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@READ KINDLE á The Seduction Of Sara (Harlequin Presents, No 1291) ì Lucas Farraday Kept Trying To Pick Sara UpHe Was Quite Blatant About It, Too Sara Had Gone To South America In Search Of Her Missing Stepmother And Encountered Lucas InsteadAs Far As She Could See He Was A Penniless Drifter A Man With Charm, But No Ambition Brains, But No Inclination To Use Them And He Was So Persistent Even Telling Him She Had A Fiance Didn T Deter Him He Seemed To Know Exactly What He Wanted From Sara And Was Frighteningly Determined To Get It This is for those readers who like their hero compass pointed to Stalker The title should have been called The Stalking of Sara but I guess it dont have the same ring Our hero sees Sara in a line at a train station and starts following her all over the country of Peru He doesnt stop until he gets to the mountaintop, or boinks her at the mountaintop to be precise I miss these exotic settings in the old Harlequins Heh.Needless to say my favorite Joanna Mansell V uptight, rude, snippy, insecure, uninteresting, judgemental, ungrateful heroine 1 of those books where I thought wot da fug does the unflappable hero see in this hater Luv 1st sight stalkerazzi hero shoulda made a winning combo, but in this case I didn t buy it all The luvstruck hero shoulda ditched her 2