#EBOOK ç Visual Finance: The One Page Visual Model to Understand Financial Statements and Make Better Business Decisions (English Edition) ì eBook or E-pub free

I particularly like the way the author presented the financial statements graphically, which matches my learning style I also like the tips at the end on how to identify accounting fraud. #EBOOK ⛓ Visual Finance: The One Page Visual Model to Understand Financial Statements and Make Better Business Decisions (English Edition) ¿ Visual Finance Is A Powerful, Simple Tool That You Can Learn In Just A Couple Of Hours And Easily Apply To Real Life Over The Past Five Years, This Model Has Been Used In Thousands Of Finance For Non Financial Managers Training Sessions In ThanCountries Now For The First Time, It Has Finally Been Released In A Paperback FormatAccounting Is Often Perceived As Being Tedious, Complicated, And Too Theoretical Non Financial Managers Are Less Than Enthusiastic About Accounting One Possible Cause Is The Way Business Schools Teach ItIn A Recent Study Only % Of Respondents Had Average Or Higher Financial Literacy And Could Understand Financial StatementsStop Avoiding Financial Topics During Team Meetings Save Your Company From Making Costly Mistakes And Start Maximizing All Your Valuable Opportunities It s a value packed book that helps clarify the necessary terms and measurements in accounting The formatting can be confusing and some sentences and wordings are awkward There are also a few typos and punctuation errors Excellent book overall. Easy to understand, nice presentation Needs better proofreading to fix typos. Visual Finance is destined to become a classic A highly respected professional friend recommended it to me Given my regard for the coleague s opinion, I bought the kindle version immediately I had barely got into it when I concluded the book contains so many gems that I needed to book mark and highlight, I ordered the paper copy It was worth the investment.By the way, I m a CPA with an undergraduate degree in Accounting I got a better understanding from this book on how to explain accounting issues to non finance executives in a jargon free way than ever before.I highly recommend it And if you really want to enjoy it, I will suggest the paper version for the best reading experience. I have a Bachelor in Finance so this book is kind of basic for me However it helped be to review vital information that I have forgotten I recommend this book if you have little or not experience in finance topics If you do have previous experience it s a very helpful and practical book to remember basic and key points on the topic.