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I received The Focus on the Family Guide to Talking with your Kids About Sex from Goodreads, and was looking forward to reading the authors suggestions and answers to some of the tricky questions kids can ask While a general reader can find most of the biology based questions within the book, the book leaned much too heavily on the Christian way to answer the questions I realize this is the general focus of this series and I applaud the desire to strengthen your child s relationship with God, but I m not comfortable with all of the answers suggestions given in this book Often the statistics given were correlations, rather than hard statistics but the authors don t tell you that Although the suggestions provided by the authors to parents are well intentioned some may cause a rift between parent and child, such as how authors suggest dealing with gay or questioning youth The topic is a sensitive one and while the book may resonate with some, I think for the general public a gentler, lead by example approach may feel comfortable to the parents. ( Free Kindle ) ☪ The Focus on the Family Guide to Talking with Your Kids about Sex ♳ Sexual Images Saturate Today S Culture And Children Will Learn About Sex Somewhere But Research Shows That They Want To Learn From The Parents They TrustTalking About Sex Doesn T Have To Be A Fear Filled Challenge The Focus On The Family R Guide To Talking With Your Kids About Sex Shows Parents How To Talk With Confidence To Their Kids About Sex And Sexuality This Candid Resource Is Full Of The Latest Information, Practical Insights, And Age Appropriate Answers To The Questions Parents And Children Ask About Sex Focus On The Family S Physicians Resource Council, Along With Research From The Medical Institute For Sexual Health Provides Parents With The Tools And Empowering Encouragement They Need In Order To Communicate Effectively And Biblically About Sex, Self Control, And Self Respect At Every Stage Of A Child S Development