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!Download Book ☣ The Operator: David Geffen Builds, Buys, and Sells the New Hollywood ♕ A Crazy American Epic NewsweekComplex, Contentious, And Blessed With The Perfect Pitch Ability To Find The Next Big Talent, David Geffen Has Shaped American Popular Culture And Transformed The Way Hollywood Does Business His Dazzling Career Has Included The Roles Of Power Agent, Record Industry Mogul, Broadway Producer, And Billionaire Hollywood Studio Founder But From The Beginning His Accomplishments Have Been Shadowed By The Ruthlessness With Which He Has Pursued Fame, Money, And Power With The Operator, Tom King Who Interviewed Geffen For The Book And Had Unimpeded Access To His Circle Of Intimates Presents A Mesmerizing Chronicle Of Geffen S Meteoric Rise From The Mailroom At William Morris, As Well As A Captivating Tour Of Thirty Sizzling Years Of Hollywood History Drawing On The Recollections Of Celebrities Such As Tom Cruise, Yoko Ono, Warren Beatty, Courtney Love, Paul Simon, And Even Cher Whom Geffen Nearly Married , The Operator Transports Readers To A World That Is As Ruthless As It Is Dazzling, Revealing A Great American Story About Success And The Bargains Made For It A Detailed Portrait Of Hollywood S Premier Manipulator The Operator Is As Much A Composite Portrait Of The New Hollywood As It Is Of The Fifty Seven Year Old Partner In DreamWorks SKG San Francisco Chronicle Illuminating The Operator Shows How Raging Ambition And Chutzpah Are As Much Valued As Talent Or So In Determining Success Philadelphia Inquirer One of the best biographies I ve read, and I ve read a lot Delves deep into this often contradictory and extraordinarily talented man Favourite part is when Geffen is explaining his philosophy on business and how he has to be I paraphrase here , The last person to make a decision because if he has to convince anyone else that it is a good idea he is Already Depressed Gold This is also easily one of the best books on business I ve read, he would be an amazing business mentor. Having had the opportunity to work with many of the people mentioned in this book, during many of the times mentioned in it, along with for a short time, the opportunity to personally interacting with the subject, himself.I always find it interesting to hopefully be enlightened as to what else was going on behind the scenes at the same time..I found the book fairly detailed and fairly even handed in it s presentation..I would have rather heard David s responses to some of the things or situations events that were related by others.Like, in the form of a response I think this would have kept things on track.I found some of the timelines completely off , as to what happened when in a few situations that I was present and may have in fact known far detail than those being interviewedRegardless, it is possibly the most in depth book on one of the most talented men of the past few decades in the entertainment industry In many ways, I felt sad about much of what I read I always found the subject extremely likable and always had a great deal of admiration, as well as the utmost respect for him, his accomplishments, his successes and even for his failures, as they tended to provide greater life lessons than the others I was somewhat disappointed at how abruptly the book ended.But then his life and endeavors continue on.And I am sure other books will be writtenStill, there are facts and situations that no one seems to be able to unearth, only because they have not properly researched the events and covered all the basesIf you know nothing about David Geffen, this is possibly the best book yet However, like all the rest, it too has fallen short of accurately describing and presenting this obviously talent and complicated individual Sweeping doesn t begin to describe this story of modern Hollywood s most prominent macher, and that s what you should read it for the story The reportage feels thorough, but the telling of the story is far less inspiring than the story itself I like my heartbreaking, breathtaking tales of glory and woe Fitzgerald or Schulberg style This feels like gossip in the name of cautionary how to tale, so you can feel marginally respectable about reading it than you would, say, a theoretical copy of some piece of trash from the checkout line It explains a lot about Geffen and the celebrity industrial complex in general, but I never really got a sense for what makes him tick That would take a poet Or a kickass composer lyricist book writing team GEFFEN , the opera Count me in David Geffen is one of the most famous men in Hollywood, but I didn t know a lot about him prior to reading this book Tom King does a fabulous job telling Geffen s story as he moves from New York, up through the ranks of music agents managers to the apex of the entertainment business I thought the stories about how he set up Asylum Records, especially how he essentially mother henned the Eagles into being, were a particular highlight Highly recommend this book. Great read to learn how the music and movie industry works David Geffen was connected to almost every significant major music and pop culture moment from the late 60s to the 90s The book is a collection of anecdotes and is very focused on the details of David Geffen s life It could have been better if there were analysis of the music industry and the lasting changing Geffen had made to the industry Great read for anyone who works in entertainment on the business side and wants a history lesson on how some of the most important albums of the 20th century got made. Revealing, honest, and highly recommended. Current net worth 7 billion The meteoric rise of David Geffen is told by Wall Street Journal reporter, Tom King King s business background was invaluable in researching and explaining Geffen s deals in some parts there is a different deal on every page.Geffen seems to be living on adrenalin be it his hard charging in your face negotiating or his indulgence of artists and friends He crashes hard too, finds therapies and cries when hurt or moved To paraphrase one of his artists, it s like the sound of his own wheels drive him crazy.When he bet on a star he went all the way, as he did with his first artist Laura Nyro He housed and fed them Sometimes he provided lawyers for them and sometimes took them on trips He gave his top managers wide decision making authority Besides salaries they could be surprised by bonuses of cars or houses Not knowing the industry norm, it s hard for me to judge if those who felt he didn t do enough them after their his success have legitimate complaints.Years, differences and feuds can separate him from family, friends, mentors and staff There can be a kiss and make up Cher, Spielburg, etc , sometimes just separation Nyro, Roberts, etc and sometimes a continuing freeze Ovitz, Loddengaard etc He can be very generous, for instance giving Jackson Browne his copyrights or subsidizing cousins he doesn t know He can also give to get, for instance rescuing his friend Calvin Klein paid him well at the end.His success began with falsifying his resume, opening others mail and forging mail He intimidated, reneged, spread disinformation, brown nosed and bad mouthed A lot of these very same tactics were used against him.His talent was knowing entertainment that would sell, and he was usually right on the mark His mistakes seemed to come when he worked with established stars, not the artists he discovered.This is an almost 600 page book, but you have the feel that there is much to be written. Thoroughly enjoyed Part of cannon to read if you re interested in Hollywood career.