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Another writing book Thought I was going to read a third one, but I ll stop for now I m reading these mainly for the fact I have writer s block These books might help my grammar my weakness I found this one easier to read than Elements of Style It doesn t read like a textbook and it haswit They are both equally as good and helpful. I ve read Paula s book several times now There is not much to it, just 12 guidelines to writing well and lots of examples I love some of Paula s legal or political examples of bad writing I really wish we could hire about 10,000 Paula LoRocque s to start going through our ridiculously wordy, incomprehensibly obtuse legal system and translating our laws into clear, understandable English The Constitution and its amendments meet that standard, but I ve seen precious few other examples LaRocque s genius is that each chapter is small and easy, so that she can explain one rule fully and show a lot of before and after examples A few of her rules avoid jargon, keep sentences short, and cut wordiness Once again, see our legal system for a primer on how to do the opposite This was a key book for me in college and when I began my professional writing career.Once you ve read this book, a simple review of the table of contents is enough to refresh the ideas in your memory Paula also adds 10 principles of telling stories and three chapters on English mechanics I did not find these quite as helpful, but they are still well written and may be helpful for some readers. This piece of nonfiction inspired me to rethink the writing of my essays and emails, let alone my fiction All in all a solid piece that I will continue to reference as I compose any sort of work This is good to have on hand for any fiction or academic writer looking to delve further than what English class teaches you about the actual craft of writing. A much recommended book onThe first part of the book is quite basic Use simple words, vary the length of sentences and the like The momentum picks up in the 2nd part where there is some insightful advice on building character, building tension, and the perennial showing vs telling There is nothing new about the advice but the examples bring it to life I enjoyed the Part 3 handbook on correct use of the language there were plenty of surprises there. Writing well is an asset that shouldn t be overlooked Reading material is dry but beneficial. i like this This book has a lot of useful writing suggestions Is it the ultimate book No, that sof a marketing thing But I will say it inspired me to writeand with greater quality I think everyone should take pride in their daily lives knowing how to convey verbal information clearly is important It s pretty easy to see how writing well is useful.The last few chapters on grammar were a little dry, true However, all the other chapters were lively and engaging The advice given was accompanied by examples, providing the reader with plenty of opportunities to make the ideas stick Educational, inspirational, and well written. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to read this book, and I only wish I had read it before starting college it would have made things go muchsmoothly, I m sure Part 1 A Dozen Guidelines to Good WritingI learned so much from just the first twelve chapters that I stopped reading for a while and started going through my blog posts to see where I could make themreadable and concise My favorite passage in this section comes from chapter 2, which is entitled Avoid Pretensions, Gobbledygook, and Euphemisms The fact is that there isn t anything very intelligent about pretentious and abstract writing To the contrary, one hallmark of intellect is the ability to simplify, to make the complex easy to understand Anyone can be unclear Part 2 StorytellingThe middle chapters in this book concern themselves with the deeper issues of what makes up a compelling story LaRocque gives clear, helpful explanations of archetypes and major story types, as well as discussing how to create word pictures using a variety of tools, including metaphors, similes and irony.I was especially interested in her advice on writing versus editing, since I often fall into the trap of jumping into a blog post without much planning and then editing as I go instead of getting everything out on paper first How much easier would it be following this advice Before laying hand to keyboard, you write a sentence that captures the essence of the whole piece of section or chapter.Then you make a brief, informal outline that includes beginning, middle, and end Sit down and write like mad, allowing no distraction, answering no phone, checking no fact Stifle the impulse to edit as you write You ll lose momentum if you do She also recommends reading your work aloud when you are ready to edit, as this makes it easier to find the bumpy parts that need a bit of polishing.Part 3 Language and Writing MechanicsAs someone who has always enjoyed the details of grammar and punctuation, I had a lot of fun reading these last few chapters of the book And I even learned a number of things that I either didn t know or had wondered about.I greatly appreciate LaRocque dispelling some common myths, specifically those about not splitting an infinitive or a verb phrase and not ending a sentence with a preposition She also answered some questions I had about the use of the serial comma, which has been quite helpful already Whether you write for publication or for pleasure, I would highly recommend this book to anyone wishing to improve their writing style.