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!READ E-PUB ⚇ Who is Santa? And how did he get to the North Pole? ⚔ Who Is Santa And How Did He Get To The North Pole Is A Delightfully Creative And Entertaining Reading Experience Guaranteed To Make Your Heart Smile Stephen Shares How Santa And Mrs Claus Discovered The Mischievous But Devoted Elfians, Why Santa Uses A Sleigh And How In The World Reindeer Learned To Fly How DID Santa And Mrs Claus Get To The North Pole, And What Was Elf Norman S Big Idea Where Did The Sweet Invention Of Candy Canes Come From You Will Learn How Santa Fixed A Case Of The Grumpies And How The Actual North Pole Itself Was Discovered Throughout The Story Line Are Lessons On The Value Of Sharing, Teamwork, And Treating Others Well Parents And Grandparents Will Find This Book Will Bring Families Together With Fun And Laughter, With Many Nights Of Happy Reading The Book Is AnXFormat To MakePlus Illustrations Enjoyable For Children S Viewings Who is Santa and how did he get to the North Pole If you want to find out how Christmas came to be, who Santa is, why he moved to the North Pole, where elves came from, and all of those other questions about Santa you ve been dying to know then you should check out Who is Santa by Stephen W Bigalow It answers all of those questions andIt s pretty long though and the author says it written for an older child but you can read each chapter just as an individual story which does help to break it up some for the younger kids but it s still pretty daunting for a child I m not sure why authors keep writing these extremely long Christmas books for kids It makes you wonder if they actually have any kids of their own My 9 year old would not sit through even a couple pages so I definitely think it should be shortened It does have some really fun stories, pretty pictures and everything you want to know about Santa if you can actually get your kids interested enough to sit down for long enough to read some of it I received this ARC through FirstReads and the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you I think I would have liked this story a bitif there wasn t a page missing in the middle of the book I got I know this was supposed to be an advanced copy that I received but like an entire story is missing I know why the page is missing since there was a minor note attached to the copy I received, there should ve been an illustration on one side while the other had a full, FULL page of text The story was alright, I was just a bit peeved that I couldn t read what happened since it abruptly stopped in the middle of a sentence and the next page is an entirely new story section that has nothing to do with the previous pages It s infuriating I m sorry to rant about it, but usually ARC books have like minor spelling errors or grammatical errors or it s just missing the illustrations, not whole freaking pages I can t give this book a great review since it s not a finished product I feel like this giveaway was for reject copies of the book that weren t worth it to sell to the general public because of defects to the product I give this book 2 5 because the story parts that I got to read were ok. This is a great retelling of the Santa Clause story It has beautiful colorful illustrations and perfect for children and adults I feel like it answers all your questions about Santa Clause and much . I won Who is Santa And how did he get to the North Pole , written by Stephen W Bigalow and illustrated by Bill Megenhardt, from Goodreads.A beautiful hardcover book with wonderful artwork throughout, Who is Santa is perfect for adults to read aloud to children during the holiday season The book is divided into chapters, each a complete short story, that combine together to explain or enhance the Santa Claus mythology Children will delight in stories about Santa s journey to the North Pole, how the elves came to work with him, the creation of candy canes, and how reindeer come to pull Santa s sleigh on Christmas Eve Surely this lovely book will be a family treasure for generations.I would have given this delightful book five stars if not for the mechanical problems throughout the book At times, entire conversations are lumped into a single paragraph, instead of a paragraph change with each new speaker I found this oversight distracting.Who is Santa is a terrific book for celebrants of Christmas and all things Santa. This is a fictional take on the history and life of Santa s life to becoming the big man with gifts I really think children will love the story, it is really imaginative This author must have an amazing imagination The detail in this is amazingly well thought out.My eight year old was transfixed on story I was reading to him He was beginning to question whether Santa was truth or myth Not any.There are illustrations on just about every other page and they help to keep a child interested while reading.This isn t the type of book you hand to an eight year old to read on his own, it would be way too due to how many words there are It is a rather long story It took several reading sessions for us to read this Recommendation This is a perfect book for this time of year I love how it made Santabelievable and helped to save the magic for my seven year old little man I wasn t ready for him to stop believing For that I thank the author for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review. I won this book in a giveaway The fact that it was a gift of sorts and came with a charming letter make it difficult to give a poor review Nonetheless, it was awful.At 142 pages it is mammoth for any child young enough to be charmed by Santa stories The language and manner in which the subject is addressed are also far too sophisticated for children History books indicate he was a saintIf the definition of a saint It readslike a term paper than a children s book If it is intended to be a somewhat factual presentation of the myths and origins of Santa, the author muddies this with broad, judgmental and erroneous assumptions He was very different from a wealthy person of many centuries ago, a time when the wealthy liked to flaunt their wealth, living in castles and having extravagant balls with horse drawn carriages The author enjoyed reliving his childhood stories of Santa but in this case, I didn t. This is an attempt to give a uniform framework to the multipleSanta Claus legends, by stringing together standalone chaptersof the story The chapters are standalone to provide episodeswithin the comprehension and attention span of small childrento whom they are to be read The strung together frameworkis to provide a full length story for older children to read forthemselves The multiple goals fail in this effort, however Thestory is too complex and too wordy for the small child, and tooout of the tradition for older children who, being at an agethat they can comprehend the writing, are likely also of anage when skepticism about the guy in the red suit has set in.The book is well illustrated, and has excellent production values,but mixes a bit to much Coca Cola Santa with Clement MooreSanta This book was given to me by Goodreads in expectation of a review the opinion expressed is my own. Children s book received courtesy of Goodreads.com giveawayWhat a wonderful imagining of the story of how Santa came to be Santa originally lived in the Great North Forest and began to take toys to neighboring children because toy making was his hobby I loved the way the book is divided up into two or three page chapters each telling a different part of Santa s story The book gives a reasonable guess as to how Santa ended up at the North Pole with elves as toy makers using flying reindeer to make deliveries to children all in one night I can imagine reading it in sittings of one or two chapters for smaller children or as a classroom activity for the month of December Of course, the English teacher in me would be remiss if I didn t mention some issues with subject verb agreement in places and with the use of past tense present tense usage I was very glad the author sent a note with the book warning me that there is one page missing from this printing and I thank him for that When you see the next printing of the book, I would encourage you to get it to share with kids, grandkids or students. Who is Santa And how did he get to the North Pole is a fun chapter based book that answers many of the questions children have about Santa Claus In story format Stephen Bigalow sets out to answer many of the questions Children have about Santa Who is he Where did his elves come from How did he get his sleigh Where did his reindeer come from The book is well illustrated with full page illustrations The chapters are short, ranging from 1 2 pages to a max of 5.The target readers are older children who can read the book on their own, but the book also works well for younger children who want a serial bedtime story read to them.The book at times, read almost like a documentary focused on answering questions vice telling a vivid story to fully engage young readers.Full advertising I won this book on goodreads.com giveaways