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[Download Ebook] ☦ Wanted (The Object of His Desire #1) ☧ When Trudy Goes To Her Estranged Brother S Wedding, Deep In The Rural English Countryside, She Looks Forward To Making Up With Him, Catching Up And Closing The Distance That Has Grown Between Them Since He Moved Away From The US The Last Thing She Expects Is One Of Those Moments A Handsome Stranger, Their Eyes Meeting Across A Crowded Room A Tempting, But All Too Dangerous Stranger Her Brother Is Marrying Into The Wealthy Aristocracy, But This Man In His Rumpled Tuxedo And Days Old Stubble Doesn T Seem To Fit Determined To Find Out , Trudy Discovers His Identity, And That There Are Dark Secrets That Bind Him To Her Brother She Also Learns That He S The Kind Of Man Who Always Gets What He Wants, And What He Wants Right Now Is Trudy Is There Anything You Don T Have I Asked Softly He Shrugged, Spread His Hands Wide We Have Everything, He Said, Simply We Re A Wealthy Family Slow at first, but grew on me as I read I like Charlie than Will at the end of Book 1 Something tells me that will change as the series progresses hhmmmm lil sister goes to brothers wedding, bumps into her ex but is also mesmerized by another guest, who turns out to be the brides brother.Charlie is sassy playful and funWill is dark, broody, aggressive and spoiled.Theres some kinky graveyard sex and ends with a challenge Ill defiantly keep reading this Word Count 14,000