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~DOWNLOAD EBOOK ⚕ Sugar, Were Going Down (Love Me, Im Famous, #2) ⚒ They Say Nothing Compares To The First Kiss That Sentence Needs To Be Amended Nothing Compares To The First Kiss From Oliver Best I Knew In The Moment Our Lips Touched That The Cocky Rockstar Would Be Forever Imprinted In My Mind I Also Knew That Loving Him Would Be My Destruction And Yet, Love Him I Did Oliver Best, Former Rockstar, Heir To One Of The Largest Fortunes In Great Britain, And The Country S Most Infamous Bad Boy Saylor Blue Carter, College Drop Out, Lead Singer Of A Struggling Band, Not A Penny To Her Name When They Met, It Was Hate At First Sight Oliver Was An Arrogant Ass Saylor Was A Cold Hearted Bitch These Were The Thoughts They Had For Each Other Until That Kiss That Life Altering, Earth Shattering, Nuclear Kiss They Knew What That Kiss Meant They Knew Anything Between Them Would Be Explosive And Without Hope For A Happily Ever After So They Vowed To Forget, They Tried To Stay Away But Now With Their Best Friends Wedding Approaching, All Bets Are Off Warning This Book Ends On A Cliffhanger The Sequel Will Be Published On June , Loving it I am really loving this series and it s cast of characters Saylor has got to be my favorite Her loyalty to her friends, the protectiveness Her story is heart wrenching I really love of feistiness Her resolve considering her circumstances is very heart breaking She has found unexpected love but runs away What will happen next Can t wait for the next installment to find out.Oliver is a sexy manwhore He is afraid of love and I don t know why yet but can t wait to find out why The thing is he has found it in Saylor but she did a runner I love his humor, sexiness, and his heart Can these two find a happily ever after Well guess what we get to wait on the next book and hopefully questions will be answered.So thank you for keeping this avid reader entertained.Thanks Jamie Nibarger Ellis Saylor and Oliver s story was made up of denial, heartbreak, friendships, and a lot of off the charts chemistry Neither of them wanted to get into a relationship past what a week of fun could give them anyway that s how it started Oliver is a famous rock star who is playing best man at his friend s wedding and said friend is getting married to Saylor s best friend which is making her the maid of honor Their first meeting sparks flew and you wouldn t think that they could be in the same room long enough for their friends to say their vows Then the kiss happened Enough said.Saylor had a major life change coming and she didn t want to take Oliver down with her so what should she do Saylor s main idea was to give her and Oliver the one week before she would have to walk away Be prepared because this is a cliffhanger and boy, does it leave you hanging I can t wait to continue with Saylor and Oliver s story.I received this book as an ARC for a freely given honest review. Sugar, We re Going Down is the 3rd in the Love Me, I m Famous series, but stands alone for the most part Oliver, bad boy, womanizing former rock star boy band member, best friend of Sebastian Wonderwall Saylor, kickass heroine, lead singer of an up and coming band, best friend of Liv Wonderwall They first met when their two best friends hooked up It was hate at first sight with some lust thrown in, especially on Oliver s side Now, they re thrown together to help plan Liv and Sebastian s wedding and damn, do those sparks fly I love, love Saylor, I can t even tell you how much She s strong, kind, a kickass fighter and survivor, and loyal as hell Oliver was harder for me to connect to, mostly because of his arrogance, but in his heart he s a sweet guy just waiting for the right woman Saylor to come along, knock him on his ass and bring him to his knees Their relationship is all kinds of sexy, and I just knew it wasn t going to be easy for them, and it wasn t And damn, that cliffhanger came out of nowhere Yep, I said cliffhanger, everyone, so if those aren t your thing, then wait until all three yes, 3 parts are released before reading It was nice to see Owen and Kimberly again my favorite couple in this wonderful world MH has created , but Sugar, We re Going Down is Saylor and Oliver s story Now, if the second and third parts of this story would hurry up and magically appear on my Kindle, I d be a happy, happy woman I received an ARC through NetGalley for an honest review. Received as an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This was a steamy, short read I didn t realize it would end on a cliffhanger, but now I can t wait to read the rest of the story Oliver and Saylor s story is full of ups and downs, and my heart broke for them in a few places All in all, it was an entertaining read and I can t wait to find out the rest copy received courtesy of Netgalley for reviewI have not read the previous book in the series, but I think this can read as a standalone You do not need the previous book but the characters are so interesting that I really am going to go back and pick it up Saylor and Oliver meet in the previous book and we can guess that the meeting did not go well In this book, Saylor and Oliver connect again when they each are chosen as best man and maid of honor for their friends wedding the attraction is off the charts and Oliver does everything he can to maneuver the situation Saylor tries to resist, but not really Saylor is strong, sassy and loyal to a fault She does what she thinks is necessary to protect her friends Oliver is loyal to his friends, but he came off as somewhat of a jerk Even then, you really have to like him He is the typical manwhore until he reconnects with Saylor He is a little confused by his behavior but just rolls with it They both have secrets We find out what Saylor s secret is, but Oliver is struggles with being honest with his own conscious This story does end in a cliffhanger which makes me have to wait for the next installment I still recommend the story The writing is pretty good and the characters are great. I loved this It s a mix of Colleen Hoover, Abbi Glines, and Simone Elkeles The chemistry between Saylor and Oliver kept me reading and addicted and I can t wait to continue their story That cliff hanger was intense I would give five stars but there were a few parts that felt too animated for my liking but otherwise it was just a fantastic book and I feel it needs recognition. A compelling read with twists, turns, surprises, secrets and past demons The cliffhanger ending will leave you wanting.I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. Sugar We re Going DownM.H SoarsArg I hate cliffhangers I don t want to wait to find out what happens But this was a great book Started off strong and now I can t wait to read the next one So the author has done an awesome job with this one This was my first M.H Soars book and it def won t be my last I didn t read book 1 of this series so I was a little confused at some parts but that was my fault for not reading in order This is Saylor and Oliver s story Saylor is Olivia s maid of honor and Oliver is Sebastian s best man Oliver comes off as basically a douche but he grows on you over time Saylor can t seem to say no to him no matter how hard she tries Super cute romance between them But I will have to wait till the next book to find out if they make it as a couple I would def recommend this series to add to your tbr list Thank you NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for a fair review. I was so stoked to find out Saylor and Oliver would be happening that I devoured this book in one night This book took me on a rollercoaster ride of feels and ASDFHGJKLASD I CAN T WAIT FOR THE SECOND PART OF THEIR STORY 3