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I bought this book fully expecting that I would be disappointed I was surprised that the writing was as good as it was I d say it is better than average free amateur bdsm short stories Of course, depraved as I am, I kind of like asylum related erotica, specifically the extreme bondage aspects So, despite the shallow characterizations and hurried plot, I sat back and let myself be thumped along over the horrific atrocities applied to the heroine of the book At one point, I even found a sense of sympathy and I was rooting for her Actually, I guess, shallow characterizations are best in the story, because emotional involvement would have been disturbing In the end, my main emotion was anger and it was not manifested from the author s foray into the creative realm, but rather erupted from the realization that the end of the story occurred at the 70% complete mark Note As the author pointed out in comments, the word length is listed in the book s description The remaining content contained previews of other books which I will not be buying So, instead of the 5 cent per page I was reluctantly spending, I was tricked into paying an abominable 7 cents per page How utterly disappointing.Oh, well Such is the beauty of capitalism And so, it is my duty as a consumer to express that this business model did not work for me at all. I wasn t sure I d actually enjoy this one I read it from the perspective of someone who knows Sabrina through her slightly weird femdom and fetish books This isn t erotic, well, I tell a lie, there are little bits which are slightly erotic, but most of it isn t.Despite this, I really enjoyed the story I enjoyed it so much I referenced it, making it seem like it happened at the same time as my book The Photographer Female Domination, Forced Feminization, BDSM Male Chastity.I know Sabs wanted to do a straight jackets story, but I wasn t entirely sure she could work the theme into a story I mean it s pretty thin as a topic What she does though is weave a tale about a maybe slightly sadistic psychiatric nurse, who gets her comeuppance when an ex patient loses the plot, captures her and decides to treat her to the same sort of brutal treatment she d received, in an old abandoned asylum.I loved the straight jackets and padded cells, and psychiatric treatments, it reminded me a bit of a saw film The fact that it was an old abandoned asylum and a psychiatric patient gone mad meant the treatments could be extreme, there was no safety net for Maria.The end is not erotic, it s pretty horrible for all involved It reminds me somewhat of why I personally have something of a mild phobia of psychiatric treatment I can t vouch for the accuracy of psychiatric treatment in this book, but Sabs definitely captures the essence of psychiatry phobia in it. ^FREE PDF ☞ Terror Asylum ☞ Marie Is A Psychiatric Nurse, Working On A Secure Unit Which Detains Patients When They Ve Been Sectioned Under The Mental Health Act She S Generally Been Kind And Considerate To Patients Over The Years, But When Some Patients Were Naughty And Not Co Operative, Refusing Medication Or Simply Not Doing As They Were Told, She D Occasionally Resorted To Sedation And Restraint As A Punitive Measure One Night, After Work, When Leaving The Unit She Has A Sinister Sensation That Someone Is Following Her When She S Chloroformed And Kidnapped, She Wakes Up In A Cell In An Old Abandoned Insane Asylum, Wearing A Straightjacket Who Has Captured Her What Tortures Do They Have In Store For Her It Quickly Becomes Clear, Marie Has Been Captured By A Deranged Ex Patient, Who Is Hell Bent On Revenge, Determined To Punish Marie For Her Abuse Of Authority, In A Style Which Reflects The Crime The Abuse Of Patients In A Psychiatric Unit As Marie Spends Longer And Longer Isolated And Restrained In A Padded Cell, Treated As A Patient, Forcibly Drugged And , She Starts To Feel Like A Patient And Has To Fight To Retain Her Identity Few, Opportunities To Escape Do Arise, And When You Re Restrained And Hung Over From Being Drugged, It S Surely Only A Matter Of Time Before You End Up Back In Your Padded Cell, Terrified Of What Torture Your Captor Has Lined Up For You Next When A Wandering Urban Explorer Stumbles Upon Your Locked Padded Cell, It Seems Like You Might Have One Last Throw Of The Dice, One Last Bid For Freedom With Her Sinister, Deranged Captor Determined To Destroy Marie S Mind Though, It S Still Not Certain, Marie Will Ever Escape The Terror Asylum With Her Life, Or Her Mind Intact Warning This Horror Story Contains Scenes Of Kidnap, Torture And Confinement It Also Contains Scenes Which Are Sexual In Nature Suitable For Only The Practices, Policies And Style Of Psychiatric Patient Care In This Story Is Not Intended To Reflect Current Procedures And Policies In Any Country And Should Be Treated As Entirely Fictional Saddleton Brook Lunatic Asylum Is A Fictional Setting, Any Similarities With Real Psychiatric Hospitals Are Coincidence The Psychiatric Unit Which Marie Works At Is Also Entirely Fictional, Any Similarities With Real Psychiatric Units Are CoincidenceThis Story Is Approximately , Words Long, Not Including The Additional Information Provided Or The Promotional Descriptions Of The Author S Other Works