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In this deceptively simple adventure quest story, David Litwick manages to create a rich theocracy, its opposition and raises many valuable philosophical questions.Set in a dystopian future where society lives peacefully and simply by following the rules of the Temple of Light, three friends accidentally stumble upon an ancient quest that will overthrow the Temple and allow society to reclaim the lost knowledge and technology of the past The world Litwick creates is rich and believable and he manages to paint us a picture of the religious views of his characters skillfully, building layers and drip feeding The information he imparts is done without taking away from the narrative itself or resorting to a several page essay laying out their ideals This novel is thought provoking pushing the reader to question what price they would pay for peace, how important human ambition is, and what are the boundaries of loyalty among others Although there is a clear good guy the seekers and bad guy vicars from the Temple of Light Litwick paints both sides sympathetically and allows the good guys to have faults, doubts and no clear pre set fervor so that the reader is able to see all sides of the theological arguments without prejudice and make up their own minds.I m intrigued to read the next one and will definitely be looking at his other works There is little action in the book and it issuited to fans of the Giver Quartet rather the Hunger Games Trilogy. I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway that was hosted by the author I was pretty excited upon receiving the email I had won it I am a avid reader of all Dystopia books and this sounded greatThe Children of Darkness, by David Litwack , wasn t the typical Dystopia I prefer to read My excitement to read this book quickly wavered once I reached the third fourth chapter It started off slow, slower than what I normally consider tolerable for the start of a book.Thoughts on the story and characters.Nathaniel, Orah and Thomas were nice characters, but, at times they annoyed me I think it had a lot to do with how the author created the structure of how they communicated with one another ExamplesOrah to Nathaniel Nathaniel of Little Pond, I think this may work The vicors to Orah Orah of Little Pond who s name means Light They spoke like this through out the book and it highly annoyed me The book is set in the future in a modest community where there is no cars or electronics in the world, I felt the way the backdrop of the town and the attire of how the characters where described to dress felt medieval I feel the author would of been better not making it a dystopia and setting it back in a medieval time instead I m not going to lie, I did struggle reading this due to these minor factors I would of much rather it as a adventure novel There were times when I really enjoyed this book and would start to think okay this is going to get really good, something major is about to happen, but nothing too drastic ever happen and.That disappointed me The author would build and build a scene up and then BAMB nothing too exciting ended up happening There was also a lot of wondering through the woods that also annoyed me The conversation between the characters wasn t enough to carry the story either They did have a nice friendship but nothing rememberable I did want to like this book BELIEVE ME I DID But there was so many times I was let down with it.I gave the book 3 5 simply because the story line was good but it lacked in other areas. @Read ⛓ The Children of Darkness à But What Are We Without Dreams A Thousand Years Ago The Darkness Came A Terrible Time Of Violence, Fear, And Social Collapse When Technology Ran Rampant But The Vicars Of The Temple Of Light Brought Peace, Ushering In An Era Of Blessed Simplicity For Ten Centuries They Have Kept The Madness At Bay With Temple Magic, And By Eliminating Forever The Rush Of Progress That Nearly Caused The Destruction Of Everything Childhood Friends, Orah And Nathaniel, Have Always Lived In The Tiny Village Of Little Pond, Longing For From Life But Unwilling To Challenge The Rigid Status Quo When Their Friend Thomas Returns From The Temple After His Teaching The Secret Coming Of Age Ritual That Binds Young Men And Women Eternally To The Light They Barely Recognize The Broken And Brooding Young Man The Boy Has Become Then When Orah Is Summoned As Well, Nathaniel Follows In A Foolhardy Attempt To Save Her In The Prisons Of Temple City, They Discover A Terrible Secret That Launches The Three On A Journey To Find The Forbidden Keep, Placing Their Lives In Jeopardy, For A Truth From The Past Awaits That Threatens The Foundation Of The Temple If They Reveal That Truth, They Might Once Again Release The Potential Of Their People Yet They Would Also Incur The Temple S Wrath As It Is Written If There Comes Among You A Prophet Saying, Let Us Return To The Darkness, You Shall Stone Him, Because He Has Sought To Thrust You Away From The Light I reviewed this book from the author in exchange for a honest review I enjoyed this story It did start off a little slow but I found myself hooked to their journey After I finished even though it started slow it made perfect sense It was actually set up perfect for the tasks they had to endure It is a great dystopia in a backwards world I am eager to see what comes next It made me think about giving one group too much power It also teaches you to ask questions I plan on reading the rest of the series. A wonderful book about how the people are brought out of the temple of light to a new beginning of the civilization of seeking the truth about life. Children of Darkness is a re written There Comes a Prophet by David Litwack I loved the first version, so when Mr Litwack offered the revised one in exchange for an honest review, I accepted Great dystopian fantasy Well developed characters, and a great story I really can t remember having any issues with the first version, but this one seemed a littlerounded out No swearing or sexual content I can recommend for ages 14 and up The main characters in the book are teens I give it five stars again I loved it I received a free digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion.To begin with, it took me a while to get into the book It usually doesn t take me that much time to accept a new world and its characters so I can say that I struggled a bit with this one, mainly because our main characters Orah, Nathanial and Thomas spoke in a too perfect English which for some reason gave me the Shakespearean feels Trust me, I enjoy reading a well written book but not when it comes to formal conversations between what we call teenagers nowadays However, I accepted it at some point by keeping in mind that these characters live in a complete different era and that the casual English has been left behind thousands of years ago when the Darkness fell upon the world.The whole idea of this book intrigued me and made me continue reading, I enjoyed following their journey of finding the truth and liked how each character matured by the end of the book Let s start off with Thomas, my favourite character Thomas is the sort of character who s not interested in taking anything seriously, he sinterested in anything that s edible, so imprison him in a kitchen and he ll be just fine He s so full of life and he s just the sort of person you d always want to be around When the Temple of Light takes him for a teaching, we re introduced to a frightened and weak Thomas, however he surprises us with his bravery and courage later on As for Nathanial, two words are enough to describe his personality, the dreamer. Without him, there would be no journey of finding the truth in the first place Orah is the feisty and don t you dare stop me character, what is it with red haired people, seriously Let s just say she s got a bit of Hermione in her And while all the characters played an important role, I still believe that she s the one whose presence made a big difference I also liked how the author gave each of the characters a chance to shine.If there s anything that I wasn t satisfied with, it was the lack of action I was expecting a real battle by the end of the book and that just didn t happen I honestly didn t like how everything happened so easily without a struggle, yes I know the characters already struggled enough when it came to making sense of the rhyme and finding the truth but that still doesn t mean to make it an easy ending I WANTED SOME ACTION FOR LIGHT S SAKE See what I did there Ahm, excuse me I hope that happens in the second book, I m not asking for bloodshed, I just want a strong confrontation between them and the people of Temple of Light Overall, the ending had a good part but also a disappointing part to it, I ll leave it at that and you ll know what I mean when you read the book The author s done an exceptional job of making the characters so relatable aside from their too perfect English by proving that a person s decisions can t always be right and that mistakes are bound to happen I appreciate the message he delivered, that it doesn t matter if you re just a teenager in the eyes of others, doesn t matter that you re just someone from a small village in this massive world, because you can make a difference in this world, you can stand up and not be afraid to tell the world what you personally believe and think, you can make an end to what is wrong, you can make your dreams come true, if only you believe in them And in yourself.A few lines which I couldn t help but highlight Orah being funny with Nathanial He stood out of view, blocked by the boulder, so she shouted across to him, If you fall, Nathanial, you better die, because if not, I m coming down to kill you I m what they fear most the truth So here will I stay forever What good are dreams if they stay unfulfilled I got this book as an ARC in exchange of an honest review.I totally loved this book After reading so many dsytopian books, I was not really looking forward to yet another dsytopian future book and I constantly kept comparing The Children Of Darkness with books like The Giver and Divergent series and to an extent, this book was quite similar to those books, but it had its own distinct uniqueness The book started off as all dsytopian books do, explaining the rules that the world follows and how people are chosen by the Temple of Light, ruling power of the world, for teaching Teachings were simply a display of the horrors of our world, i.e of the past All the good things on this time were hidden from them This story tells us about the journey of Nathaniel, Orah and Thomas of Little Pond, who become the seekers of truth, traveling all over the place in search of the keep The Keep is something that can overthrow the power of Temple and enlighten all the people with the truth The book is divided into 4 parts and hence I felt it was a bit long But the book is written in such a great way that I couldn t keep it down once I started reading it I would have preferred the main treasure hunt part to have beenelaborate and a bit difficult for 3 people who are said to have been of age They seemed to be getting their work done a bit too easily at times Since the book is completely clean and with not much romance stuff, it is a really good book for 13 yr old and up young adults Also, this book is the first book of The Seekers trilogy, and I surely will read the remaining of the books A little slow to start but interesting and intriguing non the less I loved the idea of the plot A thousand years ago the Darkness came a terrible time of violence, fear, and social collapse when technology ran rampant But the vicars of the Temple of Light brought peace, ushering in an era of blessed simplicity For ten centuries they have kept the madness at bay with temple magic, and by eliminating forever the rush of progress that nearly caused the destruction of everything In other words, a devastating war happened The Temple of Light was created where the Vicars kept everything secret and only thought people what they wanted to teach The Vicars word was law and if you questioned anything, you were taken for a teaching Those taken were different when they were brought back Creativity and Curiosity were not allowed and people lived a simple life Nathaniel, Orah and Thomas have always been friends All have questioned if the Vicars are right, though never in pubic It s when Thomas is taken for a teaching that Nathaniel and Orah really begin to question things Then Orah is taken and Nathaniel goes to save her While there they discover a terrible secret that launches the three on a journey to find the forbidden keep, placing their lives in jeopardy, for a truth from the past awaits that threatens the foundation of the Temple If they reveal that truth, they might once again release the potential of their people Yet they would also incur the Temple s wrath as it is written If there comes among you a prophet saying, Let us return to the darkness, you shall stone him, because he has sought to thrust you away from the Light I m not saying anything else about the plot because I don t want to ruin it, so all I ll say is that it s unique and interesting The characters were all fleshed out and well written I liked Orah and Nathaniel but thought Thomas needed to beadventurous At times he came across as an after thought and wasn t really compelling In all this was an engaging read It s not action packed but kind of plods along, which I found weird at first because most of the dystopian books I ve read have a lotaction, but it works for this book This is a story of discovery, of finding yourself and breaking free from your bonds The 3 youngsters try to do what s best for their people, but is it truly what they need The ending left us with that question, so I definitely need to read the next one I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant about reading this book I m not usually a sci fi fan, but something about it was calling out to me, plus I ve found a bunch of surprisingly good books from the Juniper Grove Book Solutions library, and I just couldn t pass this one up while it was available I m so glad I went with my hunch because this book was amazing It sucked me in right from the beginning, and I had a really hard time figuring out why it was even sci fi in the first place There are no aliens No time travel But I feel like even telling how it is sci fi is kind of a spoiler, so I guess you will just have to read and find out the way that I did It was pretty awesome But yeah, no aliens, time travel, or robots Haha Which is good, because I m not into any of those things The three main characters are portrayed so awesomely, and I love how the story doesn t focus on just one, but it manages to encompass all three of them in just the right proportions Not one of them is dominant, and they all play a vital role in the progression of the story There are so many amazing themes hidden within this story Politics and religion, friendship, family, truth vs protection of innocence I can t get over how surprisingly deep this story was Just the kind of sci fi I needed to get my hands on A well earned five stars from me