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( Download Kindle ) ⚠ The Little Psychic ì Young Tiffany Has For Years Said Things That Astound Her Family Predicting Her Great Grandmother S Moment Of Death Was Just The Beginning But As She Grows Older And A Psychiatrist Seeks To Cure Her, Her Family S Astonishment Slowly Turns To Suspicion And Fear This is a good story, but not a great one Perhaps because it is a short story, and doesn t get to flesh out like it needs to. This isn t an awful work, but it s not good either This short story was written by Andrew Neiderman, and is supposed to be based off one of the pictures that Ms Andrews painted before her death.Being a fan of VCA, I was eager to grab this when it was first released back then, this was before the ghostwriter started to majorly suck, and I sort of enjoyed it Now upon re reading it, I have a lower opinion than I did of it It didn t really feel V.C Andrews ish to me, as if the ghostwriter was trying TOO hard on this, the story is full of purple prose and really grated on me at times It s not something I can really recommend unless you re serious about reading everything written under the VCA name by the ghostwriter. I cannot believe that I just resorted to rating something titled by V.C Andrews a 2 I don t have it in my heart to give it a one.I just do not feel that if V.C Andrews would have written this that she would have stopped at 17 pages and left the world wondering what her intentions were.Jessica has powers to see things Her mom hates her Her dad is just strange and the story itself had no substance.