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Brillant information #FREE PDF õ Pure Genius : Dan Sullivan's Lifetime Focusing System for Total Self-mastery ⚫ That S The Challenge Dan Sullivan Extends To The Thousands Of Entrepreneurs Who Attend His Worl Renown Strategic Coach Progam In This Exclusive Workshops And Consulting Sessions, Sullivan Reveals Time Tested Principles That Enable Individuals To Double, Triple Even Quadruple Their Personalincomes More Importantly, They Undergo A Profound Transformation, Focusing The Skills That Have Brought Them Financial Prosperity On A Newfound Commitment To Acheiving Success In All Aspects Of Their Lives In PURE GENIUS, You Too Will Learn How To Effectively Apply The Proven Concepts And Techniques Of Life Success That Sullivan Shares With The Members Of His Elite Program This Cd Set IncludesCds This CD series from Nightingale Conant is a great overview of what is offered in Dan Sullivan Strategic Coach Program If you have not listened to Dan before I would highly recommend you listen to this great introduction to his essential tools. I am sure all the information in this program is wonderful, yet it was a total turn off when the author mentioned in the introduction that you will achieve results after ten thousand hours of practice At 62 yrs old I don t feel I have enough time for this Actually I don t know anyone personally that would be willing to devote 10,000 hours to the program.If someone is doing it, I say Bravo, you should be a Genuis I simply loved this audio series I have it in heavy rotation in my car CD player Whenever I feel less confident about myself or business deals go badly, I pop in this audio series to breath new life into my self confidence It can do the same for your self confidence When you are ready to tap into the pure genius you have within yourself, you need to get this audio series And, KEEP IT IN YOUR CAR to play whenever you are feeling less powerful in your life. This course, the product of interactions with thousands of entrepreneurs, is a gently condensed version of Dan Sullivan s Strategic Coach program This is the complete package of his ideas developed over the years This is no lead into his better stuff, this is it Dealing with Dan Sullivan further involves refinements, tracking and of course, getting advice for particular situations, a service for which you must qualify to receive and for which ample consulting fees are charged I ve never been a client of his, so I plead ignorance as to details The Pure Genius system covers such items as developing your unique ability, achieving a balance of personal life and work, and developing referability habits Let me cover these three areas as an example of the quality of this program Unique ability is the one or many things that you do better than anyone else, which if you follow such profiles as the Kolbe profile, you also might find it is something that you like doing Dan Sullivan practices this in his own company that employees have removed from their job descriptions those duties that they dislike, though they might be good at, in favor of those duties which they not only excel, but in my words dig and get energized doing Dan himself is not good at numbers and accounting and does not work with details, but his wife is energized by and is talented in this area, and in his example, was able to spot discrepancies in numbers within minutes that accountants might have taken weeks to put together With regard to balance of work and non work life, Dan bluntly states that while work enables your life, it is what you do outside of work that defines your long term worth in life, and that many entrepreneurs sacrifice their lives to get where they are It is important to recognize that peak performance in your field requires balancing this personal and work life, which following the athletics and entertainment model, enables you to focus and getdone that you ever imagined in a short period of time That s the basis of his system of focus days, buffer days and free days Free days must be truly free and that an entrepreneur must balance his life such as he is not doing work while vacationing, including needing to be available to take phone calls This is the ideal concept, because this freedom is necessary to be able to get back to work when the vacation ends Aconcrete rendition of Dan s ideas comes from his referability habits These are four basic habits, presented in Dan s integrated form, which by themselves, could explain the rise and fall of markets, and with another principle, the rise and fall of civilizations These habits are so simple that everyone knows them, but theone contemplates these habits, which are accessible to anyone in the world, theeasily it can be seen how important they are Dan identifies and provides that reasons and consequences of each one, and the aggregate consequence, which is, are doors opened or closed for you based on the way you interact with people on a daily basis Without explanation, they are show up on time do what you say finish what you start say please and thank you The empiricists of the world will want a study, the rationalists of the world won t accept it because it sounds too easy, but once you see what works in world of ABCD another idea , you will become a practitioner of gratitude and integrity.In short, this course is the real deal I have never seen content so systematically connected and boiled down like it, outside of the realm of philosophy The absence of previous reviews, its not being available from nightingale conant, E bay liquidators, despite this course being out years, and its practicality, leaves me with the optimistic hope that folks who take this course are somehow different and better than before Chris Great system for refocusing on what s important this will be on a yearly rotation Excellent material for a better life