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I think Conner suffers from guilt then grief I don t see any grief from any character in this book over Riley s death Lane declared his love for Riley many times, I just don t understand how he can turn it off and not even grieve There really is no mention of how Lane took Riley s death in this book It was like their love never existed Lane was one of my favourite characters, not so much now Disappointed over how the storyline with Riley, Lane, Gresh and Conner ended. I liked how we got closure for all the couples who featured in this series Great that the guys became fathers and that the epilogue took us 10 years into the future and to see the kids growing up.However, I was confused as to the bit with Grant in the Bahamas and really dont understand the purpose of that I know Matthew is in Colorado so we can only assume he is part of the Colorado series. I loved this last book in the series, and I d give it 4.5 stars I m stingy with my 5 stars It tied up the stories of the two main couples Gresh Lane and Jamie Kip , as well as Connor s deep and painful mourning of Riley until he with the help of Mike discovers a new and better future The introduction of Grant, Matthew and the Wild Bluff Ranch made me curious about reading this new spin off series coming later this year. Series review Some parts were better than others, and for a lot of this series I was cursing and wanting to throw my iPad, but I read the lot I still can t believe I did a wee bit of skimming involved don t think i missed much Like a train crash needed to see it all play out for some godforsaken reason The end of book 5 had me so close to giving it a 1, for the lot, I was so cranky But seeing as I was drawn along for the whole ride I will average it at 2 But it was JUST okay. Note This review is for the series and as such, does not contain a lot of detail about the plot because it would be way too spoilerish If you want to know about the specifics of each book, check out the blurbs.The Texas Soul series consists of six books which I pretty much read back to back The series starts with Texas Rough which focuses on one couple, Lane and Gresham, and is largely set on Gresh s family ranch where Lane is the foreman It also introduces another main character, Riley, who falls hard and fast for Lane This first book is fast moving with lots of multiple storylines There are themes of coming out and comfort hurt with large amounts of drama and even larger amounts of sex The second book, Texas Hard, focuses on Riley as he deals with his feelings for Lane but meets and falls for Connor who is a Texas Ranger This story brings in some elements of bondage as Riley takes a dominant role in his relationship with Connor Falling in love happens so quickly, as in the first book, that it is hard to believe that Riley really knows his own heart and it is amazing how open these men are in discussing their feelings Once again, lots of drama, largely driven by insane amounts of jealousy as the story and relationships get complicated I liked the story but did find the edition of the book I was reading had some annoying editing spelling issues There was also reference to speaking Brazilian in Brazil I thought they spoke Portuguese.Texas Twist sees things get even complicated We are introduced to a new romance as Connor s Texas Ranger partner moves to the ranch to recover from the trauma of his abduction He falls for Sterling, one of the ranch hands Sterling finally acknowledges he may be gay as he has such as strong reaction to Erick The believability is a bit lacking as his actions dont seem those of a relucant gay man He is pretty physical with Erick, demonstrative and once again discussing feelings This new relationship is not the primary focus of the book The Lane Gresh Riley Connor relationship plays a really key role in this book.The soap opera feel continues as Jung Hwa Jump joins the story in Texas Branded Jump comes to the ranch in search of his father He not only finds family but finds love with the local deputy The love in the story is sweet and gushy with poetic language and once again this couple are very open with their emotions, articulating their feelings for each other The relationship development also continues the theme of fast, fast, fast love and proposals all happening really quickly The relationships of all the previous couples continue to weave in and out of the book and things really ramp up with a cliffhanger ending Luckily I didn t have to wait and could launch into the next book straight away If I d read this book when it was first released and had to wait for the next book I would have been really annoyed as I don t have the patience for this kind of thing Texas Desire is the fifth book in the series and the drama hit new heights Lots of heartbreak and angst, hospitals and deathbeds, emotional declarations, rejection, pain and loss The new couple, Kip and Jamie, play a role but largely take a backseat to the emotional story line being played out between the original four characters.And finally, Texas Legacy concludes the story Once again, there is very much a soap opera feel to the story with the overlapping stories of each of the characters There is lots of heartbreak but also happiness as new love is found and families started It was nice to see the final conclusion and know what happens to each of the couples The epilogue jumps ahead ten years and provides closure My main issue with this final book was the resolution of the story line introduced in the prologue The prologue deals with the previously unknown and unrelated Wild Bluff Ranch and then the character from the prologue turns up later in the book in a relatively stand alone fashion with a story line that is unresolved I now understand from the author s blog that this will be a spin off series but when I first ended the book the inclusion of the story line seemed a complete mystery to me.So overall I actually enjoyed the series It was pure escapism and really over the top at times I have mentioned a soap opera feel but I think I must have been in the mood for reading something like this and I quite enjoyed the drama, the romance and the complications Probably my main complaint not that it is really a complaint as such was that it was too full of sex There seemed to be sex on every second page The guys just seemed to alternate between sharing deep emotions and then doing each other I was also totally impressed with the price point, each book in the series only being 0.99 from.3.5 stars for the seriesI now publish all my m m reviews on my blog so if you want to see all my m m reviews in one place come visit at Because Two Men Are Better Than One Too damn sensitive and mushy Everyone was like Iloveyou Iloveyou Ineedyou Marryme life is so great love,love,love. Loved it An amazing end to the Texas Soul series I absolutely loved Gresh and Lane and all the men of the ranch Going to miss them all now that the series is over Loved it Can t wait to start the Colorado series next. Te end to a geat seriesThese books just blew me away They were so jam packed full of love, tragedy, heartache and hot gay guys. {Free Epub} ⛏ Texas Legacy (Texas Soul, #6) · Connor S Grief Threatens To Overwhelm Him As He Turns To The Bottle, Shoving Everyone Away When Mike Jarred Bangs On His Door, Demanding Connor Join The Living, Connor Tells Him To Piss Off Mike Won T Abandon His Friend And Stays, Demanding Connor Change With Mike In His Business, Connor Has No Choice But To Get Sober But He Can T Stay Away From The Bottle ForeverKip Fears That Jamie Will Realize That His Trip Over To The Male Side Of His Bi Sexuality Is Over And He Ll Want A Girl His Worst Fears Are Realized When He Follows Jamie, Finding Him At Dinner With A Beautiful Woman Worse, When Kip Confronts Them He Realizes The Lady Is Pregnant And She Doesn T Hesitate To Announce That Jamie Is The FatherLane And Gresh Find A Surrogate Willing To Have Their Baby All Seems Great Until The Surrogate Figures Out Gresh Is Too Ill To Care Properly For A Child With Their Baby Lost To Them, Lane Is Depressed He Cheers Up Only After Meeting Two Orphan Boys, Wondering If They Could Become Part Of His Family What a great way to end the series Seeing all the couples happy where they are at I recommend reading the Colorado Heart series after this one You ll be glad you did.