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Having just finished the D Artagnan saga by Alexandre Dumas I was looking for some background reading to supplement the poor notes in the Oxford editions I d read Stumbled upon this.A broad and scandalous Hx of the French court in the 1600s, covering most of the real people mentioned in the Musketeers books including D Artagnan, Athos, Porthos and Aramis Great detail and juicy court gossip including the probable real father of Louis 14th It concludes, after setting the scene in detail, with a new theory on who the Mask was.I didn t see it coming.He manages to give nothing away until the final reveal, but sets out other theories and fairly convincingly refutes them.While his theory is fairly shocking, I m not 100% convinced He assumes things could have seemed to have happened But that is the power of the Mask I suppose The very nature of the hidden prisoner, the lack of solid evidence as to identity leaves us with much supposition.I don t know if we really need to know the identity The fact that he existed is fairly disturbing as it is Also, apart from the use of the mask itself he was subject to pretty much the same strictures as the other long term prisoners including Foucquet. This book was fascinating I loved how the author kept the identity a secret for as long as possible Even if you read ahead or checked out the timelines in the back, he kept the book pretty much spoiler free I think it was extremely well researched Reading this has piqued my interest in revolution era France. This was a hoot to read a great little piece of pseudo history that joins a lot of tenuous dots together to provide a new slant on the famous musketeers and man in the iron mask.Macdonald does a very nice job of summarising the important events of the period, and showing where the people on whom Dumas based his characters slot in I have a new appreciation for D Artagnan the historical version is if anything impressive than Dumas s character.However, Macdonald also goes a lot further than his cited evidence justifies in speculating on some of the details, and in his take on who the man in the iron mask actually was It makes a good conspiracy story, but is not sufficiently supported with evidence.Well written and fun to read, but not to be taken too seriously. this book was an amazing read The Authors premise is that he is able to prove who was the actual Man in the Iron Mask which was another historical fact There was a very important prisoner who was kept masked for many years He was kept in solitarty confinement except for his jailers The revelation at the end is actually shocking He is convinced of his conclusion and very convincing as he reveals his historical sources If he is correct it may be one of the worst abuses of Power in history There have been plenty, the list is long so adding one won t hurt.Any one who is a fan of the D Artagnan Chronicals The Three Musketeers etc would love this book. The beginning was promising but farther I went with reading it soon turned to opposite and to finish the book became hard slog till it s very end I found the mode of writing very unangaging as for my tastes. This is a very readable book about characters that we have all heard about the Three Musketeers It turns out they and d Artagnan really existed The other main characters are historical figures, including the Man in the Iron Mask The author believes he has discovered the actual identity of The Mask, and, no, he wasn t the elder twin brother of Louis IV. A non fiction mystery about who the real man in the iron mask was, written like fiction This is a great page turner Macdonald knows how to build suspense into his non fiction that is very hard to do. The version I read does not have the The Mystery Solved in the title I wouldn t have bought the book if it did This is like reading juicy gossips from another era Tremendously enjoyable but dubious in historical accuracy Good for reading on the beach, etc. {READ DOWNLOAD} ⚢ The Man in the Iron Mask Ä Alexandre Dumas Said That His Famous Three Musketeers Never Existed, But Athos, Aramis And Porthos Were Flesh And Blood Their Supposedly Fictional Duel With Cardinal Richelieu S Guards Actually Took Place In And Charles D Artagnan, A Teenager On His First Day In Paris, Fought Alongside The Musketeers According To Oxford Historian Macdonald, Several Other Elements Of The Tale Are Also Based In Fact The Cardinal S Agent, Milady De Winter, Really Was An English Aristocrat, And Against All Odds, The Country Boy Without Influence, D Artagnan, Did Succeed In Becoming Captain Of The King S Musketeers, The Only Man Whom Louis XIV Could Trust To Arrest His Over Mighty Minister, Fouquet It Was D Artagnan Who Escorted Fouquet To The Feared Alpine Fortress Of Pignerol, Wherein Lived The Most Mysterious Of All Prisoners, The Man In The Iron Mask Macdonald Has Spent Five Years Unraveling Fact From Fiction To Reveal The True Story Of The Musketeers And Their Link With The Man In The Iron Mask It Is A Reality Extraordinary Than Anything Dumas Could Devise Honor And Heroism, Betrayal And Intrigue, Are Set Amidst The Lust, Jealousy, And Deadly Poisons That Made The Sun King S Court A World Of Glittering Paranoia Buen libro para aquellos que gustamos de la historia, nos hace adentrarnos a una extensa investigaci n de uno de los episodios m s comentados de Francia.