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You know that feeling when you love a book so much you can t get your thoughts organised enough to write a proper review Well, that s the problem I m having with Ties That Bind so you re just going to have to forgive me I fell in love with Pippa DaCosta s Veil series when I read the prequel novella and that love has only grown with each and every instalment The series really does have it all fantastic complex and three dimensional characters, jaw dropping action and a plot that is full oftwists than a bowl full of noodles You honestly never know what you re going to get and I love that about it.Ties That Bind is completely packed with action, so much so that I devoured it in one sitting Muse will be forced to betray someone she loves while she protects one of her enemies, she ll have to face off against her father and the remaining princes, she ll meet an exciting new character please oh please someone tell me that Li el is going to be the star of the spin off series because I m already half in love with him but never be quite sure which side he is on and she ll finally have to pick where her future lies with demon Akil or half demon Stefan.This series doesn t shy away from the dark, in fact it welcomes it in with open arms Muse has been through so much and it s changed the way she sees things but she has never lost hope that the world can be saved She may think she doesn t deserve her own happily ever after but she is determined to put a stop to the princes and to close the veil so humanity can be saved She s the kind of character you root for from the beginning, she s strong, smart and completely badass and I love her for it I ve also enjoyed seeing the pull the two men in her life have on her, don t panic and think this is another of those series with a terrible love triangle because it really isn t but both Stefan and Akil have a piece of her heart and it hurts to see her have to choose between them.I don t really know what else to say about this book other than to say how gutted I am that the series has come to an end I m excited that there will be a spin off but I m going to miss Muse and her crew so I m hoping we ll at least see a few cameo appearances Either way I m looking forward to spendingtime in this world, I m sure there is a lotstory for Pippa DaCosta to tell and if it s half as good as this series then it s going to be awesome If you haven t started this series yet then I honestly don t know what the hell you re waiting for it s one of the best new urban fantasy series I ve discovered in a long time I think everyone should read it Loved this series from beginning to end Full review later when I m less emotional.How I feel about AkilHow I feel about StefanThis was never going to go well for me.I m going to give Pippa huge props for doing things a little different, a little dark and twisting up my emotions into a raging mess I want to say I loved the ending but I m still pouting a little so at this moment in time I can t But, I respect where she took the story and I will say that I cried for a Demon and maybe a little girl too.I was so emotional at the end of this that I had to make up an idea for a new book series for Akil just so I could fall asleep This doesn t happen to me very often the last time was after I finished Crooked Kingdom so huge props to Pippa for making me care so much DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE FINISHED THE BOOK view spoiler no seriously do not open until you have finished view spoiler last warning view spoiler Muse sucked all the power out of Asmodeus after the veil fell and since they were bloodkin it changed her She isn t immortal but close enough that while Stefan aged and died and she remained Everyone she knew is gone now mortals has such fleeting lives it seems.She cuts herself with the blade sometimes to see Akil and has remembered him since the day the veil was closed off He left memories of himself in that blade for her So she might see him kill Sam but she also sees the other things he did for her since he d cut himself to leave his story their story for her to find later.She is the mother of destruction and she will find the man who gave up his freedom for hers She will help the chaos along on her side of the veil so that there will be a way to punch through even for a small moment to get to him.Akil has changed He still hungers, he yearns but not for the things he wanted before Only for her He is no longer just demon, just the Prince of Greed he isDemon Angel it is just a label and he will find a way to leave this prison he chose long ago to save her.He whispers in Dawn s ear, plants seeds in her mind to grow Because Dawn can not have her revenge on the woman that lied, the woman that sent her to hell if the veil is closed He claims he will be her avenging angel if she helps him return that he will deliver the revenge she wants so desperately He would do anything to see her again even make a deal with the Queen of Hell Muse still holds a small piece of him in her soul and he know she is still there just beyond the veil He will get to her He will see her again She Is Still His hide spoiler I m not entirely sure how I feel about this final book in The Veil series I found the story engaging and exciting, but was also a bit unhappy with some of the happenings That is actually how I ve felt about almost all the books in this series It is rare that I find myself so engaged by a tale where the main characters manage to infuriate me so much There was plenty happening in this final book in the series The Veil has finally fallen and demons are bleeding over onto the streets of Boston As well as finding a way to restore the Veil Muse finally has to deal with her evil demon father I was happy enough with the story, but not happy at all by the way some of it concluded.I did like the way a bunch of story arcs concluded The Akil Muse Stefan love triangle I was surprised by how well this played out I still wish Muse had ended up with the other guy, but I was satisfied with how well this worked out for everyone Muse s battle with her father I was happy with the way this concluded He proved a worthy villain for the final book Muse and the Institute Muse had plenty of battles with Adam and the Institute over the course of the series so I was surprised by how happy I was by the way things ended in this story arc The Demon Invasion I liked how this concluded even if I hated the methods Adam They guy had it rough in this one, but got to show a fewfacet of his personality The Prince of Pride What an awesome addition to the cast this guy proved to be There was also a few happenings that I really hated Dawn This is the second time I ve been left aghast and disgusted by how she was treated in this series I m especially disappointed by the choices Muse made regarding her overall fate The Epilogue This actually only resulted in leaving me a bit unhappy with Akil All in all I did enjoy this despite some of the happenings driving me nuts The series was a bit bleak at times, but did mix in a bit of humor and the story was definitely engaging Rating 3.5 stars.Audio Note Hollie Jackson did a good job with the audio narration. Buddy read with the Wednesday UF Group of BBB Because we all love Akil When I first read this book I was overwhelmed All that happened, all the emotions, they just shut my brain off and I never really processed it all I knew I loved it and that was pretty much it During this reread I realised how many details I ve forgotten or even completely skipped the first time around As most of my fellow buddy readers I was team Akil throughout the series not only because he is hotter but because I genuinely believe that he caresfor Muse than Stefan ever could His actions at the end proved that and view spoiler the fact that he remained in the Netherworld and Stefan got the girl hide spoiler Ties That Bind is the last book in the epic Veil Series, and holy smokin demons, it s been one hell of a ride We ve witnessed Muse, Akil, and Stefan kill to protect those they hold dear We ve seen them lose their minds Try and burn the world Try and freeze the world Find love Lose love Discover Muse might just be the only half demon woman capable of stopping this And now, in Ties That Bind, we witness how it ends Steel yourselves, folks The netherworld doesn t take prisoners. Normally, I would say something about each character and their development but with this one , I just can t I don t want to give anything away to those who follow this series or wanna jump into it What I am gonna tell you though is these characters are completely different Throw away any preconceptions about what s going to happen because you will be wrong I ve actually been lucky enough to join and follow along on this journey from start to finish with Pippa DaCosta I read about Muse when she first came to light, as she trudged through the darkness and demon infested worlds to come through on the other side as this unique individual who holds two very different monsters in her heart It s been exciting, exhausting and a nail biting time for me as this series progressed Ties That Bind was just an insane read It was brutal, beautiful and bold I feel like DaCosta is a total tease when she writes books because she gets you to this point where you re sure your favorite character is safe, an then BAM She creates an explosion which emotionally destroys you for a few days This is probably why this book was so fantastic yet devastating at the same time I loved the story, there was so many twisted elements going on that saying farewell to Muse seemed impossible, however at the end I felt like I could let go without regrets I was satisfied this is where the story ended, however the tidbit at the end gives me hope eventually someone else in this story may get their own series As I ve said before, this is a must read Urban Fantasy that easily stands apart from others in this genre Call me bias if you want, but I love this series and recommend it to anyone interested in taking a walk on the darker side of paranormal I really don t think your gonna find another heroine that ll grip your heart like Muse does while tugging you along on her adventures, at least I haven t 18 This is foradult readers with sexual themes and violence. THIS.SERIES.IS.FUCKING.EPIC It s not often you find those books that grab you and take you for a ride But when you do, you bend over, grab your ankles and ask forAnd say please It gave me all the feels and hit all my buttons I cried, I cursed, I scoffed I sure did , I applauded, I snickered, I bitched and moaned, and the sexual frustration, grrrrrrrr I really felt this book I feel emotionally wrung out The characterization, the world building, the plot, the dialogue..absolute fucking chaos and I loved every minute of it I mean what you did there at the end..what kind of fuckery was THAT shit I don t know what to do now, I don t think anything I can read will measure up With a name like Pippa you expect fluffy, gushy, lovey dovey, CRAP Yeah, whats that saying about assumptions Fuck Bieber fever I have Dacosta.errrrrrr so I m not clever but you get my point You are brilliant and I am girl crushing I love how your mind works But come on couldn t we have had some freaking nookyespecially right there It was so close Geez. 4.44 A buddy read with the ladies at the MacHalos We are always ready for some demons Holy one winged demon f k Well, the way the series was going, we should have been prepared for a hard and bloody ending But you can never truly prepare for the way Ms DeCosta chooses to deal with her characters and you can never count on her going about things the easy way Nope It has to be tough, we have to loose folks we love or love to hate, and we have to get our emotional roller coaster on The lady has no mercy and I think she might be a representative of the half demon secret society herself She makes a good argument for their existence, she wants them to share our space on this planet, she probably wrote this as a promotion campaign to prepare us for the time they come out of hiding, so we could great them with open hearts and hope they protect us from the real demon assholes Yep, it sounds like a good preemptive grassroots movement in order to secure their self preservation I see what you are doing, Ms DeCosta and I am going to follow this covert invasion very doggedly and hold you personally responsible when some misguided demon accidentally catches my house on fire It would most probably happen when I try to bake something Yes, and the fire will somehow start in the kitchen, orprecisely the stove, i am sure of it Note for my Monday to do list check if we can insure the house against demon invasion But what am I saying no demon invasion would ever succeed when we have the Institute, Muse, Stephan, and Akiel on the job those hardened protectors of humanity can never go wrong All of them are paragons of virtue and one can always count on their honesty and always doing the right thing What Did I read this wrong Deceivers, you say Backstabbers Chaos inducers NOOOO But I thought that they are are only hope So we have to send R2D2 to fetch Obi Wan Ben Kenobi again One of those has to be our hope, our one and only, last hope dramatically faintsWe are their gods, their angels, their devils, and their dreams We could rule themSeriously, the world is in peril Ask the people in Boston they are getting the brunt of all this Demon invasion and the Veil has fallen, and the minor demons are stomping about looking for food and shelter, and the big wigs are burning everything It is horrifying Some of the Princes are hot, but they are also literally HOT, like burn you up if you touch them hot, and what is the point of them being so good looking then, if you can t take advantage of the situation, kind of like the last hurrah before the end of the worlds as we know it and all I wish I had some of that sex magic Muse and her family seem to have in spades, maybe then No, no, best stay away from the gorgeous demons if you don t have life insurance for your family to fall back on after you indulge in such fancies Obviously I am just babbling, but you guys did not expect me to actually tell you what happens in the last book of the series, do you Hahaha That is funny I will torture you by just saying, it was GOOOOOOODDDDD Go read it Ans start form the first book in order it is five books you would totally thank me for reading Pippa D does not let you down I wish you all Happy Reading and please make sure you take precautions for the invasion , just in case `KINDLE ⇲ Ties That Bind ☞ I Am Fire I Am Destruction I Will Be Their Nightmare The Veil Fell Demons Are Here Muse Knows She Can Stop The Slaughter, But To Do So, She Must Return To The Battle Scarred Streets Of Boston And Face The Cold, Hard, Truth Her Old Life Is Ashes Her Love, Turned To Dust But All Is Not Lost A Spark Of Hope Remains A Spark From Which An Inferno Can Blaze To Stop The Demons Claiming Earth As Their Own, Muse Must Unite Those Capable Of Repairing The Veil The Dark Court, Led By Her Prince Of Lust Father, Seek To Recruit Her To Their Cause They Want The Veil Destroyed For Good For Chaos To Reign For Eternity She Will Need To Manoeuvre Around Their Deadly Intentions, And Enlist The King Of Hell S Help, Before It S Too Late For Muse To Succeed, She Must Survive Her Father, Save Her Soul, Resurrect Her Love, Forgive Her Enemies, And Betray A Trust She Must Be Everything She Can Be Demon And Human She Must Be Their Nightmare