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An absolute must for Star Wars fans and those interested in movie making, particularly animation and VFX.The storyboards show the evolution of now classic sequences with occasional commentary by the board artists, most prominently Joe Johnston It s fascinating to see how ambitious the first movie in particular was, especially considering how limited VFX technology was And some of the glimpses into sequences that didn t make the final cut are brilliant on their own. Seeing that there s already Star Wars Storyboards The Prequel Trilogy, it s probably not surprising to expect a second book to complete the set.Star Wars Storyboards The Original Trilogy is as thick as the earlier book at 352 pages It s hardcover and the paper quality is nice The storyboards featured are split between Episodes IV, V and VI, with 82, 112 and 142 pages devoted to each respectively These storyboards are of course way older than those from the Prequel Trilogy book Some of the storyboard artists include Joe Johnston, Ralph McQuarrie, Nilo Rodis Jamero, Roy Carnon and There are 15 artists total You can see different drawing styles, and medium such as in pencil, ink, markers and even watercolours.Not every sequence in the film are included of course In this book are mostly those that require visual effects, or action scenes, or the complex sequences It s cool to study the composition and story flow, and the handling of space and perspective is impressive.The art is fantastic Many of the storyboards are drawn quite detailed You can actually make out the designs for the mask that rebels and stormtroopers are wearing Same goes for the many spaceships and robots.It s interesting looking at the storyboards for these three old films Even though the technology supposedly outdated by today s film or sci fi standards, it doesn t feel that way because of the suggestive nature of art.The text only comes in the form of short captions describing the scenes on each page.This is a great artbook that goes well together with the Prequel Trilogy book.Highly recommended to those who love Star Wars and storyboards. [Read Ebook] ⚇ Star Wars Storyboards ♝ For The First Time, Lucasfilm Has Opened Its Archives To Present The Complete Storyboards For The Original Star Wars Trilogy The World Changing A New Hope And Its Operatic Sequels, The Empire Strikes Back And Return Of The Jedi As Well As Never Before Published Art From Early Conceptual And Deleted Scenes From The Opening Chase Above Tatooine In A New Hope To The Battle Of Endor In Jedi, This Book Presents The Visual Inspiration Behind Now Iconic Moments Readers Can Finally See A Full Set Of Storyboards By Legendary Artist Joe Johnston, As Well As Early Boards For Episode IV By Alex Tavoularis And For Episode V By Ivor Beddoes, Rarely Seen Episode VI Boards By Roy Carnon, And Ralph McQuarrie S Never Before Seen Storyboards For Episode V Rick McCallum s contributions as a concept artist to the visual look of Star Wars aren t overstated, but perhaps they diminish the work of storyboard artists that established some of the most iconic shots in the films. A look at the original hand drawn storyboards from the original Star Wars trilogy Some of the artwork is simply superb featuring the likes of Joe Johnston and of course Ralph McQuarrie From each strip you can clearly see how they brought the visions of George Lucas and the various artists to life on the screen Alongside the art are notes from the artists detailing the thoughts and processes behind the boards as well as some storyboards of scenes that didn t make it on screen All you need is John Williams legendary soundtrack score playing in the background when reading this If you love Star Wars then I would recommend getting this hardcover book. One of the most gorgeous geeky coffee table books you are likely to find What is especially fascinating is discovering the earliest vision of the Star Wars characters to say nothing of particular scenes etched in our memory and how different they could have been In particular, the opening storyboards for A New Hope are surprising even disturbingly graphic in the violence they depict On the lighter side, some of the artwork especially facial expressions can be unintentionally hilarious My only gripe is that I would have preferred much text commentary to accompany the visuals, and describe the evolutionary design process in detail Sometimes I want to pick the brain of designers and artists a little , than simply be left to speculate. Don t expect a graphic novel version of the original Star Wars trilogy It s an exploration of the ideas including several that didn t make it into the final drafts The illustrations cover most of the major action sequences but don t hit every scene It s gorgeous and full of trivia and little jokes The blending of lots of different artistic styles especially in the first film gives an interesting perspective for those who know the films well The commentary from the artists sprinkled throughout the book is great, but I wish it had a lot. This book is a follow up to the one which covered the Prequel Trilogy It has the same format, storyboards from each film with commentary by the artists I found this one even better than the previous one, because storyboards were used much readily for the original trilogy There is a lot of great stuff in here Storyboards from original script, as well as things that didn t make it into the films. Superb insight into some early creative development by some very talented people It is great to see the contrast between what could have been and was became Star Wars as we know it Along with some of the original concepts that gave Star Wars the look and feel we have come to know and love I was surprised by some of the graphic detail that was conceptualized but never made it to the big screen I would have liked some notes and text based on how the artists came to these visual concepts the inner workings of their thought process and workings with the Lucas team but then again it was so long ago, who really knows, right It was a good fast read for anyone who wants that nice warm childish feeling that Star Wars gives us, much like when we saw the movie for the 1st time Very nice reading The only problem I see is that it should come joint with the script, and comments should be added about the changes made, the reasons for them, etc.