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!READ DOWNLOAD ⚔ The Voice Of The Jamaican Ghetto: Incarcerated but not Silenced (English Edition) ♷ As Strange As This May Sound , I Hope You Do Not Enjoy This Book, I Hope It Disturbs You I Hope After Reading You Realize There Is Something Wrong With Jamaica That Needs To Be FixedI Hope You Will Never Look At A Ghetto Person The Same Again I Hope You Will Never See A Young Girl In A Compromising Position With An Older Man And Not Question What Is Going On I Hope You Will Never See A Young Man In Jail And Write Him Off As Wutless Or BadMost Importantly, I Hope That You Will Not Only Hear But Listen To The Voice Of The Ghetto I End In The Words Of Marcus Garvey One God, One Aim, One Destiny, One Love Until We Meet Again, I Remain, Yours Truly Throughout all the years I have been listening to Kartel s music I was not aware of the knowlege he possessed outside of Dancehall music I always believed that he possessed a high level of intelligence however based on his lyrical ability The novel just clarified the issues that I knew were part of Jamaica s economic woes He shed s light on the problems that face a vast majority of the population that is not born into wealth The dynamics of the government definitely needs to be diversified in order for the country to strive and become a powerful nation.Sadly Jamaica will shun the information in the book until they are placed with their back against the walls and the people demand change He gave a 10 step summary on how Jamaica can turn everything around, but it needs to be approved with an open non biased approach After all we are Out of Many but we need to become One people. This is a well informed and engaging read I love the way it is structured by analysing the content of his lyrics Kartel touches on every subject affecting Jamaican people not just ghetto youths From crime, politics, economy, the treatment of women, fatherless children, racism and abuse Kartel voices his opinions with passion, realism and poignancy.This is a must read for Jamaican black men He has gained my respect in a way no other reggae artist could While I may not agree with all his views, I appreciate him starting tge debate about tge future for ghetto people Unlike any other reggae artist since Bob Marley he has used his talent and voice to create controversy and questions.I read it in three days and it inspired me a lot Thank you Adidja Palmer. This book was a great suprise Not a Vybz Kartel fan, but he writes a good narrative of the way things are in Jamaican ghettos the corrupt government. This book is like a history and present day recollection that I m truly happy to have bought It s in the words of a big brother speaking to his siblings, a father for his children, a son for his mother, a lover for his woman, as well as an advocate speaking on behalf of his people.I, a Jamaican, knew that the ghetto existed and that people suffered, I wasn t brought up in a wealthy house and I was raised by my grandmother and aunts, I lost my mom at age 12 but honestly, Kartel breaking it down to this degree from someone who has lived it and seen the highs and lows of life in Jamaica brought some things into perspective I never really listened to Kartel s music because it wasn t for me He highlighted many social, economic, even relations issues that need to be seriously addressed for our people to evolve from this way of being starting from the top.I got to see the other side of this man that I hope will help to bring about some changes There s no reason Jamaica should be facing this much poverty with all the natural resources we have Please read and if you are in any position to move this country forward please put your two cents in One Love.