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Charming first person account of a journo learning to write songs, interspersed with marginally enlightening interviews with Cat Power, Andy Partridge, Ray Davies, Keith Richards, and others The premise is a little too cutesy to get too deeply into the craft While it s a pleasant read, I think I learned about songwriting from Paul Williams deeply dorky books about Dylan. Brilliant The sequel to Guitar Man finds our hero now learning to write songs Both song and guitar man have inspired me beyond words to continue my own pursuit of playing guitar and making some sort of recording Always funny and interesting it also contains some great pearls of wisdom from some of todays most prolific song writers An entertaining read for anyone whether a musician or not It s written as a memoir with the final goal being to record the songs he has written with a band A spiritual quest if you will. I have just finished this book by Will Hogkinson A companion to his first tome Guitar Man it pretty much what it says on the label A series of encounters with various songwriters underpinning his first and possibly last recorded work being recorded at Liam Watson s Toe Rag studios and then released as a 7 single.A charming book As my drunken Rockabilly band also recorded at Liam s Toe Rag as did a unheard of garage band called The White Stripes everything described rings true I found the encounters with Andy Partridge, Chip Taylor and Richard Hawley the most engrossing and could possibly have done with from their interviews.Overall a worthwhile read if interested in songwriters and the un pleasantries of trying to form and keep together a band The final encounter with Shirley Collins and a brief reprise of Bert Jansch leads directly nicely onto his next book The Ballad of Britain which next on my reading list.Most interestingly the musicians comments were quite pertinent to my writers block with poetry prose I found hawley most entertaining with his comments where he quotes Hendrix learn everything, forget everything, play and how other people s music knocked him off his radar.. I learned that most song writers don t want to think too much about how they create a song or where it comes for fear they may lose the muse Format is author s memoir about trying to write and record his own pop song so he talks to all these great song writers Interesting sections on certain song writers Andy Partridge from XTC sticks in my head for fact that he is a professional songwriter it is what he does and he doesn t really do anything else Author s voice and personal voyage gets a bit boring after awhile but it s worth sticking around for the discussions with the professionals. If you are interested in the process of songwriting a subject difficult to explain even by the experts you will enjoy the author s journey as an amatuer musician to write and record a song of his own devising I especially enjoyed the interviews with some great songwriters I am familiar with, Ray Davies, Gruff Ryhs, Keith Richards, Andy Partridge, Arthur Lee Chan Marshall I do hope that Lawrence is able to get his act together someday Having learned to play the guitar in six months, badly, the author sets out to learn about writing a decent song and put out an album containing one or two of them Following the format of his first book, he interviews a lot of established songwriters, some famous than others, and companionably describes his journey to get his own songs recorded All in all, I enjoyed this book as much as Guitar Man, and frankly would read about him learning drums, bass, keyboard, studio mixing, etc, for at least a few volumes before tiring of this readable formula. .Download Ebook ⚖ Song Man ☸ Song Man Is The Endearing Sequel To Will Hodgkinson S Guitar Man, Wherein Our Hero, Having Learned To Play Guitar Badly In Six Months, Endeavors To Unlock The Process Of Songwriting And Ultimately Record A Single Featuring Pithy, Humorous, And Illuminating One On One Songwriting Lessons With Keith Richards Of The Rolling Stones, Ray Davies Of The Kinks, Andy Partridge Of XTC, Arthur Lee Of Love, Chan Marshall Of Cat Power, Bob Stanley Of Saint Etienne, Gruff Rhys Of Super Furry Animals, And A Host Of Others Who Run The Gamut From Unknown Muses To Cult Icons To Superstars Including Hodgkinson S Lovable Crew Of Ne Er Do Wells First Introduced In Guitar Man Song Man Is At Once An Investigation Into The Most Ephemeral Of Arts And A Highly Readable Journey Of Discovery Maybe I m delusional, but Hodgkinson is coming off as somewhat sexist to me Any woman in the book is a muse or a singer all the songwriters he talks to are male WTF I do like when one of them can t stop deriding his hilariously bad first song, though Later I quit This book is leaving on the next train to Half Price Books. Read it because it s ostensibly about how to write a song Well, you won t learn how to write a song by reading this book But you will be thoroughly entertained by the author s journey Laughed out loud a lot and loved this book. Great book which gives the beginner songwriter something to aim for I.E write a better song than Mystery Fox That aside, it s a witty account of Hodgkinson s first steps in songwriting, the ideal companion to Guitar Man.