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A really great resource for boys hitting puberty written with humor, solid information good advice And the bare minimum yes, I know that s a pun of graphic line drawings of private parts. Got it because pretty soon we ll need to have the talk with our son This book doesn t cover sex at all It sof a this is what happens when puberty hits book More info about grooming, hygiene, doing well in school, having good relationships with parents and stuff like that Good info, but not a book that teaches the birds and the bees. @READ DOWNLOAD ä The Boy's Body Book : Everything You Need to Know for Growing Up YOU × As Boys Reach Adolescence, Everything Changes Their Bodies, Their Feelings, And Their Relationships Their World Turns Shaky Just When They Find It Hardest To Talk With The Adults In Their Lives But Even If They Won T Say What S On Their Mind, They Still Want Straight Answers The Boy S Body Book Provides Them, In A Readable, Reassuring, And Illustrated Guide It Covers A Boy S Every Concern Hygiene, Exercise, Teachers, Peer Pressure, Sex, And Siblings He Ll Learn About What S Going On Physically Vocal Changes, Body Hair And How To Handle Academic Pressures, Deal With Out Of Control Feelings, Make New Friends, And Stay Safe Through It All This Invaluable Manual Is Modeled After The Blockbuster American Girl Title, The Care And Keeping Of You Boys Haven T Had Thier Equivalent And Parents, Teachers And Booksellers Have Been Demanding One Here It Is And Every Boy Should Own It I reviewed this book here Thank goodness I found this book It s written for 10 and up boys, but I think it answered some of my questions too As a mom of two boys, I don t always know how to answer their questions or understand what is going on right in front of me I definitely knownow Can t wait to share it with my oldest. Picked this up for my 8 year old to help with discussing his hygiene habits, but I will wait until he is closer to 10 to discuss the rest of the book because it deals with pre adolescence I was impressed with the writing and positive tone of the book and highly recommend for boys 10 I have been searching to the boys counterpart to the very popular American Girl book The Care and Keeping of You , and this is the closest thing I ve found. Good read for boys that are getting ready to enter that awkward time of life Written to give them a head s up that they need deodorant, they re going to feel weird, and they ll want to sleepFor those wondering, the details of sex are not included. Some topics dealt with are hygeine, peer pressure, puberty, divorce, siblings, getting a part time job, and so on It skims the surface on these subjets It never gets really deep It does NOT cover sex at all. Don t Care for This Book but do read onMy son just turned 11 He s a kid kid, a boy who is still fairly oblivious about any kind of teen issues, but as he s moving on to Middle School and will increasingly be out of mom and dad s parental sphere, it is definitely time to begin talking about the changes he and his body will be going through.So we purchased this book, and I have to tell you that I DON T LIKE IT.The first thing I didn t like was that negativity in the Introduction It was all about being afraid to ask questions , not being able to talk to your parents , being ignorant , being laughed at , and feeling awkward Now some kids might feel that way and the book may serve them well by taking such an approach But my kids 13 11 still talk to me and talk and talk and talk and I don t really appreciate introducing negative notions that they may not have thought of otherwise.Another thing I disliked was how jumpy the dialog seemed to be I read the The Care and Keeping of You 1 The Body Book for Younger Girls, Revised Edition with my daughter and it didn t have the same frenetic approach In Chapter One, for example, the book discusses, Smell, Baths, Getting Dressed, Lotion, How Deodorant works, washing your hands, what a germ is, Shampooing hair, what conditioner is for, ear care, how loud noise can hurt your hearing, zits, washing your face, shaving, brushing your teeth, going to the dentist, braces, smelly feet, what Athlete s Feet is, Drinking, Smoking, and Drugs, Steroids, sleep, and wetting the bed A lot for one chapter, and though related in topic, you have to know that each of these subjects were presented in the order I listed them,.AND they were in different text bubbles I felt like I had whiplash at the end of the first chapter.AND then there s the lack of diagrams Girls books are chocked full of images of girl bodies Girls and how they look at different stages of development How their chest grows, their body hair This book, one tiny not too realistic drawing.Which ties into the fact that words were used that some boys aren t going to know the definitions of I d list them here, but then the review probably wouldn t post But generally speaking, I was hoping for a book that would parallel the girl books we ve purchased, that would talk about hair growth, hormones, and girl boy relationships in less frivolous manner.SoThis book might be great for your son It covers a lot of material, and so it might get a conversation going But I really thought it was off base for what I was looking for Something withemphasis on biology, and less emphasis on finding friends after you move, and money, and what he might be when he grows up. NOTES 8 12 year old audience No mention of HPV, masturbation, LGBT, or consent p 92 This is a time in your life when you are exploring relationships and getting to know yourself better Nice no gendered language, although the accompanying illustration shows a boy and a girl.Super tame, mostly hygiene and school family coping.