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Parts of the book are pretty slow, but it is sort of part of the Bolo series and it is also one of the few books to make me cry at one point not gonna give any details , so going to rate it at 4 stars for those 2 reasons Those aside, I d give it 3 stars as it s a good basic read. Re reading this after many years An expanded version of a short story which I normally don t like But anything by Laumer is always good Even his so called worst is still an enjoyable read.Addendum I forgot how Laumer turned the ending completely around Still another enjoyable read. I have 2 copies I wish I could add to goodreads how many copies of each book I have. |Download Book ♘ The Stars Must Wait ☨ Awakened From Suspended Animation Aboard His Exploration Starship, John Jackson Is Shocked To Discover That The Ship Never Left Earth And That He Has Slept A Century After A World War Facing A Nightmare Wilderness Inhabited By Neo Barbarians And Sentient Tanks, Jackson Is The Only Man Who Can Bring The World To Its Senses