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!Free Ebook ☢ The Kingdom Life ☫ For Six Years, Spiritual Formation Leaders Such As Dallas Willard, Bruce Demarest, And Bill Hull Came Together With Other Colleagues To Create A Collection Of Wisdom And Honest Personal Revelation In The Areas Of Discipleship And Spiritual Formation The Result Is The Kingdom Life, A Book That Offers A Fresh Approach To The Spiritual Disciplines Through A Three Pronged Focus On Transformation, Community, And Outreach Connect In A Unique Way With God And His Kingdom By Understanding How He Sees Grace And Doctrine, Brokenness And Obedience, Outreach And Justice Includes Seven Highly Practical Process Chapters As Well As Three Theological Chapters On The Trinity, The Scriptures, And The Holy Spirit This book is informative, and convicting It made me cry several times There are some parts that I disagree with, but on the whole it was good. This book is an important one Each chapter is a needed read for leaders and churches wanting to truly embrace discipleship and the intentional spiritual formation of Christians It s a collective work, the result of an think tank Unfortunately, while a few chapters read very well, the bulk of the book is dry and requires lots of coffee and focus to read through One shouldn t make a book of such import so ploddingly boring with dry, academic writing To that extent, it disappointed My other issue is that the book really didn t offer conclusions on each segment of spiritual formation It was this is really important. but it doesn t offer a many practical thoughts on implementing Nor does it describe churches or ministries that have organized around the principles The last three chapters, I had to use toothpicks to hold open my eyelids snoozealert Not a lot of new concepts for me, but a good overview all in one place A few of the chapters could be standalone resources to introduce people to certain topics e.g Theology of suffering, or political theology I started out in this book really enjoying it Yes, it is a compilation and not all the authors have as wide an experience, or as good of writing skills Up until half way through the book I was impressed This book deals with the Kingdom of God KOG.Dallas Willard to be sure has an interesting perspective that the KOG is a now reality as well as an eventuality Willard perhaps hascontent written touching the KOG than almost any modern writer His view is deeply rooted in spiritual disciplines and spiritual formation, where truth becomes a living dynamic in a person As I wont to do with any book I marked this one heavily, early on But as I got to the second have, my admiration grew cold What Willard, Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol and Bill Hull started out with Spiritual Formation and a now reality kingdom over and against a purely conversionist gospel were all that is left to do after we passively believe is die and be with Jesus changed to the liberal, multiculturist, racist worried, humanist ideals Whats worse is that then we have to delve into why all this stuff supports trinitarian theology and other religious philosophiesBy the time I got to page 164, I begun to peruse rather than read I don t think Willard is a waterboy for liberal thinking and ideals I don t know the exact story of why he was involved with the book or the project behind it There is precious little teaching about the kingdom of God that doesn t play into the false dichotomy that exists around its common understanding Either one is asked to believe that KOG is in the hereafter or it is about making the unregenerate world a better place Willard s teaching I have always felt did not play into this dichotomy But yet in this book, he will be seen as accepting the liberal viewI had high hopes for this book but by the end wasthan ready to set it down I would not recommend it I am questioning whether to even quote it in some of my work for fear people would get the wrong idea about what I am trying to say. This is a great book with really good insights into spiritual formation I highly recommend it Historically this is a fascinating book It represents a sympathetic dialogue with Dallas Willard, and a worked out attempt to put into practice in a number of contexts his thought John Ortberg and Garry Black are the anointed second generation of Willardians this book represents a wider reception of his teaching As I understand the process Willard rescued this group from confusion and division by offering first a framework for their theological reflections on Spiritual Formation, then personal counsel and finally the opening chapter to this collaborative book The earlier part of the book is better, and the best parts when the authors are connecting the theory with practice The chapter on the Trinity is particularly dry, and the section on the Spirit ends up with a very prosaic conclusion There is little in this book that you cannot read pick up in Willard directly although he is not an easy read or via John Ortberg But as evidence of how his thought is being taken a wider range of churches, this is an important record. This is the first book on spiritual formation that I have read in some time I loved that it was based on the kingdom of God I think that it balanced both theological and practical dimensions of spiritual formation However, I found the arrangement of the book strange it dealt with practical issues in the first few chapters and then laid a theological framework This seemed backwards to me Each chapter was written by a different author, and I found that most of the chapters could have been several pages shorter If you are interested in growing spiritually and want a good place to begin, I would recommend this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it This is a book that, in my opinion, had one over arching point The idea of spiritual formation It talks about spirital formation in different contexts Not only personally, but in communities of faith, such as churches The authors of this book really go to argue that churches today are not doing enough to get people to live as Christians It s the idea that churches have people baptized and to believe to save their souls, but it sof a quick fix until they meet God This book argues that the church needs to do , to basically practice what s being preached to them, and getting them to apply the teachings of the Gospel to their life One of my favorite parts of this book is the idea they bring out of resurrection life As a training pastor, I will say that this reminds me of the book of Romans, Ch 6, where the Apostle Paul outlines the idea of being dead to sin through faith in Jesus Christ, but alive in Christ through our faith Hence the idea that through our faith, we not only share in His crucifixion, but also share in his resurrection In the Bible, Paul argues that you should sin noThe author doesn t talk about this necessary, but it creates a eschatological tension of the already, but not yet Ressurrection life refers to living every day for God, living to the best of Human ability without sin, and to life for the next world and the rapture as if it had already happened we are already in Heaven.I want to reiterate that I really, really enjoyed this book It makes a really good point about the church, and improvements that it can make 5 stars. What I love about this book is that it will challenge your thoughts of the difference between discipleship and what it means to be spiritually formed Reading this book will cause the reader to look at the overall aspects of life as a believer and how to engage God and humanity in living out a Kingdom Life.I believe that this book is for anyone who desires to seek further than surface Christianity living.