growing up I do wish the story was longer I was happy with the ending, but I didn t want the story to stop It has been previously established that I m a greedy reader, I never want lovely things to come to an end Oh, andbaby turtles 5 StarsMore reviews at The Morning After Romance While on family holiday, Simon meets a young local Juan working for a Nature Conservatory After an akward start due to language issues, they spend most of their nights at the beach in order to protect turtles and their eggs from poachers I loved reading about the animals and the country Both boys were still quite young and didn t know how to behave around each other Facing the fact, that Simon s holiday will be over soon, they are trying to keep their feelings for each other hidden The atmosphere and the interaction between Simon and Juan were lovely The whole pace of the story was perfect and the epilogue felt very credible A very sweet read 4 stars 2 stars DNF 51 %.Unfortunately this story didn t rock my world The sex was awkward and unemotional and I didn t connect with the characters either Movin on. This story is gorgeous.And honestly, the reason why I m not going to write a proper review for it is because it s so original, inspiring, enchanting and all around wonderful that it needs to be discovered sentence by sentence, feeling by feeling and turtle by turtle.Sara Alva is, apparently, really good at describing reality fear, insensitivity, stereotypes, mistrust, infatuation, self discovery, lust, poetry in feelings and places I could go on just the way it is, and an astonishing ability to capture your actual heart in the web of her words and make you sympathise with her characters.She didn t make me feel like I was the MC, all powerful feelings that grab you by the throat and force you to devour the story, which is something that takes serious skill and I love to experience she made me feel like I was seeing everything in the clearest detail every movement, every reaction and every emotion, which takes just as much skill, is just as enjoyable, and is a little bit rarer and makes you want to savour every page.Also, I really want to go to Costa Rica. I adored this narrator , this is a sweet mellow love story and the audible is Just fenomenal , worth it for sure.Joseph Northton is incredible , his voice is just amazing , this is his 2th audible that I heard by him.The other one is Shattered Glass by Dani Alexander which is magnificent also Highly recommend his work.This book was yummy but a bit too short and I would love to know how they will make it work in the near future I hope there is a sequel this book and also audible is this cute Lovely writing, giving me a very strong sense of place Great development of Simon no insta love, no simple shortcuts, and he grew as a person, even though he bordered on being an asshole in the beginning view spoiler and then I couldn t believe he let Juan go to the clinic by himself in a taxi, and not go with him hide spoiler 5 Stars KAPOWALive Your Life, Buy The BookReviewOh gosh, that was such a wonderful read I just LOVED it Is there anything sweeter than a holiday romance At any age it is fun, but when you are a teenager on holiday with your family it just seems evenexciting More often than not it is between two holiday makers, but this story has one of the guys being local That, of course, adds a whole different dimension if both guys are on holiday it makes the final goodbye hard, but at least they are both going when one is left behind it makes the parting so much harder.19 year old Simon is on a forced break from his boyfriend Leo, and in this game Leo says and Simon does So Simon is determined to have a holiday hook up, to see what is out there If it is meant to be him and Leo then they will get back together after having a summer of seed sowing Yes Leo sounds like an idiot, but dammit that description of sarcastic, sexy and just a little bit cruel makes me want to get to know him, hopefully another story please You soon see though that Simon is just not wired that way, he really falls for Juan and so the sad countdown of days left together begins.Juan was just delicious So sweet and passionate and poetic and so very, very scared Every time Simon says or does something that doesn t fit the hook up only rule you can see his surprise It broke my heart, wondering how many 90210 American boys had passed time with him This is essentially a Young Adult story, so the sex is definitely not all that graphic but what you do get is beautiful As Simon acknowledges himself, sometimes holding hands isintense than anything else you might do I also loved how Juan helps Simon in the sweetest way merely by pointing out that being open to the possibility of change is a step in the right direction.Sara brought Costa Rica to life in this book I wanted to see those turtles and feel the sand, to see the stars and swim in the sea A few months ago I read and loved Social Skills and I must say that I was really impressed with her writing style then now In this short story I think that Sara has hit her stride Really beautiful I can t wait to readby this talented author Go Download the Book It s free An adorable read that brings all the feels of a summer romance There s no overwrought emotions or declarations and the ending is perfect being a shamless sap I see them working out a HEA, but their young and the ending has the realism of HFN with openess to what the future might bring.Simon the main character is sweet and a little naive, trying to act worldly yet revealing his core at every turn, it s a coming of age story for him.Juan is nicely written He sof a realist and has a better idea of what s going on but still a vulnerbility that s touching He doesn t say much but the complexities come through giving a bittersweet edge to the the tale.Their romance isn t flowery and they d both deny romance There s also turtles and nasty poachers and baby turtles Simon s family make an appearance, fleeting but enough to ground the characters, I like his father.The ending as I say is perfect I really liked how the story closed. {READ DOWNLOAD} ⛈ Pura Vida ⚼ Simon Has Found Himself In An Open Relationship For The Summer Though Not By Choice Instead Of Wallowing, He S Decided To Make The Most Of A Family Vacation To Costa Rica By Hooking Up With The First Hot Guy Available Trouble Is, He Has No Clue How To Go About Doing ThatLuckily, He Runs Into Someone With A Little Experience But When The Moments Of Lust Turn Into Something , Simon Isn T So Sure He Ll Be Able To Return To His Old Relationship And There S No Way To Hold Onto This New One, Either, As Thousands Of Miles Will Separate Them In Only A Few Short Weeks Either Way, He Ll Have To Learn To Let GoThis Story Was Written As A Part Of The M M Romance Group S Love Has No Boundaries Event Group Members Were Asked To Write A Story Prompt Inspired By A Photo Of Their Choice Authors Of The Group Selected A Photo And Prompt That Spoke To Them And Wrote A Short Story Cute story from this year s LHNB event featuring turtles..Oh and 2 guys Simon and Juan.