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FREE ontoday 1 4 2018 Weak characters, but a fun enough quickie Shifting sounds fucking awful in this world and it doesn t really play much of a role in this story It s just used as a reason for the h to refuse the H for a while. I guess after 3 books of her I liked my expectations were a bit high Unfortunately this book defies all of them It s the bottom of the barrel of PNR No plot, no characters worth of this name, instalove so quick that it surprises The Flash.Grating, unbelievable and stupid A unholy trilogy that was unexpected after the other books.After a I ve known you 2 days but I love you , he s a monster who kills people but who cares the morning after let s have sex , at the they lie to me so he can get me to dinner, no problem moment I wanted to thrown up At the end I thought throwing out the book was fairer At least to me..I might buy the sequel for the series I started, but clearly buying her back titles isn t wise. Cute story I got hooked from the beginning. 2.5So, the mechanical writing is fine and I thought the outline of an interesting story was too, butBUT at one point, in the beginning, I flipped back and forwards between pages and even came to the internet to ensure I had an up to date copy, because I was sure I was missing a chapter or two or five Let me lay it out this way, despite being 130 pages long, there is nothing in the book beyond what is in the blurb, almost literally Natalia throws Logan out of her restaurant, or at least tells him he can t eat He then hires her to cook him a meal, her not knowing it s him until she arrives When she arrives he s already decided to treat her like a mate, she is his mate There are no interactions between the two of them between the two events and no internal thoughts given to the reader So, as a reader, I was just like, what When did that happen How did that happen Then within two days they re declaring love, making plans to move in with each other, etc There is no development of a relationship AT ALL.The closest thing to a plot development is her getting attacked Because of course all women are victims all the time And the closest thing to character development is the fact that she s been some sort of undisclosed victim in the past Lastly, as a major point of contention for me, big cats like lions don t purr They can t They don t have the connection of small bones that are vibrated to make the sound They are literally unable to purr, which made Logan s constant purring a grating inconsistency everytime it happened I know this is fantasy, so it probably doesn t matter But I m pretty sure this is an oversight on the part of the author and an annoying one I did like the characters, even the side ones I thought Logan s confused desperation was cute and his brother gave some very sage advice onthan one occasion And again, the writing is ok The book isn t even unfun to read But it s no where near developed or fleshed out enough to feel real and substantial. Okay this is a new author for me and I did like her storyline however there were a lot of holes in her story which cause some of it to fall flat For example the author fail to properly introduce her characters, and then her run of subject changes didn t flow well from paragraph to paragraph or from the protagonist s POVs With these few shortcomings made the story feel rushed with a lack of passion for the two main characters So sad because this could ve been a really good read I love our hero Logan, which he is the true epitome of a alpha male Lion He did damn there anything in his power to win our heroine over With his brothers being his wings men they did help him to accomplished this most difficult task.Now our heroine Natalia, kinda worked my last nerve with her indecisiveness and just being a plain old scaredy cat no pun intended I m glad she finally got the balls to take a leap of faith and trust the man to love her and give her everything she would ever need or want.If I had to describe Logan and Natalia story with a song it would be Happy by SurfaceOverall rating 3.5 A Okay Read I enjoy reading about shifters, but have started steering clear of all books with naked man chests on the cover Thrill of the Chase is basically a run of the mill paranormal romance complete with naked man chest And yet, it hit all the buttons just right, didn t get bogged down in long gratuitous sex scenes, was well edited, and pretty much redeemed the genre I especially appreciated how the author didn t try to pad out the book to twice its length, which spurred me on to download book two immediately Actually, I probably should download book three as well to have on hand just in case. This wasn t much of a typical shifter story At least not the ones I usually take to reading For me it was missing some climatic plot or exciting sequence of events This wasromance with paranormal undertones The bad guy wasn t really an evil villain with next to unstoppable talents He was just an ordinary human with nothing to combat a lion shifter It was just an ordinary love story that didn t really thrill me with excitement or enthusiasm It wasn t all that hot and sizzling with intimacy or passion either Most of those scenes were near the very end and didn t rise to the level of interest one would expect it to be for that kind of scene It was a dud for me.Overall, this was just a simple romance that others might prefer over theintense stories out there. {Ebook} õ Thrill of the Chase (City Shifters: the Pride, #1) î Up And Coming Chef Natalia Spencer Has Enough On Her Plate Dealing With A Struggling Restaurant And A Corrupt Manager Selling Her Out Of Pantry And Kitchen She Doesn T Have Time For Arrogant Customers, Even A Gorgeous Corporate Raider In A Bespoke Suit With Muscles That Just Don T Stop Until, Of Course, He Buys Her Restaurant And Saves Her Life Logan Chase, Alpha Of His Lion Shifter Pride, Is Intrigued When The Feisty Chef Kicks Him Out Of Her Restaurant He S Enraged When Someone Attacks Her And He S Intoxicated When He Finally Gets Close Enough To Kiss Her But When He Shifts In Front Of Her And His Lion Comes Out To Play, He Risks Losing Natalia Forever Natalia Just Wants To Cook And Snuggle With A Nice Guy Shacking Up With A Man Who S Also A Lion Means Inviting A New Level Of Crazy Into Her Life, Along With His Unruly Brothers, And Even Her Werewolf Best Friends Warn Her Away Can She And Logan Create A Steamy Relationship From Scratch, Or Are They A Recipe For Disaster GreatNot here Not in my restaurant So Your friends appreciate my work, and yet clearly you cannot You are welcome to sit as your friends enjoy their food, or you may leave But I will not waste my time, or my staff s time, preparing yet another meal for you I turned on my heel and strode to the kitchen, not looking back as the rest of the patrons applauded.I was thrilled reading this full paranormal for free atUnlike some this actually showed sensitivity and didn t bore me with no plot and repetitive sex scenes.