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Bought this book as kept reminding me about it sending emails after emails just because I have bought something similar I curse the moment when I made a purchase This book was an exact replica of Balaji teleshops aired on TV Yes, decade long, never ending, saas bahu serial.First, the plot is a cliche Second, the situations are over dramatic Third, the language is mediocre Indian with the non smooth flow.Fourth, it is predictable.Fifth, there is nothing to talk about in this book. (((FREE))) ☔ The Wedding Tamasha ✔ A Sweet Romantic Tale About Love, Family, Values And TraditionsTwenty Eight Year Old Shweta Menon Finds Refuge From An Abusive Husband By Working At A Mexican Caf In The US She Doesn T Know How To Tell Her Parents The Truth About Her Marriage And Return To India But Then Her Brother S Wedding Leaves Her No ChoiceEntrepreneur Chef Niraj Niru Karthik Is In Charge Of Catering For His Best Friend S Wedding He Isn T Looking Forward To Meeting His Childhood Crush The One That Got Away But He Finds Himself Drawn To Her AgainShweta Has Only Thought Of Niru As Her Older Brother S Best Friend, But Now She S Falling Head Over Heels In Love With Him As Both Try To Come To Terms With Their True Feelings, They Realize That A Lot Than Friendship Is At StakeAnd Then, There S Shweta S Family, Mixed Up In A Dilemma An Overbearing Father, An Over Anxious Mother, And Three Very Disparate Yet Close SiblingsWill Shweta Get The Love And Acceptance She Yearns For Or Will Upholding The Family Honour Be Important I know Sudha for than a year She was a fellow participant in the Pen to Publish Contest 2017, we were selected as finalists of the contest, and she eventually went on to win the competition I had been thinking of reading her book ever since the past year, but I finally got a chance only recently.I had read the sample the first couple of chapters, I guess of the book long back, and from that itself I knew that she was a talented author The admiration only increased as I progressed through the book Her prose is marvelous She has employed the third person limited POV approach throughout the book, and she has implemented it almost perfectly, which is commendable for a debut author The characterization is also done beautifully using dialogues and actions to gradually show their development rather than telling it to the readers I could feel for Shweta, the protagonist, throughout, identify with her fears and inhibitions, and also admire her strength during tough times The other characters have also been weaved beautifully, each complementing the other and their complex relationships adding a rich flavor to the narrative.The plot is intriguing, and you can t help but admire its intricacies and the beautiful way in which the interactions between the characters help move the story forward However, the one flaw that I noticed was that even for a casual reader like me, it was quite easy to predict what would happen at the end That is something that Sudha does need to work on One or two scenes in the second half of the book were a bit too dramatic for my liking, but on the positive side, I did get emotional towards the end, which always feels satisfying in a book Actually, this book would be absolutely perfect for a Bollywood movie it has all the elements of a blockbuster.The language is classy, and the editing is nearly flawless I could not find any grammatical errors, and considering how observant I am about this aspect of writing, Sudha deserves accolades for producing such a neat book I did observe a couple of missing punctuation marks, but that is totally forgivable in a 280 page book I loved how she has used short, clean paragraphs instead of long ones that make reading cumbersome Her vocabulary is excellent, and she possesses a huge repertoire of phrases, both of which she uses expertly in her narrative Another wonderful thing I noticed was how, despite her lucid, easily understandable language, she plays with metaphors occasionally and weaves lyrical prose that would delight even those readers who like wordplay Similarly, she has managed to maintain a perfect balance between over and insufficient description, which is the hallmark of a proficient author I also loved the vivid descriptions of the food, the culture, and the traditions, especially the food which made my mouth water many times Not many authors can achieve all this in their very first novel.The only other minor issue I found was one particular aspect of the relationship between Max and Shweta It felt a bit unnatural for a married Indian woman who is quite new to the US to get so comfortable and even end up living together with a man, despite him being gay But that is just my personal opinion, and other readers might feel otherwise.Overall, I think this is a fantastic effort by a debut author, and her future looks very bright in the Indian literary industry 4.3 stars from my side. In terms of what I expected going into this novel, I was satisfied with reading this book It s a light hearted romance with some interesting family dynamics which obviously revolves around a wedding I can t say I loved this book and honestly, it has many shortcomings but the truth is I read it very quickly and to a certain extent even enjoyed reading it.The story is about Shweta, who after managing to escape from the clutches of her abusive husband is now working as an illegal immigrant in a small Mexican caf in America Her parents and family are oblivious of Shweta s situation and she wants to keep it that way, at least until she can secure enough money to return to India and safety However, all her careful planning upends when her brother Simbu decides to get married in a few months and she has no choice but go back to India When she arrives though, not only is she caught in the whirlwind of the marriage preparation but also in the rift between her and her parents in the aftermath of her failed marriage Her father wants Shweta to work things out with her husband but Shweta wants out from her sham marriage It doesn t help that she feels drawn to her brother s friend Niru What will Shweta do Will she follow her heart or will she surrender to her father s whims I have read Sudha Nair before and what is most striking in her books is the subtle and lucid way she tells her stories This book is no different, it s neat, quick to grasp and has the quality to suck you in instantly even if the plot itself is clich and ordinary The characters though are quite relatable To be honest, the major reason I even enjoyed reading this book is because of its MC Shweta I really liked her character, she strong minded, down to earth, resourceful and knows what she wants and deserves She doesn t cower in front of her bullying father and I loved the fact that she tries to make her mother financially independent, for that alone she has all my love The Indian mentality regarding marriage and divorce are very well represented through Shweta s parents As for Shweta s siblings, I thought they made a good support cast and Niru s character is written in such a way that he is instantly likeable.Now, the problems with this book The very first problem with this book at least for me is the lack of humour in it Now, Tamasha is a Hindi word which translates to Drama in English and God knows Indian Weddings are filled with those But despite the usual music, dance, food and numerous wedding rituals I felt the fun was missing from the story Yes It has some sweet moments between siblings and their friends but it is just that, it s sweet but not funny The story swayed towards Shweta s own personal struggles even throughout the wedding It isn t a bad thing, it just misleads the readers The other misleading thing about the story is the character of Max now, Shweta befriends Max while working in the caf It is clearly stated that she has known him for only like a week and a half and already she trusts him so much The problem with that is first, even under normal circumstance it takes time to be friends with someone whom you just met and in Shweta s case she has already been abused by her husband and her actual reaction is supposed to be wary of strangers and not make them your bosom friend Just saying The second problem with Max s character is that it isn t confirmed until we are midway through the book that he is gay and even then, it referred to as gender preference Now, why beat around the bush If he is gay why not mention it earlier in the story because until then I was assuming Max to be a viable romantic option for Shweta Again, it misleads the readers In fact, it made me question his importance in the story He doesn t really contribute much.The story gets a little stretchy in the last five chapters or so In fact, once the wedding is over, the book comes to a standstill and many situations which would otherwise have been quite complicated in real life resolves with far ease Honestly, nothing really happens once the wedding is over It s clear by then that Shweta and Niru are going to end up together, it is just the matter of when they will express their feelings to each other Meanwhile, we are just supposed to wait for them to catch up and everything just felt like a long winding epilogue As for the original Epilogue, well I did not care for that at all That being said, I think the book could seriously be benefited from one or two rounds of editing Because even though I didn t pick many errors there s at least one instance where the name of the character is spelt wrong It may just be a typing mistake but little blunders like that just give the wrong impression of the book Overall, it s a simple book with relatable character and situations, which could have been executed better Nevertheless, even with all the shortcoming, my expectations were still met regarding the story and characters So, I suppose it s okay Pick this up if you are looking for something light and easy to read.Review copy provided by the author, in exchange for my honest opinion.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram I came across this book in Kindle Unlimited, the blurb looked interesting so thought of giving it a try It is a short fun read The story starts off Swetha who has escape from her abusive husband and is now working in a cafe She has not told her parents about Raj, but is forced to as her brother wedding gets fixed To know if her parents accept Shweta and what happens at the wedding please read the book.When you have read too many romance novels, all plots look same to you Girl and Boy are in love, but they are afraid to tell each other, then girl gets married Girl s marriage is a disaster, she comes back and then girl and boy gets married I loved reading about a Keralite wedding in bollywood style Being a Keralite myself I enjoyed that part Recommended for romance readers A three hour torture with cliche situation, poor characters, and loads of loopholes. Picked this book seeing it on Pentopublish 2017 5 Finalists and thought it would be a good read, but the disappointment is what welcomed me Utter nonsense it was with the poor storyline, immature characters, and cliche setup Will recommend to others Will warn them instead. Just finished reading The Wedding Tamasha And, true to its word, it was a tamasha indeed A lovely story, a nice mix of romance, family drama, and friendships Sudha Nair has such an effortless, breezy story telling style, it was the perfect romantic read for a rainy day just wish I d had some pakodas and chai As a Bangalorean, especially loved that it was set in Bangalore so nice to see all our fave spots peppered into the narrativeI have been enjoying Sudha Nair s short stories for a while now, so was very eager to read this her first full novel From the first chapter, I was drawn into Shweta s life and wanted to know I love how the author drops little hints along the way, and keeps the reader guessing on the details And, then it s fun when she reveals it in a later chapter I enjoyed her descriptions of the characters, the setting, the surroundings, and especially the mouth watering wedding sadya A breath of fresh air go ahead and order, you won t regret it. Nice. Terrible book It feels like I am reading a fan fiction of an Indian TV show