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I only see Fetching mentioned in the blurb, I hope Jackal will appear too Somehow, I have a feeling that this book will be an alt feministic mess because progressive and there will probably be diversity because authors want to be trendy and I will hate it all Please, can we bring back fantasy books without an agenda I don t think I ve liked a fantasy book published post 2017.BTW, it goes without saying that I want to be wrong and that I hope I will like The True Bastards as much as I did the first book [[ DOWNLOAD E-PUB ]] ⇹ The True Bastards ↽ Fetching Was Once The Only Female Rider In The Lot Lands Now She Is The Leader Of Her Own Hoof, A Band Of Loyal Half Orcs Sworn To Her Command But In The Year Since She Took Power, The True Bastards Have Struggled To Survive Tested To The Breaking Point By The Burdens Of Leadership, Fetching Battles Desperately To Stave Off Famine, Desertion, And The Scorn Of The Other Half Orc Chieftains, Even As Orcs And Humans Alike Threaten The Lots Very Existence Then An Old Enemy Finds A Way To Strike At Her From Beyond The Grave And Suddenly Only One, Faint Hope For Salvation Remains Rating 4.3 5Review The story limps in with the rape spawn of orcs living in squalor with barely enough resources to live Throw in a lot A LOT of crude language and interactions and you have the basis of half Orc existence Or is it From the first page, this novel never slows down and characters are built swiftly and efficiently Fetching Lot Chief is immediately imbued with character that runs up and down the personality scale The world building is expansive and embraces a variety of beings and their unique cultures The supporting characters are built very well to the point that they are missed when removed The only issues I had were the hasty story line inclusions of Fetching s birth and the constant deus ex scenarios in every impossible circumstance.A very long novel that captures the imagination while relegating the minor inconsistencies to the background. I can t wait.Just got an email saying I ve won this book in Goodreads giveaway Woohoo.I so loved book 1 5 and I can t wait to get my hands on this book. In this sequel to his propulsive and fun The Grey Bastards, French turns down slightly the crass and turns up the character exploration This is Fetch s book, a dive into her leadership and her life She s such a great, strong character and it was wonderful to see the new levels of depth she attains here It ends with a surprising turn of events for the series s world, and I can t wait to see where French takes these characters next.I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Mr French I will read anything you write and will encourage any adult that comes to my bookstore to do so as well A great escape from the everyday world Sorry if that came off as a little backy.