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I REALLY liked this I struggle finding paranormal uf books I like in the m m genre but this one really worked for me It s about Collin, a paranormal cop who monitors the mages in their world Collin believes they re all bad and has helped in the persecution of their race He s assigned to protect the leader of the mages, Logan, and finds out all his preconceived ideas are wrong Logan challenges his belief system and the two men end up finding friendship and then love Lot s of magic, demons, and fighting bad guys along the way.This book hit all my happy buttons Paranormal, GFY, hurt comfort, broken damaged boys, giving up everything for love sigh My happy heart hopes there is going to be another book about these two The ending wasn t enough for me I still really enjoyed this book though. It probably says a lot that it took me four days to read this.and I still skimmed the lonnng action sequence at the end Although the story moved on at a fast pace and the plot kept me engaged, the characters never lived up to their potential I ve read some amazing character driven romances lately, and these two MCs seemed like flat caricatures in comparison If you re looking for a light, action adventure fantasy with a dash of romance thrown in this might be the book for you. #Read Book ⚸ Spiretown Ö Genres Romance, Contemporary Fantasy, Yaoi M M Erotic RomanceIt S Been Several Years Since The End Of The Mage Wars Those Born With The Taint Of Magic Are Sent To Places Like Spiretown, A City Within A City That Serves As A Prison For Its Inhabitants Logan Grey Is The Self Proclaimed Mayor Of This Ghetto, But He S Suddenly Found Himself In Some Trouble, And He Needs Help From An Unlikely SourceTemplar Battalion Commander Collin Anderfels Is Having A Very Bad Week His Fianc E Left Him For His Best Friend, He Was Blown Up In A Raid Gone Wrong, And Now He S Been Forced To Protect A Man Who Represents Everything That Collin Loathes Worse Still Is The Fact That Logan Grey Keeps Saving His Life, And He Seems Intent On Bedding The Young Commander, Despite Collin S Sometimes Violent ProtestsSomehow, Beyond Prejudice And Deceit These Two Unlikely Partners Find Themselves Becoming Than Just Allies, But Can A Love Born From Lies Survive When The Gates Of Hell Are Torn Open 3.5 stars rounded up for being free This was a cool little alternative earth book about an America where magic exists and mages are considered too dangerous to roam around freely, so they get rounded up and chucked in ghettoes Enforcing all of this are the Templars, an elite brand of police who deal with magic users The romance is of the enemies to lovers gay for you variety, when Collin a heterosexual Templar commander is forced into close quaters with Logan a powerful sexy mage Things I liked it was engaging, it was hot, the actions sequences are deliciously gory and I loved the tropes This I disliked the whole book has a kind of superficial feel as if the characters, situations and concepts are only lightly brushed on and everything happens way too fast The other thing and I may be mistaken here is that even though the setting and plot are different, a lot of the concepts and terminology seemed to be plucked straight from the awesome video game Dragon Age and for some reason this really bothered me But still, an enjoyable read overall. Free on 3 1 2 4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewshttp mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com Spiretown, a place where people born with the taint magic are shipped to when their magic becomes apparent Logan is a mage, who has his own little part of the world in Spiretown, but he needs help when he discovers the Red Seal a group of rogue mages are targeting him, so he approaches an unlikely source for assistance Collin is a Templar Commander, his group are there to keep the mages in place and to destroy any who succumb to the demons, and being approached by a mage for protection is astounding, beginning to have feelings for the mage just might destroy him This story is slightly dark, with prejudice, hate, anger and fear, breaking down those emotions and finding love When Collin s team is lead into an ambush by the Red Seal, he never thought his saviour would be a mage, but that mage wants something in return, he wants protection Logan needs the help of the Templar if he is going to bring down the Red Seal, saving Collin fit into his plans, and now he just needs his web of lies to come to fruition But neither Logan nor Collin reckoned on an emotional connection forming between them, but it is that love that just might save them all when the Red Seal attempt to rip open the gates of Hell This is a great story if you are looking for a story that is drenched in angst and darkness After the Mage Wars, all humans showing the taint of magic were rounded up and put in places like Spiretown, children taken from their parents were handed over to the clergy and Logan was one of those children Templars are plainbloods humans with no taint who are given the task of dealing with any mages who succumb to demons, many of them, like Collin, hate the mages due to losses of family in the Mage Wars Logan is a special mage though, he has special abilities that the Red Seal want, Logan turns to Collin for help and it begins a complex relationship between the mage and the Templar I have to admit to that this story isn t black and white, neither character is particularly lovable due to their personalities, but the longer you read the you understand what drives them The storyline is brilliant, but twisted, and at times will turn your stomach, especially when it comes to Logan s past We see a huge development in Collin s psyche as he comes to realise that not all mages are evil and that some humans do deserve what they get, the relationship he develops with Logan is not easy, but it is something that he would give everything up for Logan is a very complex character and how he has been treated as a child has left scars on his soul, it has also moulded him into the way he is now and it s a miracle he isn t completely insane I have to recommend this if you love angst, demons, mages, harsh lives, some hot sex, great descriptions, some horrific scenes, a love emerging against the odds and an ending that has hope. Done And it only took me a little over 5 years In this urban fantasy humanity is divided between plainblood, normal human beings, and tainted, a minority who possesses powers that appear magical The tainted are powerful but vulnerable to the influence of demons who may possess them to enter the human reality.Past wars have brought humanity to a situation where the tainted no longer have rights and are enclosed in areas similar to ghettos, policed by templars, plainblood specially trained to contain them.Of course plainblood are not lambs with the excuse of containing those tainted who are actually dangerous they abuse, coerce and enslave a whole minority Ms Black fantasy story is a perfect paradigm for all those times when humanity decided some of its members where enemies to be crushed.Other authors would have chosen a different approach, giving the political intrigue much attention.Ms Black chooses to use her well crafted setting as a background for a scorching romance instead Logan and Collin are polar opposites and as it always happens they find themselves attracted to each other Logan has a past of horrendous abuse to overcome while Collin has some heavy issues of his own The lovers with a past and the gay for you themes have been done many times before, but the author deftly manages to skip the worst clich s and attain a modicum of plausibility.Romance, rollercoaster adventure and supernatural lore are mixed into an interesting plot which never drags and is nearly always professionally done. Dark urban fantasy set in a grim future after the mage wars between plainblood humans and those humans who are tainted with magic mages Wonderful world building I truly hope for to come in this world, as I would welcome the chance to re visit.The characterizations are outstanding The MCs, Logan and Collin, are do what you have to sort of guys Watching the changes in them as their relationship develops, as they come to trust and care for each other, truly made this story special for me I adored sexy, tattooed and pierced Logan with his androgyny and flamboyance And Collin with his repressed dominant tendencies just waiting to come out They re complex characters that are imperfect but very real in that imperfection but wonderfully right for each other. Interesting story with a dark urban fantasy type setting Collin is a Commander with the Templars, a group who police Mages, dangerous magic users who become psychotic killers when taken over by a demon During one raid on Spiretown, the ghetto where mages are imprisoned, Collin is rescued from certain death by the enigmatic and very powerful mage, Logan Grey The two men come to understand each other and an attraction forms when Collin is subsequently forced to take Logan under his protection.Although the story held my attention I wasn t really invested in the MC s The relationship between the two men is a kind of lite D s I didn t get the Yaoi connection mentioned in the blurb apart from the fact that Collin is bigger and Logan androgynous looking It s GFY but it was not 100% convincing because Collin did mention on several occasions about his love and regret for his previous female partner The story is told in Colin s 3rd person POV but there are a few sudden but brief switches to Logan s and Collin s mother s POV which felt out of place I thought this book was self published because it does have a slightly rough feel but apparently it s published by Vinedark Publishing which I m not familiar with.