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Though these are shortened versions of the episodes, they still made for entertaining reading. This first book in the series simply named Star Trek adapts Charlie X under the episode s earlier working title of Charlie s Law , Dagger of the Mind , The Unreal McCoy which was the working and IMO better title for a.k.a The Man Trap , Balance of Terror , The Naked Time , Miri , and The Conscience of the King This book, clocking in at 140ish pages, doesn t much page count to the seven episodes it covers The story Charlie s Law is bereft of most description, Blish apparently felt no need to describe the Enterprise in even light detail , but most of the other stories have some feature at least some light description at the beginning to set up the story Thishis adaptation of balance of Terror is entirely from the Enterprise s POV, which helps to convey the tense nature of the episode very well, though the story lacks much of the cat and mouse nature of the episode and ends rather abruptly and without the famous In another life we could have been friends line.The Naked Time has lost any of the emotional tones of the episode.Miri is short and too the point, cutting most of the interactions with Miri and the children this may be to its benefit The Conscience of the King is short to its detriment, gutting all but the basic core of the story.There are a couple of instances where the author seems to have been functioning from the idea that ships in Star Trek function at relativistic speeds also the cover of the edition I read has nice big rocket plumes coming out of the back of the Enterprise There are a few things about the book that make in an interesting read as a star trek fan, but its brevity and extremely shallow treatment of the episodes mean I can t really recommend going out of your way to pick it up However if you re like me and you find it in the dollar bin of your local used book store I d give it a read. Well, that s it I ve now read every book Blish published.Really not much different from the other ten volumes of adaptations Blish did don t ask how I ended up reading the first one last I don t know myself except for the lack of a foreword It was the release of this volume that created a deluge of fan mail that Blish would address in his forewords to subsequent volumes.As usual the quality varies with the quality of the adapted original script Interesting to note that the iconic image of Sulu brandishing a fencing foil has him wearing an undershirt here he s famously bare chested in the episode There s another go round for the Shakespeare inspired trope, along with the child with god like powers. This anthology of several early Star Trek episodes, like many anthologies, is a hit and a miss Some of the stories really captured the feel of the story and the characters, while others really missed that mark. 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We ve been rewatching the original series of Star Trek lately, the remastered dvds in fact And I thought this would be the perfect time to start reading the original Star Trek episode novelisations, which I ve never read before.This book contained 7 episode novelisations Charlie s Law, Dagger of the Mind, The Unreal McCoy, Balance of Terror, The Naked Time, Miri, The Conscience of the King All of them reworked from the original scripts into short stories, by James Blish.I was glad to read the novelised versions of the episodes, as I don t always follow episodes very well when I don t have subtitles to help, and I thought it would be great to clear up the bits I couldn t understand I m not completely deaf, but I do have probs with understanding speach, and the amount of camera switching and other probs with tv means that I miss a few things where lip reading can t help me catch up.But as it turns out, Blish allowed himself a little bit of creative liscence in the switch from script to novel, so certain parts of the novels differ in varying ways from the original show I thought the changes were largely improvements tho, including a lot of things changed to be technologically and scientifically correct And I didn t mind that they didn t follow the show exactly, because the feel of thing was perfect, and I feel like the bits I needed clearing up were filled in appopriately enough for me I particularly liked the addition of Spock singing to himself in Vulcan at the end of one of the novelisations, which never occured in any episode, but was fun to imagine I think after this I m certainly going to try some of the original non script based novels too See my other reviews of Star Trek novels Mission to Horatius Star Trek 2 Short story adaptions from TOS first season I had seen all these episodes a million times, so I was interested in how Blish would execute a short story adaption from the original scripts I was impressed by Blish s ability to capture the zeitgeist of a familiar TOS episode yet make it distinct from how it was shot on camera I have been listening to the The Greatest Generation podcast of the TNG series and it has sensitized me the production costs of special effects for an underfunded television show and how that translates into adapting the script into film Of the Star Trek novels I have read this is of course super canonical the other end of the spectrum would be Spock, Messiah I don t know if rereading books from one s youth counts as a second childhood, but I m having one right now revisiting a lot of old favorites, including the James Blish Star Trek novelizations, although Short Storyizations would be closer to the truth Each Original Series episode is compacted down to short story length, and something gets lost in translation The stories are close to the episodes, but don t match exactly dialog changes, situtation changes, character changes I can tell that Blish wasn t given final shooting scripts to work with, may even have been give only the story treatments I m sure some Star Trek fan site explains it all, if I cared enough to look I don t need to I m just enjoying myself. These stories are based on the tv series, though sometimes have been changed a bit They are a fast read, not delving into much detail Actually, I almost think some of the stories are better read as stories than a ST episode.Enjoyable and I am ready to start the next one