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!Kindle ♫ Krabat ⚖ Krabat, A Fourteen Year Old Wendish Beggar Boy, Is Summoned In A Dream To A Mysterious Mill When He Awakens, An Irresistible Force Makes Him Seek Out A Mill Near The Village Of Schwarzkollm Where He Becomes Apprenticed To The Master He Soon Discovers That The Mill Is Actually A School For Black Magic And That He And The Mill S Journeymen Are Virtual Prisoners During The Week They Do The Normal Work Of The Mill, But On Friday Nights, The Master Initiates Them Into The Strange Rituals Of The Art Of Arts The Very First Friday, The Master Turns Krabat Into A Raven, A Trick The Boy Quickly Learns To Do HimselfKrabat Completes His Apprenticeship, Becomes A Journeyman And The Master S Star Pupil In Necromancy But The Power His New Skills Endow Him With Does Not Compensate For His Loss Of Freedom And The He Learns Of The Mill S Dark Secrets, The Determined He Becomes To Escape From The Master S BondageThe Satanic Mill Is Set Against The Colorful Background Of Seventeenth Century Germany The Story Of Krabat S Captive Apprenticeship And Ultimate Victory Over The Master Is An Unusual, Tension Packed Thriller That Readers Of All Ages Will Find Difficult To Put Down Until The Last Page Is TurnedCalled A Masterpiece By Reviewers In Germany, The Satanic Mill Was Awarded TheGerman Children S Book Prize My German has improved, and I felt compelled to reread this beautiful and poetic novel First time round, I had to guess too many words now I appreciated it properly.The simple and powerful story is divided into three books, one for each year of the action The first book starts in midwinter Krabat, a fourteen year old boy at the time of the Swedish war, is making a precarious living as a beggar when he has a series of strange dreams They direct him to the mill at Koselbruch, where he finds he is expected as the new apprentice He soon discovers that it is no ordinary mill The grim Master is in reality a black magician The mill s only client is der Gevatter, a terrifying figure who arrives once a month, on the night of the new moon, with a new load to grind His cart leaves no marks on the ground.At first, Krabat is not unduly worried by his ominous surroundings The food is good, and he is also being instructed in the Black Arts he enjoys both the feeling of acquiring knowledge and the power it grants him But as the end of the first year approaches, Tonda, the senior apprentice whom has become Krabat s best friend, becomes increasingly despondent He will not say what he fears, but tells Krabat he will know soon enough On New Year s Eve, the apprentices are woken by a terrible cry in the middle of the night The next morning, they find Tonda dead Only Krabat is surprised the others are relieved In the second year, the cycle is repeated This time, Michal, the new senior apprentice, is the one found dead on New Year s Eve As the third year starts, it appears that the fugue like pattern will unfold onceNow Krabat has become older He looks after the new apprentices who have been recruited to fill the vacancies left by the dead Over and over again, he finds he is repeating Tonda s and Michal s lines, while the young boys ask the naive questions he once asked But as the book progresses, the theme of inevitable repetition is countered by another one, which gradually becomes stronger Krabat has fallen in love with a girl, a beautiful young singer from the nearby village He can hardly ever meet her, but he has acquired the power of projecting his thoughts into the minds of others He dreams, and she dreams with him On the last day of the third year, when Krabat s time is up, the singer comes to the mill and fearlessly demands that he be released She and Krabat face the Miller together, and their love defeats him.Having read a little about him, I think this fable, under a fanciful surface, tells the story of the author He was inducted into the Third Reich s war machine as a young man and sent to the Eastern Front He fought the Russians, was captured, and spent five years in the hell of the Soviet PoW camps He was finally released and made his way home, to find that his sweetheart had miraculously waited for him They were married that year.Stranger than fiction. Krabat has dreams of a near by mill The pull is too strong and he ends up going there The Master takes him in and he becomes that needed twelfth to keep the mill going That mill is not just a mill though On Fridays they are taught the black arts by the master.I love folk fairy tales and expected to be crazy over this book I don t know if it was my mood at the time of reading or something for me being lost in the translation, but it was just an okay book I finished it last night and it s already started to fade from my memory I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I m not really much of a fantasy reader I find it difficult to get into fantasy novels, especially those set in medieval places it s kind of clich , but The Satanic Mill is definitely a special case with its 16th Century German scene By the way, don t be put off by the Satan thing in the title this is not a book promoting Satanism or anything like that This book is instead a powerful and unforgettable classic about avoiding darkness and finding the courage to escape something you know is wrong It reminded me a lot of the plot to the Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away, but with its own magic that makes it unique.One of the best things about this book is that it doesn t try too hard to impress its readers, but instead relies on its language, strange characters and imaginative prose to stand on its own as a good book While the plot of outwitting the devil to escape evil has certainly been done many times before in literature and film, The Satanic Mill doesn t at first make its sinister secrets so obvious, and this is the subtle creepiness of the story Title aside, as a reader you don t really see it coming until Krabat unravels the secrets of the mill on his own and realizes that power comes with a price While the book isn t particularly descriptive the way some other fantasy novels are, it s still a very vivid and evocative story, and it s possible that this book in its original non English language might be a little different, but I did still really enjoy the English translation. As I m rereading my favorite books from childhood, I find myself having to reset my rating system After reading The Satanic Mill, for instance, I see that some other books I noted as 5 stars are really 4, and some 4 stars are really 3.This book is flat out good For a book about good and evil it s free of saccahrine and moralizing Economically written and tightly plotted, there aren t anvils falling on your head indicating where the story is going And somehow the lack of flowery description makes the bookvivid and compelling I remembered scenes from when I read 25 or 30 years ago They were so clear in my head that I was surprised to reread them as an adult and see that they were written very sparingly. Das Buch ist atmosph risch und zuweilen sehr gruselig H tte ich es mit 10 gelesen, ich h tte sicherlich nachts nicht schlafen k nnen Auch die Freundschaften in dem Buch konnten mich berzeugen.Allerdings kann ich dem Ende immer noch nichts abgewinnen Was hat Otfried Preu ler nur dazu bewegt, den finalen Showdown innerhalb von 2 mickrigen Seiten abzuhandeln Der Rest der Geschichte ist so genial, aber der Schluss ist und bleibt die krasseste Entt uschung Als ich Krabat vor zehn Jahren zum ersten Mal las, hat mich dieses letzte Kapitel sogar richtig w tend gemacht Diesmal war ich nat rlich relativ gefasst, hatte aber zugegebenerma en auch echt vergessen, wie kurz das Ende tats chlich ist.Wer zu diesem Buch greift, bekommt also einiges geboten, aber ein anst ndiger Schluss geh rt leider nicht dazu. A spooky and humane classic Our young orphan Krabat apprentices at a mill, which turns out to be a magic school farsinister than Hogwarts Essentially a fairy tale, the story resonates on many levels.One of the things I love about it is the way Ottfried Preussler portrays the world of magic as having limits The powerful and despotic master at the mill has his own master in turnThe logic of the story is carefully constructed, and every action and development has consequences Though it is a tersely entertaining story, lest anyone think of it as merely young adult literature, it repays close reading I am reminded of Chinua Achebe s excellent essay, Work and Play in Amos Tutuola s Palm Wine Drinkard the Satanic Mill would bear well the same kind of thoughtful analysis There are delightfully subversive currents throughout, in its antimilitarist politics and caricatures of the powerful The character of Big Hat in particular had me cheering.If I could rate this book any higher, I would, it s one of my all time favorites and I recommend it without reservation Anthea Bell s translation is excellent, and it is a pleasure to read it aloud. Hach, es war noch viel, viel besser als in meiner Erinnerung So spannend erz hlt, so tolle Charaktere, eine so wahnsinnige STimmung Einfach ein geniales Jugendbuch Berechtigt ein absoluter Klassiker. Translation widget O carte interesant , care i pune r bdarea la ncercarenimic din ce te a tep i sa se nt mple nu este ceea ce se nt mpla de fapt Se cite te u or, la final ai un z mbet.Recenzia mea completa o g si i aici Jetzt verstehe ich zumindest, wieso so viele Leute nicht gerne lesen xD