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This gives a very detailed description of the history of water, all the way back to the creation of the earth It also demonstrates the effects of water on land Upper grade students would enjoy reading this to learnabout water. Book Title The Drop In My Drink The Story of Water On Our Planet Author Illustrator Meredith Hooper Chris CoadyReading Level 4.9Book Level k 3Book Summary This is a nice detailed book about water It talks about the importance of water to all living things as well as the water cycle It goes beyond the basics of the water cycle and gives many details about things, living and non living and how they are cared for by the water The writers traits are organization and ideas This book is very informational and written in a way that makes you feel and recognize the water around us This is a must read book for all students. This book has lovely illustrations and bright colors It also lends a poetic voice to the science of water But I don t understand why there are unpolished sentences like, The water our Earth began with, or why the author makes words like cave possessive Surely one may teach science artfully without sacrificing basic grammar. Beautifully illustrated and a good introduction to water and how it has impacted history, geography, and everything for kids. The Drop in my Drink, The Story of water on our planet written by Meredith Hooper, illustrated by Chris Coady Non Fiction picture book I specifically purchased this book for two of my year levels inquiry units when they were focusing on How the World Works and water inquiry projects It is one of those books that is lengthy but drives the powerful message of the importance of water home to the reader Especially if you want readers to understand how important and long water is to sustaining our planet I personally started thinking of the disturbing dystopic novel, Life as We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer, thinking about the changes in her novel after the moon moves closer to earth and damages our ecosystem, tides, water cycles, andI think it was because a portion of the book mentions that water is impacted by human s actions `Download Book ⇪ The Drop in My Drink ↜ Water Is A Part Of Your Everyday Life But When You Fill A Glass With Water, Did You Ever Stop To Wonder Where It Comes From Water Was Present During The Earth S Dramatic Formation Billions Of Years Ago It Has Carved Out Canyons And Worn Away Coastlines It Has Spent Thousands Of Years At The Bottom Of An Ancient Sea, And Traveled For Just A Few Hours As Vapor In A Cloud It Has Been Part Of Millions Of Organisms Over Time Including A Worm, A Tyrannosaurus Rex, Even An Egyptian Princess In This Engaging Science Picture Book, Water Takes On Fascinating New Significance As Readers Discover The Amazing Complexity Of A Substance So Familiar That It S Often Taken For Granted Includes A Detailed Depiction Of Water Cycles, Amazing Facts About Water, Plus Important Environmental Information