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In my 25 years of Tarot reading, The Wizard s Tarot deck is the one that has had the most profound effect upon me I ve used so many decks that I ve lost count, but the Wizard s Tarot deck is one of the only ones that I fell in love with The artwork is masterful with plenty of deep symbolism and meaning with which to stir the imagination and psyche The Wizards Tarot is reminiscent of Hogwarts, or some other fictional place, but literal to spiritual practitioners, where spiritual people go to learn the secrets of the Universe If you approach reading and learning about this deck with that in mind, the cards will take you to that places.Novice or charlatans may find the deck off putting for one reason or another, but many of the cards follow the Rider Waite tradition with a bit style and depth added to the imagery The Sun, The Star, The Empress, The Judgment, and The Tower cards are among my favorites in this deck Whenever those cards appear in my reading, they always light up the reading due to the beautiful imagery of those cards The characters that appear on the cards are very engaging and realistic looking sometimes it seems as if the images are real people, but this may be because the artist used a combination of 3d art work with traditional artwork The inner drop shadow placed on each card makes it seem as if you are looking into a window or opening to another place.I ve purchased the Wizard Tarot deck for the last eight years, and now that it s time to get a new one, I discover that the deck has been discontinued Unfortunately, there are greedy people trying to capitalize on this misfortune by selling the deck for 100 dollars when I paid 24 US dollars for the decks I ve purchased over the last eight years That s sad It looks like it s time to search for a new deck, but I will always love my Wizard s Tarot deck and the characters that appear on the cards have literally become dear to me, just as if they were member s of my own family. I d be interested to know how the collaboration worked The Major Arcana are great, I think the elemental suits could have been a bit deeper I guess I m a harsh critic as I am in the process of creating my own deck of Tarot The handbook is great for getting ideas for introducing the Tarot to teens which is why I bought the deck in the first place A lot of good spreads that focus a lot on the 4 elements, which are a bit simpler to grasp than some of the other symbology I ll have to save the astrology lesson for another time. *READ PDF ↟ Wizards Tarot ⇞ Step Through The Doors Of Mandrake Academy Where You Will Don The Robes Of A Magical Apprentice And Learn From Your Instructor The Tarot Featuring Gorgeous, Intricately Rendered Digital Artwork By John J Blumen, This Wonderfully Unique Tarot Deck Presents A Full Course In Basic Magic While Teaching You The Timeless Art Of Reading The Cards Progress Through The Card Rider Waite Based Deck And Explore Twenty Two Enjoyable Lessons, As Taught By The Empress, Professor Of Herbal Magic The Hierophant, Professor Of Mythology And Other Traditional Figures Who Hail From The Major Arcana Gain Skills In Spellcasting, Herbalism, Runes, Astrology, Astral Travel, Shapeshifting, And Other Essential Topics Practice Four Schools Of Elemental Magic, Represented By The Four Suits Of The Minor Arcana Fire, Water, Air, And Earth For A Study Guide And , Visit WizardsTarot