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!EPUB ♘ The Moth Diaries ☣ At An Exclusive Girls Boarding School, A Sixteen Year Old Girl Records Her Most Intimate Thoughts In A Diary The Object Of Her Obsession Is Her Room Mate, Lucy Blake, And Lucy S Friendship With Their New And Disturbing Classmate Ernessa Is A Mysterious Presence With Pale Skin And Hypnotic Eyes Around Her Swirl Dark Secrets And A Series Of Ominous Disasters As Fear Spreads Through The School, Fantasy And Reality Mingle Into A Waking Nightmare Of Gothic Menace, Fueled By The Lusts And Fears Of AdolescenceAnd At The Center Of The Diary Is The Question That Haunts All Who Read It Is Ernessa Really A Vampire Or Is The Narrator Trapped In Her Own Fevered Imagination Probably the only thing you should know about The Moth Diaries is that when I sat down to write this review, I spent the first 30 minutes composing a nine part list of questions, subquestions, and subsubquestions about what the hell I just read I seriously have no idea And I really really like that I have no idea A diverse m lange of genres boarding school tale, coming of age story, vampire gothic well, maybe , psychological thriller The Moth Diaries resists easy definition What is this book What is it even about And most pressingly, what does it all mean Although this novel eschews certainties, I ll venture to say that it s about the tenuousness of teenage identity As the 16 year old unnamed narrator chronicles her junior year at boarding school, she constantly probes those common almost adult questions who am I, who do I want to be, who am I expected to be It s also about jealousy The hateful jealousy the narrator feels towards Ernessa, a new student who dazzles her peers with her deconstruction of Nietzsche and her apathy towards school rules, leads her to label Ernessa as a vampire Whether or not Ernessa truly is a vampire indeed whether or not Ernessa even actually exists depends on your appraisal of the narrator s deteriorating mental state as she growsandjealous In many ways, Ernessa seems to be a facsimile of the narrator both are intelligent Jewish girls with dead dads and accompanying outsider cachet though Ernessa is thecontent, confident facsimile She is simply a better, truer version of the narrator, and this self assuredness may just inspire the narrator to suffer a psychotic break and persecute Ernessa as an abomination, a supernatural other who sleeps in a coffin This jealousy is compounded by the microenvironment of the narrator s boarding school Most of the drama unrolls in a single dormitory hallway And so the novel is about the destructiveness of isolated groups A small social circle leads us to study others and ourselves too closely No one can really like herself or other people when viewed so intimately No one can contain jealousies in such a limited environment The narrator s delusions thus don t seem delusional but reasonable Perhaps anyone s skin can adopt a pale, heliophobic sheen when being observed daily, for hours, at a distance of less than a few meters It s only normal The Moth Diaries is ambiguous, rewarding repeated close readings Klein s writing is exquisite Ethereal yet harsh, it is the gospel of a girl, a faithful record of how she sees things to truly be True or not, these are her words The prose suffocates you with its terrible insularity You are caught in the narrator s nightmare Whether the nightmare is real or self created is unimportant, because you are caught in it. Being a typically huge fan of vampires, I really warmed to the idea of The Moth Diaries I cannot even tell you how refreshing this book was, Klein has totally reinvented the myth that is the vampire and turned it into a race for survival that is triggered by the wonderful thing that is teenage anxiety I loved how fantastically different The Moth Diaries was from other books about vampires For one thing, the book isn t all Vampires Argh Bite me Argh Evil blood sucking creatures Argh excuse my poor summary of the genre of books I am in love with really Okay, maybe it was a little bit, but it not in that way exactly, plus it was intertwined into actual human life and it just felt so muchrealistic The novel is told through the diary of a young teenage girl in a private school, who is unusually obsessed with her classmate and best friend turned ex best friend Lucy, and Lucy s potential vampire roommate Ernessa I understood the narrator s paranoia Theshe thought about what the hell Ernessa could be, theshe was driving herself into the wrong direction I don t believe she was crazy But perhaps still flustered over the tragedy of her father s death She wasthoughtful, intelligent than the other girls in the school.At first I didn t know what to make of the book, until I let my mind linger on the events that happened The story is left unfinished and we are left uncertain about whether there really is a vampire amongst the school or that the narrator is just umm, cough deranged cough It is up to you to decide for yourself what is real and what is not I loved how lots of parts were left to our own imagination.To really understand the story, you need to read between the lines, because there isto Klein s novel than just what meets the eye Mysterious and thrilling, The Moth Diaries is a complex, atmospheric story that requires a lot of thought For all its simplicity, subtlety and gothicness, reading The Moth Diaries will give you a real taste of indulgence the brain stimulating kind that we all pretend we don t like I think you should read it, really. I picked this up at a second hand booksale for five dollars simply because of the title and the promise of a boarding school that may or may not be creepy and awesome.I am really glad I did.First off, the biggest thing about this novel is that it s one of those, is she is she not things, i.e., it plays big on whether or not the narrator a sixteen year old boarder, who s lonelier and lovelier than I think she gave herself credit for is descending into a spiral of madness, or if the disjointed, often unanswered version of reality she gives us is the real one.Honestly, I feel like there is a certain answer to that, at the end, but it s ambiguous enough that if you wanted to believe in a different ending she s crazy, Ernessa is another facet of herself, Ernessa is actually a vampire then you d have enough in the text to support that.The whole thing just flowed like liquid for me Klein really did a beautiful job of drawing me into these girls world, their secluded, lonely, lovely world My version has the word gothic thrown on the back as a descriptor of it, and it really is gothic in that heady, Victorian way, romantic and dark, making wading through it like running fingers through syrup.That s another thing the narrator is poetic, whether she tries or doesn t, and I ve seemed to cotton onto that a bit haha , so if you don t like that in your reading than this book might not be for you.It is beautiful, though Take away the talk of vampires and mental health and what you re left with is a look at friendships, girls friendships, how they work and how easily they can fall apart That was the other really well done part about this book everything those girls went through and especially how they all related to each other, or treated one another it felt so real It s a terrible and amazing thing, being that age This book brought a little bit of that back for me, and aside from the magic, I love it evenfor that. Lesbian vampires Being awesome since 1872 When people think of groundbreaking vampire works, everyone rushes to Dracula as the cornerstone of vampiric literature However, the novella Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu, which predates the good ol count by about 25 years or so Alright, history lesson over.I only wanted to read this book because the insanely beautiful Sarah Bolger is going to be staring as the lead in the upcoming film adaptation Shallow, but honest.Like all vampire novels it starts when a creepy, but hypnotic young woman arrives as a ritzy all girls boarding school Our protagonist who is nameless is a really neurotic, somewhat hateful and obsessive and I love it Usually in diary books or even first person narration we spend so many pages in someone s head and we still don t know anything about them In here I feel like I know the narrator I see her flaws, how she thinks and how she views in people in the raw way you d get from reading someone s diary She felt real to me and that made reading a lotenjoyable Her obsession with Lucy Blake who is imo, an homage to Lucy from Dracula is almost as chilling as the vampire character Ernessa attachment to her The lesbian undertones are South of Nowhere worthy Yet, I couldn t call it romantic in any way All the characters are painfully flawed, but that could even be questioned because our narrator is obviously unreliable and somewhat of a bitch at times Due to her obsession and air of intellectual superiority, it is hard to tell if what she is just going crazy, suffers from acute paranoia or is actually telling the truth The language is very poetic and it works, because the narrator is writing this like a piece It s told from the beginning that her diary writing is not just for pleasure It is a meticulous almost anal form of documenting I enjoyed the mystery of this novel, due to the back of the book I expected it to be a very cut and dry vampire story, but it wasn t Even I have my doubts as to what Ernessa really is.4.0 5.0 Irrational fixation, ambiguous sexuality, inner working of a girls private school in the 1960s Top it off with a luscious prose and throw in an antagonist who might be a vampire you have an ingredient for something special Horrible movie adaptation though, even if Sarah Bolger was in it In honor of AURORA s album coming out today, I want to reread it. 5 5 Haunting, ethereal, beautiful Apologies in advance if this review is a little much It seems as if the lyrical writing style of this book has infected me, and no matter how many times I ve attempted to write this, I can t help but fall back into it.To me, this book was like a fever dream whereupon waking, you feel as if you ve lost some essential knowledge of the universe that you learned as you slept But instead of feeling a loss, you feel strangely fulfilled, like even though you don t remember what you had learned, somewhere deep in your soul the knowledge has left a lasting mark.I m not really sure if that makes any sense, but needless to say this book had an impact The writing was so captivating and ominous, I truly felt completely transported somewhere far from myself for the entirety of my reading It s very rare that I feel so fully captured by something, and I do think that to feel this way about a book is a deeply personal, nearly spiritual experience Unfortunately, that makes it very hard to review, because not everyone can or will feel the same way as I do about this book I ve already mentioned the writing, so I ll move on to the characters Every character, from our nameless narrator, to Ernessa our perhaps vampire, perhaps fever dream herself, felt like someone I knew They felt so real to me especially our narrator I honestly felt as if I d met these girls myself, as if I d known them as deeply as I know the people that I grew up with It s the type of knowledge where you feel simultaneously as if you could read their very soul, but also as if you don t truly know them at all I find myself at the end of this review, and hell, even at the end of this book in a sort of content state of confusion Was Ernessa a vampire A delusion Was she simply a girl Was our narrator growing madder with each passing day Or did she see a truth that everyone else ignored Is it the supernatural or our own minds that lead us down these darkened rabbit holes I don t have any answers at all I know absolutely nothing with any certainty, and I feel perfectly okay with it This book was an exploration of adolescence and the teenage psyche, that maddening time where nothing is too much and everything is not enough That time that we adults find alien and incomprehensible, despite having been there ourselves And while I don t think this book is for everyone, for me it was utterly perfect, eerie, and unforgettable. Third read It is just as amazing reading it again I wish I could express myselfeloquently It deservesthan I can say If only there was no preface and afterward especially the preface, too many preconceptions about the girl it would be absolutely perfect I wish I had someone to discuss it with, but at the same time I don t want to share it with my friends because I don t think they would appreciate it and that would spoil it.There is so much atmosphere it s all so bleak, so gothic, so isolating, so claustrophobic Second read This has been my favourite book for many years I find the best way to read it is to skip the preface and read the journal portion first it is muchmysterious that way and allows you to follow the life of this girl with no preconceptions. A very dark, paranormal, contemporary that gave me the creeps and the heebie jeebies It has all these weird elements that I found hard to reconcile and the ending to me is a bit odd I honestly don t know how to use the ending to interpret the meaning of the story But if you re looking for a very dark, creepy read, you re looking at the right book