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It s hard to say a book with this subject matter was amazing but the story was so moving This story was very real and very emotional, you feel like you are Elana, and you feel her pain Books with this subject matter I feel can touch a lot of people because this type of stuff really does happen, and it s horribly sad that it does and that women girls boys have to live this life.This is a book I feel everyone should read, to understand the crime of trafficking and how easy it can be for anyone to be trafficked Anyway, onto the book I really loved how this was written, it didn t feel like a book at all It truly read as this poor woman s diary And every day she wrote, you could imagine in your mind the kind of hell that she was going through Every beating, rape, moment in her life, you could visualize it, and you felt it with Elana.True story or not, this novella was amazing It was real, and brutal and very impactful It s graphic without being too graphic and really paints a picture of this real life issue Sex Slavery Trafficking needs to be stopped. This short novella is written in diary form, covering about 90 days plus an epilogue Elena is a poor young woman from a country in Eastern Europe, with a child and a mother, living on the edge of poverty They struggle They dream of a better life Elena s husband and father are dead, leaving the women vulnerable.Elena s friend tells her about an opportunity in Italy, for work and money, and the two women make plans together to leave, find work, get established and then bring Elena s mother and daughter over as well.What Elena doesn t know is that her friend is a deceitful bitch, and part of a human trafficking ring Of course, Elena doesn t find this out until she s already in too deep, captured, bound and drugged, on her way to Italy She finds herself in a brothel in Milan, where she is forced to work every day for 12 hours, servicing the men that come and pay to have sex She tries to escape but fails Beatings and rape are her punishment until she is sold to Paul who runs a massage parlor in London Again, Elena is smuggled across the borders with a false passport and forced to work for Paul She never sees any money for what she has to endure at the hands of the many men, she s given little food and she s kept in line by being threatened with the life of her daughter Just as she is about to give up hope, she meets Jamie, a widower who treats her like a person instead of an object and who slowly gains her trust, to the point where she tells him what is going on Together, they makes plans to free Elena from her captors.I don t want to give away all the details you should read this short book for yourself What I can tell you though is that despite the raw style it s a diary after all , the subject matter is horrific enough to make you angry and cry This is a young woman who was lied to, stolen from her life, raped, beaten, forced to service men in any way they chose and treated like an object, like a thing She was not given a choice She was told that unless she complied her daughter would die Or be raped as well Or sold into slavery Elena s story has a happy ending, of sorts She does manage to get out of the situation, but that is not the norm for these girls Most of them have no hope of ever getting out Most of them are sold repeatedly, raped and used until they either die or are no longer useful at which point they are killed and thrown away Most of them are kept in line with lies that threaten members of their families Some of them are sold by their OWN families.Human trafficking is a real issue It happens Every single day The people perpetrating these crimes are often never prosecuted, and a lot of the men who buy these women or use their services either don t care or don t know that they are dealing with an unwilling victim These are not prostitutes These are unwilling participants Every time they are forced to have sex, it is rape.Imagine this was your sister, your daughter Human trafficking is a despicable crime It s a crime that must be wiped out Get involved SCTNow.org is an organization that strives to prevent Child Trafficking Notforsalecampaign.org is another that works to stop this horrific crime against women and children Google stop human trafficking organizations Pick one Pick a few Get involved Keep your eyes open If you see a situation where your alarm bells go off, speak up These trafficking rings extend beyond the seedy underbellies Middle class and upper class, hell, even royalty is involved in this kind of stuff Have you seen Taken with Liam Neeson Yep, that shit happens Speak up Get involved Keep your eyes open.Human Trafficking is a horrific crime It must be stopped. [Kindle] ⚖ Trafficked: The Diary of a Sex Slave ☨ Chamo Me Elena E Era Um Ser Humano Agora Sou Escrava SexualSe Estiver A Ler Este Di Rio, Estou Morta Ou Consegui Fugir Traficada Di Rio De Uma Escrava Sexual Um Romance Curto Realista, Cativante, Que Leva S L Grimas, Inspirado Em Testemunhas De V Timas Reais E Na Pesquisa Ao Submundo Do Tr Fico Sexual Foi Classificado Como Um DosLivros Mais Relevantes Sobre Os Direitos Humanos Pelos Institutos Acreditados OnlineEstima Se Que Todos Os AnosPessoas S O Traficadas Por Fronteiras Internacionais % Das Quais S O Mulheres E Raparigas Fonte Departamento De Estado Norte Americano, Relat Rio Sobre O Tr Fico De Pessoas Shocking Impressive writing I first acquired this book to read because I thought it was non fiction It is not Truthfully there is nothing in it s description to make one believe it is anything but a memoir Looking at some of the reviews, I see I am not alone on this little point.Anyway, I also did not find this horrific in it s descriptive nature, honestly I think this could have been muchgraphic, in some respects needed to be because of the message the author is trying to promote Upsetting sure, and I do think the author s purpose has definitely been conveyed here, judging from other s reactions to the knowledge that this does exist, does happen and does need to be addressed in a muchvigilant manner.I am not here to make a political statement though.This is well written, with incredibly good intention and the author should be applauded for the effort shown in support of something most turn a blind eye towards. I am still debating whether I should put this under my inspiring shelf.Trafficked The Diary of a Sex Slave is a gripping story I read this almost 2 3 years ago and I was still haunted by it This is the book that really opened my eyes about the evil that human beings are capable of.I m not going to go into the technical stuffs about this book This book was not written to entertain you This was written to bring awareness The thing about this book is that it gives the reader a faint feeling of what the victims feel I would say faint because the horror that I feel while reading this book is nothing compared to the horrors that they are experiencing or experienced.The part that really struck me was how the author tweaks your emotions There was this time that I stopped believing the heroine would be saved because that s how these people works They manipulate your feelings and makes you feel that escape is no longer possible You re stuck forever, You lose hope And I believed it, along with the heroine in this story.If I feel that way and I m just a person reading this book in the comforts of my home, how muchdoes it affect the men and women who are experiencing this nightmare Please be aware. 3.5 stars Horrific story about a realistic problem The fact that this stuff actually does exist makes these stories a little bit harder to read It is so hard to fathom what it would be like to experience this kind of torture This was well written in diary format There aren t really very many graphic details, but you definitely get a sense of what happened. I first discovered Sibel as a chick lit author and was amazed by her writing.This was a heart wrenching read told from a Sex worker s POV and in diary format It s an exceptional read and has highlighted a vile trade.I take my hat off to you, Sibel on an amazing job well done.Mel Solid 5 stars not because I think this story entertains me or titillates me in any way The 5 stars is my salute to the author s courage and strength in bringing the stories of thousands of Elenas out there into the daylight.QuoteMy name is Elena and I used to be a human being Now I am a sex slave If you are reading this diary then I am either dead or I have managed to escape This book opens up our eyes and ears to the silent sufferings of those around us that we have somehow tuned out due to our own daily pursuits.QuoteI can gaze out of the window and, through the bars, I see the cloudless blue sky, sunshine, and tops of the houses I can hear the sounds of a busy city echoing around me people going about their life as if everything in the world is normal QuoteTrust It is such a small word but it can have such a big effect on your life It also, tells us what happen to Elena could have happened to just anyone, your friends, your loved ones even to you yourself however safe and well protected you may think you are No one is truly safe until we choose to acknowledge this atrocity and work together to rid of it Don t just turn away, let your voice be heard Every life is precious Part of Author s NoteI wanted Trafficked to be gritty, hard hitting, and tear jerking And Iwanted it to make people really stop and think about this subject I chose towrite it in the form of a diary so the reader really feels every emotion thefear, beatings, horror, desperation, hope, and faith I wanted you toexperience the ordeal through the eyes of all the Elenas out thereJust a bit of a spoiler here to wrap this review up view spoiler Just wanna say, I am ever so glad that Jamie did not turned out to be just a false hope as I had first thought he might be Do you see now The effectiveness of all those threats and the abuses the slaver used to brainwashed their victims Even as a reader, I too am affected Losing will to hope and believe, doubting the good intentions of another fellow human being To never be able to trust again To live everyday in fear Elena will never be the same ever again hide spoiler Trafficked The Diary of a Sex Slave,by Sibel Hodge is an amazing book that must be read It is the story of Elena who is kidnapped and trafficked to work in the sex business I read this book in one sitting, as was totally caught up in the story.Written in the first person, in the form of a diary similar in style to the Diary of Anne Frank, it takes the reader right into the mindset of Elena The reader shares her distress, her worries, her pain, and her fears I felt the pain and anguish she was left to endure.Everyone needs to take a moment and read this book, and realize how lucky we are to have the life we have.It gives us a greater appreciation for what is really important in our life.A definate 5 Star rating Sibel Hodge is an amazing writer.Thank you so much for allowing me to read your book.