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Stripped Naked is another fantastic read by the talented Desiree Holt Ms Holt has once again delivered an awesome story loaded with amazing characters This is a fairly quick read, perfect for those with limited time for reading Jinx has left her husband, her job and New York behind and returned home to Rowan County to take over her family newspaper Dillon left his job as homicide lieutenant for San Antonio PD after being shot and is now the sheriff of Rowan County Their story is loaded with drama, humor and smokin hot sex This is a fun read and I loved every page I can t wait to read my next book by Desiree Holt Stripped Naked is book 3 of the Naked Cowboys Series but can be read as a standalone This is a complete book, not a cliff hanger. Jinx Malone takes over as the Publisher of The Hill Country Herald Before moving back, her life in New York had been pretty disastrous So now it is time to put that all behind her and start fresh Dillon Cross was ready for a change so he moved to the quit Rowan County and became the new sheriff After a horrible relationship with a hag of a reporter and then a gunshot wound he is ready for some normalcy Wait dead bodies in ditches aren t normal Rowan County is usually a pretty laid back town with NOTHING going on Well that is all about to change when naked, dead body shows up in a ditch This is when our lovely publisher and sheriff meet and things get crazy If you are looking for some suspense and some steamy romance you def want to check this book out I love Desiree s books and she def did a fabulous job on this one Great series Read out of order, but found the book boring. 4.5 Stars Stripped NakedJinx Malone has come home to Rowan Country after spend several years working in New York Jinx is taking over The Hill Country Herald from her father and keeping a low profile while she put her life back together.Dillon Cross accepted the Sheriff s post in Rowan County after a near fatal shooting and the betrayal of someone close to him made him re evaluate his life Dillon is just getting started in his new role and knows he needs to earn the trust of the Rowan County resident.Dillon and Jinx cross paths at a crime scene and something instantly connects them to each other but neither is ready to admit what that is As time passes and they see of each other it becomes harder to deny what is between them, but they both have secrets and when one of them show up in Rowan County will what they have be worth fighting for and will they be ready to accept the truth. If Jinx Malone had known she would be returning home, divorced from a cheating ex and completely starting over she would have pinched herself Now taking over her families newspaper, Jinx is looking to live a comfortable life single free.However when a body is discovered and she finds herself matching wits with the new Sheriff Dillon Cross Dillon has been burned before by a journalist and he doesn t plan mixing with another one anytime soon, despite the attraction he feels for her Not able to keep their hands off one another, they agree to sex pure and simple, no strings attached Neither one was looking for anything , but both are about to find out they cannot live without one another.Full review on Sensual Readshttp sensualreads.com p 13124 Jinx has returned home to take over the family newspaper and her first call leads her straight to the new hot sheriff, Dillon The chemistry between them is undeniable from the start But neither is in a position to get involved, so they agree to a benefits relationship only.I loved that Jinx was a heel and skirts kind of girl without being a princess She s strong and tenacious as a reporter should be, but flexible when it comes to her private life.Dillon has good reason to avoid relationships, especially with reporters, yet he doesn t come across as shallow or angry He s sexy and very realor is that really sexy Ms Holt is a favorite of mine This is the first Naked Cowboy I ve enjoyed from her, and I m definitely going back to meet the others. Nanee s Review review by upallnightreadallday.blogspot.comHoly shit another hot as hell story from Desiree Holt, this one you WILL need a cool compress lol Dillion the new sheriff in town has his eyes set on a feisty news reporter or not really at first but they re sexual chemistry cannot be ignored Their sex is on fire and each time they do it it only gets hotter Love Jinx s part she s been burned before but even she can t control her bodies desire to be with Dillion They are a hot as hell couple and its just a matter of time they play for keeps with each other Fanning myself Desiree definitely knows how to write a sexy story 5 stars A sexy Sheriff burned by love and betrayal, and a country girl home after 10 years in the city and a living behind a cheating husband will set the pages on fire in their quest for a non committed relationship.But while frantic, wild, combustible sex is fantastic, the heart knows what the heart wants, and you better get onboard or the emotional roller coast will leave you reeling.I loved Jinx and Dillon s characters and their passion was intense {FREE EBOOK} ì Stripped Naked (Naked Cowboys, #3) ð She Didn T Shoot The Sheriff But She D Sure Like To Strip Him Down Naked Cowboys, Book Taking Over As Publisher Of The Hill Country Herald Was Supposed To Help Jinx Malone Put Her Personal And Professional Disasters In New York Behind Her Instead, She S Barely Settled At Her Desk When News Of A Murder Hits The Police ScannerWho Knew Rowan County Could Be This Exciting And Who Knew Her First Story Would Bring Her Into Head Butting, Hormone Pumping Contact With Something That S An Even Bigger Pain In Her Ass Than A Cheating Ex A Know It All Cop Sheriff Dillon Cross Thought Retreating To Rowan Country Would Help Him Get Over A Bad Case Of Burnout But Only A Few Weeks Into His Job, He S Standing Over A Dead Body In A Ditch, Arguing With His Least Favorite Thing A Sexy, In Your Face ReporterBefore They Re Through Buzzing Around Each Other Like Angry Hornets, The Last Thing Either Expected Happens They Re In Bed, Burning Up The Sheets But Is It A New Beginning, Or Just A Bad Rerun Of Past Mistakes Warning This Book Contains A Nekkid Cowboy And Enough Graphic Sex To Singe Your Eye Balls Cool Compresses Recommended Hmmmm This series just keeps getting better Another wonderful romance in Rowan County Texas Ms Holt s Naked Cowboys series are funny, sexy and down to earth Very enjoyable and certainly a must read series Looking forward to the next one.