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The story was fairly interesting and characters were over the top Language was horrible. I read listened to the audiobook version for this entire series I believe this added to my enjoyment, because I liked the narrator s accent It was a very personable, homey, southern accent that fit in well with the story.The story was fairly interesting, but I think it sa vehicle for the humor, sort of like the Douglas Adams books I loved some of the terms he used to describe various people and places Some of the reviewers seemed to miss the point with the humor, and commented on the story being boring, or the characters doing dumb things I suggest they try to obtain a sense of humor, and don t take everything so seriously Absent that, they need to becareful about what they read. [E-pub] ♗ Contrary Blues ♖ Welcome To Contrary, West Virginia, Where A Misplaced Decimal Point That S SentDepartment Of Transportation Buses Instead Of Two Followed By A Federal Auditor Who S Clearly Out Past His Depth Ignites This Laid Back, Quietly Criminous Shaggy Dog Story Tom Leitch 1st in a series Interesting characters. I enjoy John s writing style and I liked this plot.Can t wait to follow this character s further adventures, possibly in California.I borrowed a copy of this book from the public library. This is the author s first mystery He has written two other fiction stories about W Va mines and life in the area Contrary is a small town with the most interesting characters sketched through a deep understanding of the dialogue of the area and how small town folks stick together Owen Allison, our hero in the story is out of his element as a statistician out of Washington checking on a grant for a bus system How the twon uses the money to support 20 buses when they only have 2 is the basis for the mystery and the humor. Good mystery. ho hum. Enjoyed all of the West Virginia references For the most part, characters fell into the typical hillbilly stereotypes. Very good series, I would recommend to anyone looking for a quick read of an amateur sleuth