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How do I stay Charlie asked in the smallest voice I d ever heard from a grown man How do I stay with him, knowing he isn t enough How do I tell him he isn t enough and not crush him completely 4.5 beautiful, bright shining stars This book was so not what I thought it would be It blindsided me Took me totally by surprise and broke my heart This story had 3 MC s, each of them having been a part of the foster care system Each of them having a different experience and coming out of it with their own strengths and weaknesses.These three men come together in a fashion, but their first meeting is fraught with stress, anxiety, misunderstandings, miscommunication until Kelly finally uses a family emergency to return to his foster father s home and help out He uses this time to try and sort out his feelings and figure out where he belongs in this unique relationship that he has started with Charlie and Mal Finally returning to them, in the hopes of having found the place where he belongs, where his heart tells him he wants to be.I loved how this story unfolded, the dynamics were so layered and complex The give and take between these three men as they struggle to reform the relationship between Malcolm and Charlie to include Kelly and give each of them what they need He smiled and nodded It s a hard, hard thing to let go of mine and me and think our and us I want to be able to do that There was no big steamy sex scene at the end of this book, no HEA or a HFN, but a promise A promise of what might be, what could be, what should be. I didn t enjoy this book I couldn t relate to any of the characters and nothing they did made any sense to me I didn t like any of them For most of the book, it seemed like no one knew what the hell was going on, yet they thought and spoke in a way that implied that they did They seemed to speak in code, saying things like You know what you need to do I m paraphrasing here , and all I could think was Really Cause I don t think he does, and I don t think you do either Could someone kindly inform me what needs to be done because I don t know WTF you re talking about.Turns out, all that needed to happen was for view spoiler Charlie to fuck some sense into Malcolm hide spoiler 4.0 StarsWell, even given the book blurb that was a whole lotangsty and even less porny than I thought it would be It was definitely intimate, but less so erotic there just weren t as many of those scenes as I ve come to expect from a story focusing on a three person relationship Of course, those other books weren t as deeply explored when it comes to how the three MCs fit together in said relationshipand thus I really liked this one.There s tons of character growth, self awareness, acceptance, angstfrom all the characters The acknowledgment of how their own pairing wasn t working right Mal Charlie was amazing which made them admitting adding a third wasn t always the right move kinda like having a kid to save a marriage, I m thinking weakening their bond some when one gotattached kind of refreshingly honest And I adored how Mal wasn t the Perfect Dom he made mistakes, he needed his own comfort release, had some serious caretaker issues Charlie s journey was a little less emotionally draining, but he had his own self esteem and needs issues to work through, too Kerry was frequently a whiney, immature kid he s 20 I m inclined to let that go , but when he stepped up he really showed some insight growth I m kind of impressed with how he took the initiative to stand on his own, to figure out what he wanted and how to get itbut only after he was really introspective and examined the life he d lived until that point Again, refreshing.There s a bit when they re finally all reunited where Malcolm tells Kerry that he s not replaceable, that he is loved and wanted for himself and not just as this other person spicing up their sex lifeNone of them were ever brave enough to tell us we were too broken for them They came between usYou brought us togetherI think that says a lot about this whole book, honestly, and came at the perfect point in the storybecause they were all finally ready for it to work.As for the drama Well, the harassment vandalism issue was really anticlimactic and I would have preferred a muchsolid resolutionand maybe I m just a glutton for punishment but I would probably crawl through glass for Andrew s whole story given how he treated Kerry, what he admitted to about the condoms and the less than happy bit near the end.Also, some plot threads were left danglingI d have loved an update about Matt, and that social worker ex foster kid Charlie took all that time to locate online to give Malcolm closureespecially since he worked in the city Kerry used to live with his own foster family There was a hint that maybe he knew Nash Dave but nothing was ever explored Still, if you don t mind there not being a whole lot of kinky sex in your menage what there is, IS hot though with an interesting D s aspect and aren t just looking for the happyhappyjoyjoy time but would like to see the struggle to work through solidifying this kind of relationshipthen this is definitely the book to read Oh, damn, I forgot to mention that Greg Tremblay did an amazing jobas usual This is a really interesting book to comment on because I liked the story but didn t necessarily understand the dynamics of the relationship However this didn t stop me enjoying the story.I did like the characters I liked their brokenness I liked the challenges faced by the younger Kerry as he deals with his broken relationship and loss of home I liked his foster background and the way this connected him with Malcolm I liked the struggles of the older couple, Charlie and Malcolm as they try to find the right balance in their relationship and the key part to make them work even after all those years together.This story wasn t the typical menage story I was expecting It wasfocused on the emotional journey of all three men and less on the three way sex I also found the BDSM took a back seat This is definitely a story for anyone who likes a focus on a relationship with an age difference.3.5 starsVisit my blog if you want to see all my m m reviews in one place Because Two Men Are Better Than One I m not sure what I feel about this read There were parts of it that I liked but that lead to parts where I had huge issues I will say that I felt compelled to find out what happened with everyone. A surprisingly well written and emotionally satisfying read Similar in parts to Riley Hart s Broken Pieces but this carriedresonance for me It feltrealisticinfinitelypainful but so muchrewarding at the end Yeah, angst to the nth degree, but I was in the mood for it so I wallowed with masochistic glee P Not a lot of on page sex in this, and I was surprisingly disappointed because there was such great chemistry between the guys, but it did add to the delicious tension The story is told from Kerry s POV but it also focuses on Malcolm, an outwardly commanding but touchingly fragile Dom who is struggling with demons of his own His relationship with Charlie is complex and at times confusing and I loved that asis revealed about their dynamics a future with Kerry seems not only possible but very, very necessary. |Download Book ♖ The Foster Family ♠ Growing Up In Foster Care Has Left Kerry Grey With Little Self Esteem Or Hope For His Future A College Dropout, Kerry Scrapes By On A Part Time Job At A Garden Nursery His Friendship With His Boss And Working With The Plants Are The Only High Points In Kerry S Life He S Been Dating The Man Who Bullied Him At School, But When His Boyfriend Abandons Him At A Party, Kerry Wanders Down The Beach To Drown His Sorrows In A Bottle Of Scotch Malcolm Holmes And Charlie Stone Have Been Together For Fifteen Years Despite Charlie S Willingness To Accept Malcolm S Unspoken Domination In Bed,something Is Missing From Their Relationship Early One Morning, They Rescue A Passed Out Kerry From Being Washed Away By The Tide And Charlie Immediately Senses A Kindred Spirit In The Lost Younger Man When Kerry S Roommate Kicks Him Out, Malcolm And Charlie Invite Him Into Their Home As Charlie And Kerry Bond Over Charlie S Garden, Malcolm Sees Kerry May Be Just Who They Have Been Looking For To Complete Their Lives All They Have To Do Is Show Kerry, And Each Other, That Kerry S Submissive Tendencies Will Fit Their Dynamic But Someone Is Sabotaging Kerry At Every Turn As He Struggles To Discover The Culprit, He Fears For The Safety Of His New Friends If Malcolm And Charlie Cannot Help, Their Lifelong Search For Their Perfect Third May Not End With The Happily Ever After They Imagined I m a big fan of m nage stories and after reading the premise of The Foster Family I was instantly intrigued The fact that Jaime Samms is a new author to me made me burst with curiosity I had to read the story.Malcolm and Charlie s relationship is far from stable Over the years they have invited other men into their lives without really examining what it was they were searching for When Kerry comes along his honesty makes them realise they need to make some vital changes in order to find themselves, whilst also coming to terms with the fact that Kerry can t just fill in the cracks, he needs to belong, and find the right place for himself.Malcolm sigh had been through the foster system himself, calling his last foster dad Foster Demon , I guess the title speaks for itself Malcolm is an untamed, rough diamond, dominant on the outside but inside he s a sensitive soul, vulnerable and easily stressed The helplessness he feels at his inability to get through to Charlie, just killed me Charlie on the other hand is also stressed His job as the assistant to the gallery owner from hell, makes his life a misery ohhh, how I hated that bitch So submitting sexually to Malcolm is Charlie s own way of coping with his horrible job.I fell so deeply for Malcolm, because as convinced as he is that Kerry is the missing piece to save his relationship with Charlie and complete them, he of all people realises that Kerry needs to leave in order to find himself first, before all three of them can find their happily ever after I was a foster kid too, Kerry I know what that s like Can I please be the one to show you that sometimes, there are people out there who want to look after you just because you re worth looking after Can you please just let me do this Today, let me be your sugar daddy, or your man, or whatever it is you want to fill that title out with Let me make decisions and look after you and buy you things because no one has ever done that for you and I want to be the one to do that Please Kerry s journey from being alone and withholding himself from friendship and love, to that of a young man who learns to love himself, to trust and to belong, was interesting and gripping to read He is one of those sad, lost characters that just breaks your heart.Kerry and Malcolm s past in the foster care system made me think about all the foster children out there, about their personal hell, lonely, unloved and unwanted I adored Nash, Kerry s foster dad, who cares so much about Kerry, loves him with all his heart and finally is the one who makes Kerry realise that he has to break down the walls around his heart first, before building a true and caring relationship with Malcolm and Charlie is even a possibility Kerry s reconnecting with Nash was breath taking to watch Loved it If your concept of a perfect m nage story requires an instant connection and never ending kinky three way sex, then The Foster Family might not be the right choice for you It sabout three broken men hitting rock bottom and finding their way to come to terms with everything that s happened to each of them It s about coping with the past, shifting dynamics, and finding their place within a stable, loving relationship without losing themselves.I really enjoyed reading this The storyline is complex, the characters lovable and the writing style deeply emotional, powerful and gripping The Foster Family is one of those books that made me think about how others cope with the pain of their past, even years later, and how we as individuals deal with those emotions that makes us who we are today.Overall it is a wonderful story and I recommend it to anyone who expectsfrom a story than a cute romance and hot sex It has the perfect mix of inner struggles, angst, friendship, humour and love I m soooo hoping for a sequel, because I really think those three guys deserve one I want to see all three men actually living together enjoying a happy, stable relationship. This story turned out to be a lotcomplex than I was expecting and it took me a while to sort through the dynamics of the main couple, Charlie and Malcom, together for 15 years, and what exactly each man thought Kerry could bring to the relationship The men bring Kerry into the household without really setting out what his position in relation to them would be, and therein lies quite a bit of their problem In addition, Kerry s presence brings to light problems Malcom and Charlie were overlooking in their own relationship Kerry is at an especially low point in his life and has a lot of baggage to sort through, but he is also able to recognize the difficulties Charlie and Malcom are having The threesome really doesn t come together for quite some time, and if you are looking for a book full of hot sex, this one is not going to be for you The men all have issues to work through personally before they can really get to the problems that the three of them as a unit might face.There was a lot to the story and I would love to seeabout the men moving forward as unit, especially since I was so intrigued by the dynamics of how that relationship will work. Overall book rating I don t even know..First three quarters 4.5Last quarter 2 YOU MESSED THIS UP STARS Audio Book NABook Cover 2You sometimes read something that touches you Something that s not just another read, something that makes you get that all excited feeling inside because you can sense the greatness to come.I had that feeling with this book I don t know how I got to reading it exactly It was one of those unplanned things I just randomly picked up and tried This isn t light and fluffy It s not dark and dangerous It s emotional and layered and complicated and drawn out because it has to be It s reading that takes effort and understanding even if you don t agree.In this book we have three guys Carrie, Malcolm and Charlie When we first meet Carrie he s a 20 year old lost kid An orphan who lets himself be used for any kind of attention, be it good or bad He s a mixture between hostile teenager and hungry for direction and someone to give this to him Carrie doesn t really value himself, resulting in him being used and mistreated by Andrew, X high school bully and current closeted lover He sees everyone in his life, be it current or past, has fleeting moments He doesn t attached himself to them and at this point in his mind he sees himself as an outsider who doesn t really matter Nothing matters, he just keeps going and doesn t allow any attachments Enters Malcolm Mal , and Charlie The two older men find Carrie passed out on the beach in front of their house on a morning jog They offer him some help, which he in typical teenage belligerent fashion wants to refuse at first He showers in their outdoor shower and upon finishing demands a hot cup of coffee from Malcolm who took it upon himself to fix them all some breakfast Here we are introduced to the dynamics of the relationship between Mal and Charlie We get a little small preview and it immediately drew me like a moth to a flame Mal is dominant in nature Mal is the BOSS and no one tells him what to do, especially not in his own homeMal warns Charlie not to get attached to this boy as he always does with the boys He then proceeds to vet the young orphan for his Charlie You get the impression that Charlie likes to play but that the boys never last long and it leaves him sad and vulnerable Therefore Mal, who indulges his lover, tries to shield him from this hurt Mal brings Carrie home And here starts a journey that makes your heart break, your head spin and your mouth dry at times Because everything you THINK you know gets turned upside down Charlie is much stronger that you assume him to be Seeing has when you hear the word submissive, you automatically think him to be a kind hearted soft soul Charlie is all that He is kind and caring and deep, but he is no push over either In fact, Charlie is the glue that keeps Mal from falling apart Charlie warns Carrie not to let Mal close if he s planning on leaving and a whole new world opens up to you.It s messy Really messy Because Carrie forces the lovers to acknowledge how broken they ve become Just how far they ve allowed themselves to drift away from what is important Carrie brings all the cracks to surface This was difficult to read Because your rooting for Carrie to find a home A place he belongs and someone to love him, but he s always on the outer lines of this dynamic He s kind of left to figure it out for himself and it s a mess because not even Mal and Charlie really knows what is happening Everything falls to pieces Mal gets possessive about Carrie and Charlie sees the train wreck coming from a mile away but he can t even help himself, so he can t avoid Mal hitting the wall at 100 miles an hour either.I think this was done brilliantly Even though it hurt, it was REAL There was no quick fix and no third party holding them all together and miraculously fixing them Carrie didn t come BETWEEN them They had to fix themselves first Again BRILLIANT In this turmoil Carrie comes to his own acceptance that he is worth something That he has people in his life who really cares, even though he tried hard to not acknowledge that He finds that some of the enemies in his life are actually friends and that he has a home and a family His own place to fall back on outside of Mal and Charlie s circle THIS BOOK WAS PERFECT It was a definite 4.5 average masterpiece This brilliant scene where Carrie is at long last allowed into their bedroom, where something so small has Malcolm putting his pants over Carrie s on a corner chair opens something profound It blurred the lines He s no longer separate from them It s so beautiful and you want to hyperventilate for what s to come at long last.And then the author did this..She takes a baseball bat to her own masterpiece I m sorry to say.WARNING MAJOR SPOILER view spoiler Carrie comes home, and after pages and pages of agony and hunger for them to finally make him theirs, you get. a week after that night A WEEK we made love by their light because we were newNO details Time jumping And their first scene together Mal withdraws completely from the It has to be all three of us or none relationship and gives Carrie over to Charlie Mal Who was the one who got attached Mal who missed Carrie and needed his submission in the way only Carrie could give it to him He disintegrates out of the relationship and CHARLIE takes responsibility for Carrie Mal becomes an afterthought throughout the whole last part of the book He s a Charlie joined Carrie in the shower and so did Mal and a Charlie kissed Carrie deeply and so did Mal Carrie is NEVER claimed by Mal, he s claimed by Charlie Which I could have worked with if the effort was mutual If Mal took charge of them all, instead of disappearing into thin air hide spoiler