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Author Profile Wendy Paris Splitopia When there s a 50 50 chance of getting divorced once in your lifetime, nothing makes sense than to be prepared in case of a such a rude awakening In fact, 40% of kids are born into non married families Instead of looking at divorce as a tragedy, Wendy Paris wrote a guidebook of how to have a good divorce Splitopia is a memoir guidebook of Wendy s experience of having as perfect of divorce as a perfect wedding Chapter one begins with the statement, Many people assume divorce destroys relationships, but some former spouses get along better after they part Fears of being single, miserable, and broke tend to be overblown My husband and I set off on a quest to separate, together This is the overall objective of Splitopia After divorcing her husband, Wendy sought out to write a model guide for people who want to stay in good partnership with their ex In a recent talk at The New School, Wendy Paris expressed, No one goes into marriage wanting to get divorced People always look at the negative, but I wanted to look at the positive side Paris has a MFA in creative writing from Columbia University and is a freelance journalist having had clips in The New York Times and Psychology Today Guidebook form writing is her forte with two books prior to Splitopia Happily Ever After The Fairy Tale Formula for Lasting Love, a dating guide full of humor and Words for the Wedding 1000 Quotes on Love and Marriage, a wedding planner guide Now with Splitopia, Wendy has written about every phase in a relationship and doesn t plan to stop She s mentioned the idea of writing another book about co parenting after she settles into life post marriage Her son is eight years old and they live in Los Angeles Her and her ex husband still live close to each other and get along better as exes now than they did when they were married It s hard for people to understand how you can love someone and then hate them, but not love them then like them in small doses, Paris says There is an audience for this kind of book, but there s nothing quite like Splitopia Wendy has a background in psychology having written several articles for Psychology Today and wanted to write a scientific, but relatable book on divorce Her divorce gave her clarity and she seeks to help others going through this kind of event in their lives Having space and getting clearer on what you want and what you want to give, Wendy says I seek for me and my ex husband to be model people with a good divorce Splitopia is a fast and intriguing read and definitely puts a different perspective on parting ways with a partner. Author Wendy Paris found herself in a marriage which felt unfulfilling However she still respected her husband and wanted to keep him in her life, and importantly, in her eight year old son s life as well She wondered if there was such thing as a happy divorce Through speaking with peers, psychologists, and her own experiences on this topic, Paris crafted this book as both a therapeutical guide for those who have experienced a divorce, either in their own or a loved one s life What was previously perceived in history as a failure in a relationship and in vintage years a failure in life , is now becoming a normal occurrence This book is a game changer for all of the people who ever felt stuck in a marriage, but had their family in mind or didn t want to completely cut ties with their spouses Paris has stated that overall summation of her philosophy is to not take your spouse s personality personally She encourages divorced families to take joint vacations and to still be involved in each other s lives This method somewhat follows the 1950 s style marriage counselor advice of working through the problem together to keep the marriage intact, except with Paris spin the marriage staying a solid relationship is not the primary objective, as it was then It is a book that is in sync with today s modern relationships, thus making it the perfect model for the modern divorce. Excellent advice Sometimes Marriage isn t ForeverInformative read for anyone considering divorce, separated, or newly divorced. A great help in gaining a updated perspective This book really helped me gain a modern and confident perspective on separation and divorce I enjoyed that it was informative yet read like a novel I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because I don t think everyone would glean what I did from it My husband, and perhaps many men, would not likely have the same take aways It is written from this woman s perspective and experience, so I see it as most beneficial to other women facing divorce. Wendy Paris and her husband split, and made a point to keep their separation and divorce amicable She chronicles this process and includes different ways to help adapt communicating with each other, adapting to single life, managing loneliness, perspective and to make the process go smoothly.Because we live in a culture where we are taught that divorce is one of the greatest evils and must always be contentious and riddled with bitterness and conflict, we don t learn that there may be a better way One where you don t drag each other through unnecessary hell in addition to grieving your relationship, and one that allows for the potential of a new, different relationship to form in its place.I think the one thing that jumped out at me, was It only takes one person to make a good divorce I liked her advice on handling loneliness and isolation Overall it was a good read and I think one worth considering when looking at other books on this subject. .EBOOK ♷ Splitopia ☣ Engaging And Groundbreaking, Splitopia Challenges Outdated, Negative Assumptions About Divorce With Sharp Wit, Searing Honesty, Rigorous Research, And Intimate Interviews, And Offers Guidance For Healthier, Happier SplitsWhen Wendy Paris Announced That She And Her Husband Were Separating, Friends Forecast A Tsunami Of Devastation For Both Of Them And Their Child But As Paris Would Discover, Divorce Has Improved Dramatically In Recent Decades, Due To Changes In Laws And Family Structures, Advances In Psychology And Child Development, And A New Understanding Of The Importance Of The Father Yet Disapprobation And Fear PersistIn This Incisive Book, Paris Cuts Through The Moralizing And Myopia, And Explores The New Cultural Phenomenon Of The Good Divorce Splitopia Chronicles Paris S Own Divorce In Real Time Shares Insights From Happily Divorced Couples, International Experts, And The Latest Research And Follows Her Own Divorced Parents Possible Reunion Splitopia Calls For A Flexible View Of How We Wed And How We Part, And Offers Support For Creating Loving Families, Whatever The Legal Relationship StatusDivorce Is No One S First Choice, But As With Other Difficult, Unwanted Experiences, It Can Lead To Growth, Deeper Connections, And A Fulfilled Life I was very happy to read an advance copy of this book Very relatable and uplifting, with Wendy s own story interspersed with expert analysis It has a lot of good information about relationships, whether divorced or married I plan to send a copy to a friend facing a divorce.Practical advice on moving and re setting up a home, and interesting anecdotes from many perspectives. I m calling this a must read for anyone early in separation or divorce Tons of good information and anecdotes on how to split well with plenty of phew it s not just me moments Edited to add Not everything in here will work for all people and there will always be hard But this book helps. Positive and practical recommend to people thinking of, in process or post divorce.