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FREE EBOOK ⛓ The Family Plan õ Is Love Enough To Keep Them Together Jolyn Sutherland Goes Home To Blue Ridge, Arizona, To Rebuild Her Life After A Career Ending Fall From A Horse But The Onetime Star Lands Smack In The Middle Of A Brewing Domestic Storm That Could Sabotage Her Blossoming Relationship With Chase Raintree, Her First LoveJolyn S Homecoming Is A Complication The Vet And Devoted Single Father Doesn T Need Especially With Her Family Questioning Whether Chase Is The Biological Father Of His Eight Year Old Daughter, Mandy Chase Won T Let Anyone Take His Child Away From Him, Even If It Means Losing His Second Chance With Jolyn 3.65 Very good book Now that Jolyn s riding career is over, she has come home to start her business as a contractor Her first big job is for Chase, the guy she loved as a teenager, but who had married someone else He s divorced now, but not looking for any complications in his life His ex wife had had a short affair with Jolyn s brother, and her mother is claiming that Mandy could be Steven s child not Chase s Jolyn doesn t believe it, and Steven claims he isn t, but Jolyn feels caught in the middle When Mandy s mother comes back to town threatening to make trouble, she nearly causes a tragedy Out of the chaos, Jolyn and Chase are able to come together and everything works out the way it should My favorite thing about this book was the fact that Jolyn had such a nontraditional job She obviously was very good at what she did, and I loved the way that Chase supported her at it Jolyn s mom really ticked me off Even though everyone told her that Chase is Mandy s father, she just wouldn t let it go The ex wife was the top of the love to hate list though I just couldn t understand her attitude It was definitely a book I enjoyed. I really enjoyed this book The characters were great Jolyn came back home She wants to start her own construction company Chase the local vet she knew from back when they were teenagers wants her to put in a bid to build his vet clinic.They are in contact with each other a lot and a growing attraction Jolyn mother is a problem because she wants to know with Chase s daughter is her granddaughter but there is not DNA test.They get through Jolyn mom cancer surgery and Mandy, Chase s daughter fall They come to love each other and find that love the is meant just for them.Great read A sweet story. The Family Plan is the perfect bonus story following Cathy McDavid s Aidan Loyal Cowboy With themes revolving around family and of course, romance, The Family Plan is a story to not overlook.In this work, McDavid puts much emphasis on family ties and loyalty Jolyn has finally began building up her construction company, thanks to her longtime crush and local vet, Chase Unfortunately, growing closer to Chase may give her mother ammunition to meddle in to Chase s relationship between Jolyn and his young daughter, Mandy.McDavid really hits the nail on the head when it comes to dramatic storytelling From irresponsible or pushy mothers to budding romances with big obstacles, readers will enjoy not knowing what may happen next or the surprise at what comes The Family Plan is an optimistic story where everyone may have their differences, but in the end they put them aside to make way for a happy ending Note Review also posted here AIDAN Loyal Cowboy Originally posted on Lovey Dovey Books Review copy provided through Netgalley